[Book-review] Deep Work by Cal Newport

If you’re a knowledge worker , this book is must read . Cal Newport presents a strong case for why Deep Work is not only essential but also it is crucial for your happiness and success in life in 21st Century where majority of us have already accepted without giving any deliberate thought on impact that the various seemingly harmless communication technologies like e-mail , social media etc have on our ability to focus and work deeply to produce something really significant .

Book is divided in two parts , first part presents the why deep work is valuable , meaningful and rare whereas second part presents the strategies to adopt to make deep work an integral part of your life .

Reading this book ,one realises how “ability to concentrate” is a resource which drain pretty fast due to shallow works(works that’re of lower prodcution value) and without an effective strategy in place to manage this resource , we’d be see time passing fastly , seating late in office with little accomplishment to feel satisfied about .

We’re constantly surrounded by distractions more than any other earlier generation ,that e-mail inbox which keeps buzzing with notifications , that facebook tab open alongside stackoverflow , that instant messenger tool which comes pre-installed with your office provided laptop ,that friend who just came by to say “hello” while you were focused and de-railed your state of flow , these are the realities of today’s offices for most knowledge workers where we’re expected to produce something really meaningful which has great impact .

Managing the attention and focus is a skill which we’re rarely taught in schools and most of assume that it’s a natural trait , however author clearly states why that brain of ours which craves novelity either in form of ever-scrolling facebook feed or urge to check that notification has turned our brains into mental wreck which is not really capable of concentrating for longer stretch on a task which is essential for deep work .

Social media , e-mails etc are tools of information age with great underlying technologies however we’re using them as amateurs , just like a craftsman selects and uses his tools with utmost scrutiny , we must also adopt the same approch .

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[Course Review]Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

Completed this starter course , here’s the review : a great introductory course for those looking to get started into IOT ,great if you’re looking for breadth rather than depth , which I feel is essential because of nature of IoT as a domain requires one to be familiar with multiple fields like embedded systems , types of programming languages ,networking , micro-controllers etc simultaneously . Prof. Harris explains complex things in really simple manner without overwhelming the learner which I think is necessary for a beginner to retain interest in exploring further .Totally recommended .

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Parsing mails leaked by TRAI using BeautifulSoup(Python)

Mails people sent o TRAI in support of net neutrality are available in open . I just wanted to play with python so  wrote a python script to parse them using BeautifulSoup .

Find it here.


P.S. : I don’t encourage sending of spam messages or marketing messages using this dataset .

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Uploading Artifacts to Bitbucket Downloads Section via Terminal

If you’re using BitBucket for hosting your repo remotely , one common thing you might have done would be to upload the artifacts(apk , jar etc which are outputs of your build process) manually using BB’s web interface .

It can be done via terminal also . BB exposes an API for that. Find it here .

Example :

I’m developing an android app and after each build I wanna upload my app-debug.apk generated to Downloads section so that QA team can do their testing .

I put this command in a file called upload.

curl -v -u charany1 -X POST  https://api.bitbucket.org/2.0/repositories/my_team_name/repo_name/downloads -F files=@app/build/outputs/apk/app-debug.apk

Make it executable .

chmod +x upload

Now , you can execute it after every build from terminal itself.


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Getting Started with IoT : Basics

Source: Getting Started with IoT : Basics

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Book Review : A Crash Course in Public Speaking

Source: Book Review : A Crash Course in Public Speaking

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Book Review : A Crash Course in Public Speaking

Quick read for your next speech! 

It is my first book on Public speaking . Tony Guthrie has presented material in really lucid manner without going into too much of details . The book provides reader with actionable steps which can be learned and followed pretty easily . Besides , by learning lessons given in this book ,one can significantly increase his confidence in public dealing in general which is critical aspect of career growth and fruitful life. Book provides links to other popular and detailed resources like Brian Tracy’s Speak to Win  Tom Antion’s Wake’em Up Business Presentations . Video links in between the book keeps reader engaged in lessons . A must read if you’re going to deliver a public speech sooner and want to get prepared quickly .

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Getting Started with IoT : Basics

In this post, I’m gonna explain in brief how to get started with IoT . It won’t be much detailed as I wanna keep it simple in the beginning .

Getting Started with IoT : Basics

Simple Definition : 

Let’s say, you click a picture and upload it on Facebook i.e. you(a human) are the source of information and your friends comment , like etc on that picture i.e. they(again humans) are the consumer of the information . So , when data is generated as well as consumed by Humans over a network, we can call it Internet of Humans. Now , replace humans with things in previous analogy and i.e. Internet of Things(IoT).In more general scenario we’re rapidly moving towards Internet of Everything in which people , things are connected though , using different set of protocols for different purposes .

Why do we need IoT ?

For the same reason, we use machines in all other context i.e. to do things which machines are good at doing and humans are not .Human beings have limited concentration ,accuracy and time .

Let’s understand it with a simple example : Let’s say you wanna measure your Blood Pressure at interval of every 2 seconds and note it down, obviously you won’t be sitting all day doing this repetitive task ,so , here comes IoT . You take a simple cloud connected device having a sensor which you wear on your hand like pedometer and that device will measure your blood pressure and send data to cloud,from where you or your doctor can see and analyse it easily .

Requirements for a IoT solution :

In most simple case which is connecting and controlling a hardware device from a software endpoint which may be mobile ,desktop or web app , you’ll need :

  1. A device board capable of connecting via Wifi , Bluetooth ,GSM etc . Some common examples are Raspberry Pi , Arduino , ESP8266 etc .
  2. A server in cloud which will act as medium between hardware device and software endpoint .
  3. Software application which will send command and receive messages from device via server .

That’s it for now , in next post we’ll see how to connect over MQTT to a broker and communicate with a device .


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iSEED Meetup : Interaction Between An Angel Investor and an Entrepreneur

I really like and enjoy learning from people and one way I do this is to attend meetups and talks , connect with others and listen to their stories and their plans for future .


I recently attended a meetup by iSEED organized as a part of their community outreach. Thanks to Girdharee Saran and others at iSEED for organizing an awesome session .



Talk by Rohit Mehra onStartup Valuation process and term sheet

Here are the key points which I remember from both talks by Rohit Mehra and Sidhartha Tripathi in, no particular order : 

  1. Sanskrit origin of word  “Entrepreneur” : I got to know about this  from V A Shiva  earlier at meetup by startup grind  . ‘Antah Prerna’ , a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Inner Calling ‘ is origin of word ‘Entrepreneur’ , which may or may not be true but seem more logically related to concept of Entrepreneurship than the french origin ‘entrependre’ which means to undertake .
  2. You can get co-founders: It is more common currently with a growing ecosystem than earlier where most probably friends would be co-founders .You don’t have co-founder , advertise about it , discuss with like minded people , figure out who’ll suit your venture’s vision best and get them with you .
  3. Know your own value : As a entrepreneur , it is crucial to not get swayed away by what others think about you/your venture and it is only possible if you have put thought into estimating your value .
  4. Work for a Higher Calling : Successful entrepreneur or great people in general do not work for temporary or short term gains , although money is necessary to eventually succeed in realizing that “make world a better place ”  idea , but what drives them is the purpose of what they’re doing . In words of Mark Divine  , if you know your WHY ,you won’t quit . Sidhartha told that he would be keen on hiring a person , who by working for him is actually working for his/her Higher calling of life.
  5. Angel or Devil : Angels / VC’s /PE , all are here to make money at minimum risk . So , as soon as these guys invest in you , you’re surely going to loose some control and some checks will be put on you . Mature Angels are those who understand and maintain a critical balance between keeping a check on the entrepreneur and minimizing the risk he’s taking .
  6. Keep Angels updated : Even though an Angel you approach now , may not invest in you immediately but keep them in loop and send them regular updates about your venture .
  7. Find your type of Angel : Although Angels want to make money and  unlike VC’s are sector agnostic , however one question they would ask themselves before investing is how can they help you besides money , for e.g. mentoring , connection etc . So , it’s important to know the nature of your venture and get in touch with right Angel .
  8. Sustainability : Both Sidhartha and Rohit had the view that business should be sustainable by itself and should need external  help while scaling up .

That’s all for now .I’ll update the post as soon as I get presentation from Girdharee .

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Summer internship at Evolphin Software,Inc

I  interned at Evolphin Software during summer holidays of 2015, for which I was selected via my college. Evolphin software is B2B company providing digital and media asset management solutions to other firms .

At Evolphin , I worked with Adobe products plugin development team which develops plugins for Adobe products such as Photoshop , Illustrator etc .

My work involved automation of build process of plugin which comes into play when a developer want to package the plugin with latest patches and is ready to deploy it to a continuous integration server , we used Jenkins at Evolphin.

I used Gradle for doing this project and practically implemented or tried to implement various  aspects of software development which I have only read about in books prior to this internship .

Some of the key things I learnt :

1.Choose your tools wisely : There are many tools available to accomplish a certain task but still some are more suited than others for a particular task or are easier to learn quickly , and selecting Gradle to do this task proved to be a wise decision .I am thankful to my mentor ,Omprakash, who trusted me to select the tools myself .

2.Make it readable : Have empathy for other who might have to modify or read your code .

3.Make it testable : Once I learned Gradle and understood the requirements completely, I was able to write my build logic pretty quickly and I put it all in a single file consisting of many different tasks , but then whenever I have to modify the build script and if it broke my  code , tracing the task which caused the issue was really difficult, and it was then I decided to break my build logic into multiple files , each containing no more that 2-3 related tasks , added comments which provided a nice stacktrace like output which made it immediately clear which task has caused the build to fail.

4.Make it extendable : Once I implemented the core functionality of my build logic and was feeling happy , my mentor asked me to add some extra features such as checksum , properties file etc , and it was then I have to figure out how to add these features without having to do many modification in my current build logic , and while doing so , I used topological sorting of dependency graph formed by tasks in build logic , and ultimately created a build logic which can be extended pretty easily.

5.Avoid coupling as far as possible : My initial build logic contained tasks  having many cross references and a modification in one task  required modification in all tasks dependent on it and it was then I decided to improve on the ultimate design of the entire build logic in which a task referred to or is referred by at most 2 tasks which resulted in less coupled build logic.

6.Understanding different phases in Gradle :  It’s a trap and requires attention to detail. Gradle performs a build logic in three phases : initialization ,configuration , execution and understanding how this works is very important if you are coming from Ant / Maven background .

7. Continuous Integration :In the last part of my project , I had to deploy the build logic on Jenkins CI server used at Evolphin and gave me an opportunity to learn about practices used in software development .

8.Get and give help :Well , although it is non technical aspect but it is key to building a high quality software / product which you as well as others can easily understand . Many a times , having someone else review your code can help you solve an issue you’re stuck on from hours .Raymond’s proposition  “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” is absolutely true.

Overall , it was a great learning experience working with people who are really awesome at what they do . Evolphin is  cool place to work and learn where all are expected to be their own managers and take ownership of their work . People here  trust you that given a problem , you’ll be able to figure out a solution.  Thanks to all people at Evolphin for a wonderful time we had together .

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Gradle : Cannot add task ‘:helloFromBuild1’ as a task with that name already exists.

Sometime Gradle shows error like this :

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating script.
> Cannot add task ‘:helloFromBuild1’ as a task with that name already exists.

This may result even when you haven’t created two tasks with the same name in build files.So, what’s the reason behind Gradle giving this error.Let’s try to understand this with an example.

Consider below sample files :


task helloFromBuild1


apply from : 'build_1.gradle'
task helloFromBuild1


apply from : 'build_1.gradle'
apply from : 'build_2.gradle'
task helloFromBuild1

Now , when we import build_1.gradle in build_2.gradle, it effectively imports all tasks of build_1.gradle into build_2.gradle which is evident from terminal output :

yogeshwardancharan@yogeshwardancharan-Lenovo-G570:~/android_learning_resources/gradle_resources/ud867/1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask$ gradle -b build_2.gradle tasks

All tasks runnable from root project

Build Setup tasks
init – Initializes a new Gradle build. [incubating]
wrapper – Generates Gradle wrapper files. [incubating]

Help tasks
components – Displays the components produced by root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’. [incubating]
dependencies – Displays all dependencies declared in root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’.
dependencyInsight – Displays the insight into a specific dependency in root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’.
help – Displays a help message.
model – Displays the configuration model of root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’. [incubating]
projects – Displays the sub-projects of root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’.
properties – Displays the properties of root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’.
tasks – Displays the tasks runnable from root project ‘1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask’.

Other tasks

To see all tasks and more detail, run gradle tasks –all

To see more detail about a task, run gradle help –task


Total time: 1.377 secs

Now , when we import both build_1.gradle and build_2.gradle into build_3.gradle it results in task name collision because task helloFromBuild1 is available in both build_1.gradle and build_2.gradle and hence this error.

Solution :

If you want to import task of both build_1.gradle and build_2.gradle in build_3.gradle then in a case like above , you can do it only by importing build_2.gradle in build_3.gradle, since tasks of build_1.gradle are already included in build_2.gradle.

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Gradle : Stackoverflow Error

One of the reasons for Stackoverflow Error is infinite loop. So when Gradle gives ouptput like this:

yogeshwardancharan@yogeshwardancharan-Lenovo-G570:~/android_learning_resources/gradle_resources/ud867/1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask$ gradle tasks

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:
Script ‘/home/yogeshwardancharan/android_learning_resources/gradle_resources/ud867/1.01-Exercise-RunYourFirstTask/other.gradle’ line: 1

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating script.
> java.lang.StackOverflowError (no error message)

* Try:
Run with –stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with –info or –debug option to get more log output.


Total time: 1.563 secs

Well , there might be many reasons of the above error , but one of them is creating cyclic dependency in files. To better understand see two build files below:-


apply from : 'build_2.gradle'


apply from : 'build_1.gradle'

So , here , build_1 is trying to import build_2 and vice-versa and since Gradle handles dependency issue during configuration phase by creating a Directed Acyclic Graph , here due to cycle it is not able to do so and gets trapped into infinite loop resulting in Stackoverflow Error.

Stackoverflow Error can also be generated if a file somehow tries to import itself directly or indirectly , because that also results in a cycle.

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Some Nice Java Points

1. Is Java “Pass By Reference” or “Pass By Value”?

* See diagrams in third answer and second comment in selected answer.

2.Difference between ‘==’ and equals() in Java.

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Numbers Everyone Should Know

Everything is Data

When you’re designing a performance-sensitive computer system, it is important to have an intuition for the relative costs of different operations. How much does a network I/O cost, compared to a disk I/O, a load from DRAM, or an L2 cache hit? How much computation does it make sense to trade for a reduction in I/O? What is the relative cost of random vs. sequential I/O? For a given workload, what is the bottleneck resource?

When designing a system, you rarely have enough time to completely build two alternative designs to compare their performance. This makes two skills useful:

  1. Back-of-the-envelope analysis. This essentially means developing an intuition for the performance of different alternate designs, so that you can reject possible designs out-of-hand, or choose which alternatives to consider more carefully.
  2. Microbenchmarking. If you can identify the bottleneck operation for a given resource, then you can construct a micro-benchmark…

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Why becoming a data scientist might be easier than you think

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2 march, 2015

Okay, first target is to revise JAVA basics from Vogella.

Complete tasks on MySlideRule .

Get started with bare bones of speech-to-text interface using google API’s for Android.

It will be great if it can be done off line.

3rd March, 2015

Got something : api.ai, speech to text api , might be interesting to use , later on.

GIthub link :Android sdk of api.ai.

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How to become Data Scientist?

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Nested Functions in Python :Explained

Nested Functions : This is a common feature present in functional languages like Python, Ruby, Javascript etc. Non-functional languages like C, C++, Java etc dont support it. In some cases the nested functions are also called closures if they meet a certain criteria (they do in python and javascript) but I wont go into detail here because that is mostly academic. You are feeling uncomfortable (and its natural) because any person coming from non-functional background, views functions and variables as separate entities and they are indeed separate in that case. If we talk in very primitive terms, like in assembly language, a function can be described as a set of instructions written somewhere in a program, which may including moving variables from one register to another or shifting their bytes, etc. And variables can be thought of as something actually stored in those registers/memory-locations. So in non-functional language terms, a function is a set of instructions which is a part of the program, and a variable is something which is created, manipulated and destroyed during the execution phase of program. To get comfortable with nested functions, first of all you will need to unlearn that concept. Functional languages blur the line between functions and variables. When a functional language program is being executed, the function itself is a kind of “value” which can be “stored” in a memory. x = 10 ‘x’ is a variable with value 10. y = “Hello World” ‘y’ is a variable with value “Hello World” def someFunction () : print (“Hello World”) ‘someFunction’ is VARIABLE with value : a function which prints hello world. Actually its even more clear if written in terms of javascript, which provides an alternate syntax to write functions : var someFunction = function () { console.log (“Hello World”); } As you can see, javascript EXPLICITLY allows assigning functions as values to variables just like you assign them any numeric or string value. Python doesnt support that syntax (it does, but not a topic of today) but basically does exactly same thing when running the program If you can grasp the above simple concept, then there is nothing more to add to it. You throw variables around, pass them to functions as arguments, return them as results, reassign/modify their values. You do the same with function values. So in functional languages, even the term “nested functions” is slightly outrageous. This term was invented because some non-functional languages allowed it as a “feature”. Functional languages DONT need that term, that term is misleading, it makes them look like some kind of special language feature, which is not the case. A functional programmer will see nested functions no different than declaring few variables and assigning values to them, nothing special or unusual about it AT ALL. This concept is pretty useful when you need to represent a behaviour/task as form of data. For example, consider this piece of code. Note that out of habit I use an empty comment “#” to mark the end of functions/if-blocks/for-loops etc in python, makes it easier to read. Its not a syntax, but I use it as a good practice. def getBehaviour (species) : if species == ‘cat’ : def behave () : print (“*chases mice*”) print (“says : meow”) # elif species == ‘dog’ : def behave () : print (“*chases cats*”) print (“*barks*”) # elif species == ‘human’ : def behave () : print (“*goes to work*”) print (“says : Hello”) # else : def behave () : print (“*unknown species*”) # # return behave # b1 = getBehaviour (“cat”) b1 () Now if you read above program with “non-functional” mindset, you may say “whoa ! nested functions !!”. If you read above program with “functional” mindset, you will see that there is a function getBehaviour, which returns a variable the value of which depends on an if-else on the argument species. The returned variable can then be called as function. Thats it. Compare it with this function : def getSpeciesCode (species) : if species == ‘cat’ : code = 1 elif species == ‘dog’ : code = 2 elif species == ‘human’ : code = 3 else : code = 0 # return code # c1 = getSpeciesCode (“cat”) print (c1) The structure of the above function is EXACTLY same, it returns a variable, whose value depends on the value of species argument, but this time, instead of a function, this value happens to be an integer. In non-functional languages, you can do the above work by making lots of classes. You will make a base class “Species”, and declare few functions, some of them virtual. Then you will create additional classes for every species, inheriting from it, like class Cat, class Dog, class Human, etc.. and define all those virtual functions. That class structure method is good but its very verbose and sometimes it doesnt give a natural representation of the physical world. If all you need is to use that species thing for few lines in a project, your “class files” will take up more lines of code than its actual usage.

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*args and **kwargs in python explained

Python Tips

Hi there folks. I have come to see that most new python programmers have a hard time figuring out the *args and **kwargs magic variables. So what are they ? First of all let me tell you that it is not necessary to write *args or **kwargs.

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Command Line to Clipboard

Linux Tidbits

Update: Script has been updated to add pipe support. Thanks to Nathan who allowed me to use his improvements.

It’s really something to be learning Linux. The more I learn about Linux the more I learn it’s about manipulating letters and numbers (well, this is more programming than anything but Linux is a lot about that). Bash I’m discovering is great; I’m just getting into it and now have made things a good deal easier by learning how to copy and paste text from the command line via the Xorg server clipboard. Here is a couple commands that can do it with examples, following them are a couple bash scripts that make this easy as can beasy.

The Programs

xsel and xclip are command line programs that can redirect the contents of the Xorg server clipboard. The Xorg server has two clipboards: the common right-click > Copy, and…

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General announcement for new followers

Hi, I am getting  new followers on this blog.If you are one of the followers of this blog , I just wanted to let you know that this blog is mostly about:

  1. Free/Libre Open Source Software
  2. DGPLUG Summer training by Kushal Das and others
  3. Algorithms 
  4. Unix/Linux
  5. Competitive programming(Topcoder,Codeforces etc )
  6. And whatever new things I learn and feel like it might be of some use to others

So,if you are interested in any of these,just hang on ,you might find it interesting but if you are not interested in any of these, I am sorry,you will find it boring.

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Jul 11 18:51:46 <sayan> checking connection 🙂
Jul 11 18:52:06 <sayan> roll call
Jul 11 18:52:10 <humpty> ashwani
Jul 11 18:52:14 <ace139> Soumyo
Jul 11 18:52:17 <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
Jul 11 18:52:19 <CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
Jul 11 18:52:19 <ashishkj> Ashish K Johnson
Jul 11 18:52:20 <amit001> Amit Tripathi
Jul 11 18:52:20 <senju> vikash patil
Jul 11 18:52:21 <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar
Jul 11 18:52:21 <shilpi> shilpi shukla
Jul 11 18:52:24 <heena> Heena Kaushar
Jul 11 18:52:26 <papiya> Papiya Sen
Jul 11 18:52:28 <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
Jul 11 18:52:28 <ruprela> Dharmesh Ruprela
Jul 11 18:52:28 <dhritishikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
Jul 11 18:52:30 <amittima> Amit kumaar
Jul 11 18:52:31 <thejaman> Thejazeto
Jul 11 18:52:31 <kanika04> kanika narang
Jul 11 18:52:31 <vivek-> Vivek Jhaver
Jul 11 18:52:32 <Mactoc> Sreedevi
Jul 11 18:52:33 <Sparking> Bhargav Patel
Jul 11 18:52:34 <titli> Titli Das
Jul 11 18:52:40 <Deccan> Rupitha
Jul 11 18:52:48 <Prash_542> Prashant Surya
Jul 11 18:52:52 <vipsy> Vipul Bansal
Jul 11 18:52:53 <sj13> Shubheksha
Jul 11 18:52:53 <RohanRoy> rohan roy
Jul 11 18:53:17 <abhiram> Abhiram Ravikumar
Jul 11 18:53:25 <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
Jul 11 18:53:27 <ramsan> ramsandesh
Jul 11 18:53:33 <vk_> vishwamitra kala
Jul 11 18:53:40 <Poornima> Poornima Kshirsagar
Jul 11 18:53:47 <stguin> Satam Guin
Jul 11 18:53:50 <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
Jul 11 18:53:54 <deepu_tp> Deepu Philip
Jul 11 18:54:13 * leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 18:54:38 <raghib> raghib
Jul 11 18:54:51 <leero9> Aditya Nalluri
Jul 11 18:55:04 <sayan> today’s session will be on blogging
Jul 11 18:55:21 <sayan> how many of you know about blogging?
Jul 11 18:55:29 <silentSae> Amir
Jul 11 18:55:30 <abhiram> Me.
Jul 11 18:55:30 <CuriousLearner> me !
Jul 11 18:55:34 <Poornima> +1
Jul 11 18:55:35 <leero9> Me
Jul 11 18:55:35 <RohanRoy> little bit
Jul 11 18:55:36 <vipsy> me
Jul 11 18:55:39 <mnw94> me
Jul 11 18:55:43 <sj13> Me.
Jul 11 18:55:43 <silentSae> me
Jul 11 18:55:45 <Sparking> me
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Jul 11 18:55:49 <dhritishikhar_> Me.. a little bit!
Jul 11 18:55:58 <titli> me.
Jul 11 18:56:07 <thejaman> me
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Jul 11 18:57:38 <sayan> Blog is a truncated word for web log
Jul 11 18:58:33 <sayan> it is a mini-site containing entries from a single author, group of author or a communities
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Jul 11 18:58:55 <surabhi> Surabhi
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Jul 11 18:59:19 <sayan> People write their experiences, stories, tutorials in their blog
Jul 11 19:00:12 <sayan> so a developer might write about their problems they face, things they learn
Jul 11 19:00:26 <sayan> a poet maintains a blog for his/her poems
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Jul 11 19:01:59 <sayan> now, anybody here who has a blog and writes blog posts?
Jul 11 19:02:01 * ahhda (~anuj@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:02:11 <leero9> Yeah
Jul 11 19:02:12 <sayan> if yes, what do you use?
Jul 11 19:02:13 <CuriousLearner_> Yes
Jul 11 19:02:17 * CuriousLearner has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Jul 11 19:02:21 <leero9> Blogger
Jul 11 19:02:22 <thejaman> I do
Jul 11 19:02:25 <Mactoc> Blogger
Jul 11 19:02:33 <dhritishikhar_> yes
Jul 11 19:02:38 <thejaman> WordPress
Jul 11 19:02:42 <dhritishikhar_> wordpress
Jul 11 19:02:53 <vipsy> Yes I recently started writing. I used jekyll and hosted on guthub.
Jul 11 19:02:54 <RohanRoy> wordpress
Jul 11 19:03:03 * NP1995 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:03:08 <sayan> ok, great 🙂
Jul 11 19:03:09 <vipsy> Want address?
Jul 11 19:03:11 <silentSae> I have a blog but haven’t been very active
Jul 11 19:03:24 <vipsy> *Github
Jul 11 19:03:27 <abhiram> Yes I use wordpress.
Jul 11 19:03:39 <sj13> WordPress
Jul 11 19:03:52 <abhiram> I maintain the blog of my college’s glug.
Jul 11 19:03:53 <titli> Me too have one on blogspot.
Jul 11 19:04:08 <sayan> For those who don’t know there are various hosted blogging platforms on where you can write blog posts
Jul 11 19:04:16 <CuriousLearner_> Mine is a self-hosted WordPress blog
Jul 11 19:04:43 <sayan> like wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, Medium etc
Jul 11 19:04:59 <RohanRoy> Mine amazon EC2 hosted WordPress blog
Jul 11 19:05:00 <sayan> people even use their Google+ accounts to do blogposts
Jul 11 19:05:28 * m_k_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 19:06:05 <abhiram> Medium is another popular blogging platform.
Jul 11 19:06:14 <sayan> abhiram, yes, mentioned it
Jul 11 19:06:14 * CuriousLearner (3bb2d065@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:06:20 * silentSae has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:06:26 * abhi_poo (~abhi_poo@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:06:27 <sayan> but when you use these services, their domains get added to the url
Jul 11 19:07:07 <abhiram> Sorry, my bad.
Jul 11 19:07:12 <sayan> so people buy domain names and setup their blogging software in their server space
Jul 11 19:07:15 <sayan> abhiram, np 🙂
Jul 11 19:07:16 * vipsy has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:07:41 * madangel (uid36493@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-dbultbefinpatffw) has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:07:47 * rwalkar has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:08:21 <sayan> there static blog generators that you can use like Nikola, Hyde, Jekyll
Jul 11 19:08:34 <sayan> kushal built one a few days back named shonku
Jul 11 19:08:42 * silentSae (~amir@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:08:51 * devmodem has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
Jul 11 19:09:16 <sayan> any questions till here?
Jul 11 19:09:24 <leero9> No
Jul 11 19:09:26 <eeshangarg> !
Jul 11 19:09:31 <yogeshwar> !
Jul 11 19:09:31 <CuriousLearner_> no
Jul 11 19:09:39 <stguin> !
Jul 11 19:09:44 * CuriousLearner_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Jul 11 19:09:49 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:09:50 <ekan0ra> eeshangarg please ask your question.. yogeshwar you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:09:55 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:09:56 <ekan0ra> yogeshwar please ask your question.. stguin you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:09:57 <yogeshwar> What is better ,using some platform or self hosted?
Jul 11 19:10:06 <eeshangarg> but kushal uses nikola for his personal website, right? <eof>
Jul 11 19:10:07 <RohanRoy> Heroku can also be used for static blog,sayan
Jul 11 19:10:14 * anjg has quit (Quit: AndroIRC – Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com ))
Jul 11 19:10:46 <Poornima> !
Jul 11 19:10:53 * Umeshs (~chatzilla@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:10:58 <sayan> yogeshwar, self-hosted requires money to buy the space
Jul 11 19:11:19 <sayan> yogeshwar, free-platforms don’t need money
Jul 11 19:11:20 * anjg (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:11:36 <yogeshwar> sayan,ok,thanks<eof>
Jul 11 19:11:38 * Prash_542 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:11:44 <sayan> yogeshwar, with the space you can hack with any of the platform
Jul 11 19:12:03 <eeshangarg> oh i checked, he uses shonku. sorry!
Jul 11 19:12:05 <chandankumar> sayan, shonku is also.
Jul 11 19:12:07 * surabhi has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:12:19 <sayan> like i used Hyde earlier then switched to Nikola
Jul 11 19:12:36 <sayan> eeshangarg, he used Nikola, just switched a month back
Jul 11 19:12:49 <sayan> chandankumar, mentioned it
Jul 11 19:12:52 <sayan> RohanRoy, yes
Jul 11 19:13:06 <sayan> there is a huge number of static blog generators: http://staticsitegenerators.net/
Jul 11 19:13:09 <amit001> free hosting options are available with resource limitation
Jul 11 19:13:14 <sayan> amit001, +1
Jul 11 19:13:26 <leero9> !
Jul 11 19:13:27 <yogeshwar> !
Jul 11 19:13:28 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:13:29 <ekan0ra> stguin please ask your question.. Poornima you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:13:30 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:13:30 <ekan0ra> Poornima please ask your question.. leero9 you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:13:35 <titli> !
Jul 11 19:13:45 <abhiram> !
Jul 11 19:13:52 <Poornima> what are contains of ideal blog/ professional blog
Jul 11 19:14:23 <sayan> Poornima, depends on the context
Jul 11 19:14:40 <amit001> One of the India’s most popular blog labnol.org
Jul 11 19:14:40 <sayan> Poornima, a developer blog would be different from that of designer
Jul 11 19:15:02 <donniezazen__> !
Jul 11 19:15:06 * Prash_542 (319c9406@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:15:39 <Poornima> sayan, so developer contains like code pieces can be added in blog
Jul 11 19:15:59 * sj13_ (~sj13@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:16:10 * Amalesh has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:16:13 <sayan> Poornima, yes, and designer keeps the new design things he learns
Jul 11 19:16:26 <sayan> Poornima, hope that answers your question.
Jul 11 19:16:28 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:16:28 <ekan0ra> leero9 please ask your question.. yogeshwar you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:16:30 <leero9> What is a static blog ? / static blog generator ?
Jul 11 19:16:30 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:16:31 <ekan0ra> yogeshwar please ask your question.. titli you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:16:37 <yogeshwar> sayan,For a developer which one is best- like Nikola,hosting on Github etc…..I want one which gives me maximum learning experience?
Jul 11 19:16:40 * test093 has quit (Quit: waartaa says goodbye)
Jul 11 19:16:46 <Poornima> sayan, yes thanks
Jul 11 19:17:46 <sayan> leero9, all the pages in the static blogs are usually static web pages
Jul 11 19:17:47 * abhiram has same question as leero9
Jul 11 19:18:04 * sj13 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:18:12 * sagarkrkv (~sagarkrkv@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:18:32 * Amalesh (~aswin@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:18:59 <leero9> Blogspot & all are static right ?
Jul 11 19:19:08 * NP1995 (~NP1995@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:19:28 * sagarkrkv1 (sagarkrkv@gateway/shell/waartaa/x-hobfmtowcmmtzyne) has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:19:51 <amit001> sayan, correct me if I am wrong. tools like nikola and all generates the pages and interface for blog
Jul 11 19:19:58 * iamsudip (~iamsudip@unaffiliated/iam-sudip/x-2707379) has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:20:12 <sayan> amit001, yes
Jul 11 19:20:20 * mac1733 (~mac1733@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:20:31 <sayan> leero9, no
Jul 11 19:20:58 <sayan> leero9, technically, static blogs don’t have much moving parts
Jul 11 19:21:21 <leero9> Just text and images ?
Jul 11 19:21:35 <sayan> leero9, yes, and css
Jul 11 19:21:41 <leero9> Ok
Jul 11 19:21:51 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:21:52 <ekan0ra> titli please ask your question.. abhiram you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:21:54 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:21:54 <ekan0ra> abhiram please ask your question.. donniezazen__ you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:22:20 <abhiram> Question answered. 🙂
Jul 11 19:22:35 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:22:35 <ekan0ra> donniezazen__ please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:22:36 <titli> These static site generators needs to be self-hosted or there are free platforms?
Jul 11 19:22:37 <donniezazen__> You can use self-hosted WordPress.org on OpenShift free of cost. OpenShift is powerful and with plenty of resources. Domains cost is irrespective to what blogging platform you choose. You will always need your laptop to make posts on static site hosted on Github. Generate static pages, push changes, etc. WordPress is much more powerful and has a nice Android app for quick posting.
Jul 11 19:23:58 * sivteck has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
Jul 11 19:24:04 <sayan> donniezazen__, yes
Jul 11 19:24:12 * sj13_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:24:13 * anjg has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:24:24 <donniezazen__> titli: You can either host them on your own server or use one of the many free platforms like Github. Their are plenty of free hosting available but you will always have to buy domain names.
Jul 11 19:24:41 <sayan> donniezazen__, +1
Jul 11 19:25:08 <CuriousLearner> 1
Jul 11 19:25:10 <CuriousLearner> !
Jul 11 19:25:16 <abhiram> There are certain sites which give you free domains as well.
Jul 11 19:25:23 <sayan> so i have my blog, sayanchowdhury.dgplug.org in dgplug domain
Jul 11 19:25:47 * sivteck (~chiral@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:25:49 <abhiram> Temporary domains for test purposes.
Jul 11 19:25:56 * sj13 (~sj13@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:26:04 * Amalesh_ (~aswin@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:26:10 <titli> abhiram, like?
Jul 11 19:26:16 <amit001> a good free wordpress hosting option is hostinger http://goo.gl/aeBZcv
Jul 11 19:26:26 <sayan> titli, so there are github pages
Jul 11 19:26:36 <sayan> titli, my resume is on github pages: http://sayanchowdhury.github.io/
Jul 11 19:26:36 * senju_ (3bb8f71e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:26:41 <abhiram> titli: http://www.freenom.com/en/index.html
Jul 11 19:27:07 <abhiram> This is a free domain name provider. Temporary only, though!
Jul 11 19:27:23 <titli> sayan, abhiram , ok.
Jul 11 19:27:29 <bibhas> gah, just buy a domain. .in domains cost less than 100 bucks
Jul 11 19:27:30 <sayan> so continuing
Jul 11 19:27:54 * acetakwas (~acetakwas@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:27:54 * Notify: acetakwas is online (FreeNode).
Jul 11 19:28:13 * senju has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 19:28:24 <acetakwas> “hello world!”
Jul 11 19:28:59 <novice-coder12> !
Jul 11 19:29:06 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:29:06 <ekan0ra> CuriousLearner please ask your question.. novice-coder12 you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:29:07 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:29:08 <ekan0ra> novice-coder12 please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:29:09 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:29:09 <ekan0ra> No one is in queue.
Jul 11 19:29:22 * Amalesh has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Jul 11 19:29:25 <novice-coder12> how can we host on our server?
Jul 11 19:29:27 * debjit (~debjit@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:29:29 <novice-coder12> any link?
Jul 11 19:29:54 <sayan> novice-coder12, google that out, you will get ample links
Jul 11 19:30:07 <RohanRoy> sayan. +1
Jul 11 19:30:08 <novice-coder12> ohk.
Jul 11 19:30:14 <sayan> novice-coder12, http://www.dreamhost.com/ <- a link 🙂
Jul 11 19:30:22 <sayan> now what are planets
Jul 11 19:30:29 <novice-coder12> sayan , thanks.
Jul 11 19:30:35 <CuriousLearner> Can we host sites on GitHub too? o_O
Jul 11 19:30:42 <sayan> CuriousLearner, yes
Jul 11 19:30:47 <mnw94> CuriousLearner, yes, use github pages
Jul 11 19:30:49 <sayan> CuriousLearner, search about github pages
Jul 11 19:30:58 * donniezazen__ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:31:03 <CuriousLearner> sayan, can we mount a custom domain too?
Jul 11 19:31:13 <sayan> CuriousLearner, yes
Jul 11 19:31:18 <CuriousLearner> :O
Jul 11 19:31:31 <sayan> Planets are feed aggregator
Jul 11 19:31:31 <CuriousLearner> ok, thanks sayan mnw94
Jul 11 19:31:57 * silentSae has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:31:57 <sayan> that collects the logs through the feed of different sites and plug them into one
Jul 11 19:31:59 * silent_sae (~amir@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:32:23 * donniezazen_ (~donnie@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:32:25 * Prash_542 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 19:32:34 <sayan> now how does it do that?
Jul 11 19:32:46 <sayan> It collects it information via RSS feed
Jul 11 19:33:03 <sayan> which means Rich Site Summary
Jul 11 19:33:48 <sayan> RSS contains all the updated information regarding the websites
Jul 11 19:33:53 <sayan> or blogs
Jul 11 19:34:37 * Amalesh_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:35:38 * debjit has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 19:35:40 <sayan> the format of XML
Jul 11 19:36:28 <sayan> Here is a example of the format of RSS Feed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS#Example
Jul 11 19:36:38 * dhritishikhar_ has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ – A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 11 19:37:07 * Deccan has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Jul 11 19:37:12 <sayan> do questions in between if you have doubt
Jul 11 19:37:46 <sayan> How many of you have heard of Aaron Swartz?
Jul 11 19:37:51 <eeshangarg> i have
Jul 11 19:37:52 <mnw94> i did
Jul 11 19:37:54 <CuriousLearner> me
Jul 11 19:37:59 <sj13> Me!
Jul 11 19:38:01 <eeshangarg> he devloped rss
Jul 11 19:38:04 <donniezazen_> Sad story. I have.
Jul 11 19:38:07 <eeshangarg> *developed
Jul 11 19:38:11 <titli> me too
Jul 11 19:38:15 * mnw94 idolizes aaron swartz
Jul 11 19:38:46 <eeshangarg> R.I.P. Aaron Swartz 🙂
Jul 11 19:39:05 <sayan> Aaron swartz was one of the member who developed RSS at the age of 14
Jul 11 19:39:10 <abhiram> Me!
Jul 11 19:39:33 * abhiram Hi5 on that mnw94 !
Jul 11 19:39:35 * dhritishikhar_ (0e8c280e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:40:25 <sayan> so what planet do is that they collect the blog post from RSS and puts them in one place
Jul 11 19:40:29 <Umeshs> I too
Jul 11 19:41:04 <Umeshs> !
Jul 11 19:41:11 <sayan> for example the planet of Fedora is : http://planet.fedoraproject.org/
Jul 11 19:41:19 * sayan_ (~sayan@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:41:21 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:41:21 <ekan0ra> Umeshs please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:41:53 <sayan> everybody open the Fedora planet and tell what’s in there?
Jul 11 19:42:04 * leero9 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Jul 11 19:42:13 <sayan> the url is http://planet.fedoraproject.org/
Jul 11 19:42:19 <Umeshs> That means planets are remote client to collect Feeds? just like the various apps on mobile phones are used for same.
Jul 11 19:42:57 * leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:43:02 <leero9> !
Jul 11 19:43:40 * leero9 has quit (Client Quit)
Jul 11 19:43:52 * Mactoc has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:43:57 <sayan> yes, a script on that site keeps collected the latest RSS Feed and shows it in the website
Jul 11 19:44:05 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:44:05 <ekan0ra> leero9 please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:44:19 <sayan> did everybody check the Fedora Planet?
Jul 11 19:44:24 * leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:44:36 <leero9> !
Jul 11 19:44:36 <Umeshs> ok. Thank you.
Jul 11 19:44:39 <titli> sayan, yes that’s a collection of blog posts.
Jul 11 19:44:40 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:44:41 <donniezazen_> Yes
Jul 11 19:44:41 <ekan0ra> leero9 please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:44:42 <amit001> !
Jul 11 19:44:43 * sara (~sreedevi@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:44:43 <dhritishikhar> sayan, yes
Jul 11 19:44:51 <abhiram> yes.
Jul 11 19:44:52 * sara is now known as Mactoc
Jul 11 19:45:07 * sj13_ (~sj13@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:45:08 <leero9> So planet collects and updates all the blogs in that particular webpage ?
Jul 11 19:45:19 <sayan> leero9, yes
Jul 11 19:45:21 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:45:21 <ekan0ra> amit001 please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:45:23 <CuriousLearner> yes
Jul 11 19:45:24 <amit001> how planet knows which post is related to fedora?
Jul 11 19:45:37 <sayan> amit001, nice question
Jul 11 19:45:44 <leero9> Is there a page like that for blogspot also ?
Jul 11 19:45:54 * dhritishikhar_ has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ – A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 11 19:46:06 <sayan> amit001, so you have to submit it to fedora that you want your blogs on the planet
Jul 11 19:46:21 <sayan> amit001, there is procedure of doing so
Jul 11 19:46:36 <sayan> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Planet_HowTo
Jul 11 19:47:00 <sayan> everybody check there is a list of names on the left hand side of the Fedora Planet
Jul 11 19:47:20 <CuriousLearner> yes
Jul 11 19:47:22 <sayan> under the section called People
Jul 11 19:47:40 <abhi_poo> yes
Jul 11 19:47:40 * sj13 has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
Jul 11 19:47:48 <amit001> so who reviews the submitted posts, planet?
Jul 11 19:48:31 <yogeshwar> !
Jul 11 19:48:35 <sayan> so these are the names of the people whose blog post show up when they publish a new blog post
Jul 11 19:48:43 <titli> !
Jul 11 19:48:59 <sayan> amit001, not sure
Jul 11 19:49:19 <amit001> sayan, thank you <eof>
Jul 11 19:49:23 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:49:23 <ekan0ra> yogeshwar please ask your question.. titli you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 19:49:24 <yogeshwar> what purpose does planet serves besides aggregation of material and making it available at one place?
Jul 11 19:49:25 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:49:26 <ekan0ra> titli please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:49:27 * subho has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:49:44 <yogeshwar> what purpose does planet serves besides aggregation of material and making it available at one place?
Jul 11 19:50:33 <sayan> yogeshwar, it helps keeping track of what the people in your community are doing
Jul 11 19:50:52 <titli> got my answer.
Jul 11 19:51:04 <sayan> yogeshwar, you don’t need to check each and everyone’s blog
Jul 11 19:51:09 <abhiram> Also makes it easier for people to follow developments.
Jul 11 19:51:14 <sayan> yogeshwar, the planet does it for you
Jul 11 19:51:29 * donniezazen_ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
Jul 11 19:51:30 <abhiram> sayan: I was about to say that. 🙂
Jul 11 19:51:40 <sayan> the planet of dgplug is http://planet.dgplug.org/
Jul 11 19:51:47 <yogeshwar> sayan,oakay,thanks<eof>
Jul 11 19:52:45 <sayan> there is a planet called Planet Floss India
Jul 11 19:52:45 <sayan> http://planet-india.randomink.org/
Jul 11 19:53:25 <sayan> here you can find the blog post of the developers and contributors who are from India contributing to Free/Open Source Software
Jul 11 19:53:25 * dhritishikhar has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 19:53:35 <sayan> any questions?
Jul 11 19:53:53 <abhiram> Nope,
Jul 11 19:53:54 <acetakwas> cool
Jul 11 19:53:58 * ramsan has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 18.0.2/20130201190337])
Jul 11 19:54:14 <sayan> Most of the organization have their planets
Jul 11 19:54:19 <sayan> Like Python – http://planet.python.org/
Jul 11 19:54:24 <Umeshs> !
Jul 11 19:54:25 <sayan> KDE – http://planetkde.org/
Jul 11 19:54:27 * m4_15 has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
Jul 11 19:54:50 <sayan> GNOME – http://planet.gnome.org/
Jul 11 19:54:50 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:54:50 <ekan0ra> Umeshs please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:54:50 <Umeshs> If we want to see the blogs of the person who is not listed in planet, can we add that person in planet or only the blogger has that right?
Jul 11 19:54:50 * Mactoc has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 19:55:03 <acetakwas> !
Jul 11 19:55:24 <sayan> Umeshs, depends on the procedure, either the admin or the blog owner adds
Jul 11 19:55:26 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:55:27 <ekan0ra> acetakwas please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:55:31 <acetakwas> One silly question 😛
Jul 11 19:55:35 <Umeshs> ok.
Jul 11 19:55:38 <sayan> acetakwas, yes
Jul 11 19:55:52 * CuriousLearner has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 19:55:53 <acetakwas> ekan0ra, since when has batul been ditched for you? :p
Jul 11 19:56:23 * leero9 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Jul 11 19:56:30 * leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:56:47 <sayan> the question is out of the context, both the bots are same with different name
Jul 11 19:57:00 <mnw94> !
Jul 11 19:57:03 * papiya has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Jul 11 19:57:04 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:57:04 <ekan0ra> mnw94 please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:57:10 <acetakwas> yes that’s why I tagged it silly. <eof>
Jul 11 19:57:18 <mnw94> do we have to write the scripts for planet ourselves ?
Jul 11 19:57:26 <titli> !
Jul 11 19:57:28 * CuriousLearner (3bb2d065@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:57:42 * m4_15 (~mahendra@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:57:50 <mnw94> or does the blogging platform provide for it
Jul 11 19:58:40 <sayan> mnw94, anybody can write the script
Jul 11 19:58:41 * papiya (~papiya@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 19:59:28 <sayan> mnw94, you might find planet scripts in blogging platform or you can write it on your own
Jul 11 19:59:31 <sayan> next
Jul 11 19:59:32 <ekan0ra> titli please ask your question.
Jul 11 19:59:51 * subho (~Subho@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:00:06 * thejaman has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 20:00:16 <m4_15> anybody please give me last 5 minutes log
Jul 11 20:00:37 <sayan> somebody share the logs with m4_15 in pm
Jul 11 20:00:46 * amitt001 (~amit001@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:01:06 <sayan> next
Jul 11 20:01:06 <ekan0ra> No one is in queue.
Jul 11 20:01:11 <titli> how to create a planet? with those xml scripts?
Jul 11 20:01:52 * amit001 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Jul 11 20:01:57 * amitt001 is now known as amit001
Jul 11 20:02:01 <sayan> titli, think, write, google. this can be a minor project of yours 🙂
Jul 11 20:02:20 <amit001> sayan, +1
Jul 11 20:02:37 <titli> sayan, :), ok.
Jul 11 20:02:38 <CuriousLearner> sayan: +!
Jul 11 20:02:39 * deepu_tp (~deepu_tp@ has left #dgplug
Jul 11 20:02:43 <CuriousLearner> +1 *
Jul 11 20:03:31 <sayan> now tell me what could be the importance of blogging?
Jul 11 20:03:36 <titli> CuriousLearner, now we should use s/1/!
Jul 11 20:03:42 <titli> 😛
Jul 11 20:03:50 <titli> sayan, am I correct?
Jul 11 20:03:58 * test095 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 20:04:32 <abhiram> sharing of knowledge. Giving back what you learn. 🙂
Jul 11 20:04:35 <yogeshwar> sayan,to keep a check on progress
Jul 11 20:04:38 <titli> sayan, it keeps a record of out work progress.
Jul 11 20:04:45 <lixxz> a blog is basically your public diary
Jul 11 20:04:53 <titli> moreover, we can share information,
Jul 11 20:05:05 <CuriousLearner> Blogging can be helpful to tell the world on what are you working, it can help in attracting other developers which could share their knowledge and help you too. It also helps you to keep track on your progress.
Jul 11 20:05:27 <Umeshs> Helps in following principle .. share more, learn more
Jul 11 20:05:34 * test095 (~azhar@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:05:54 <mnw94> it helps us analyse ourselves too
Jul 11 20:06:24 <yogeshwar> well, a nice blog can you a job too!
Jul 11 20:06:42 <yogeshwar> *can get
Jul 11 20:06:45 <sayan> nice, all your points summarizes the important points of maintaining a blog
Jul 11 20:07:02 <abhiram> sayan +1
Jul 11 20:07:08 <sayan> it works as a diary, keeping logs of your past
Jul 11 20:07:58 <sayan> stumbled on a problem and solved it after some try
Jul 11 20:08:03 <abhiram> As a POT, we can maintain a blog of what we learn each day on a blog from #dgplug. 🙂
Jul 11 20:08:03 * acetakwas has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
Jul 11 20:08:03 * RohanRoy has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 20:08:12 <sayan> blog it so that you can refer later
Jul 11 20:08:29 <sayan> for example this post: http://sayanchowdhury.dgplug.org/posts/git-password-caching.html
Jul 11 20:08:30 * Notify: acetakwas is online (FreeNode).
Jul 11 20:08:30 * acetakwas (~acetakwas@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:08:35 * anjg (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:08:56 <sayan> it works as a bookmark and if your blog is linked to a planet
Jul 11 20:09:14 <sayan> then other people can know about the same if they don’t know
Jul 11 20:09:16 <acetakwas> abhiram, proper english please? What is ‘POT’?
Jul 11 20:09:36 <abhiram> Proof Of Theory. 🙂
Jul 11 20:09:46 <abhiram> acetakwas: ^^^
Jul 11 20:10:11 <sayan> acetakwas, +1
Jul 11 20:10:14 <lixxz> alright i guessed that completely wrong 😛
Jul 11 20:10:19 <CuriousLearner> acetakwas: +1
Jul 11 20:10:41 <sayan> i guessed it to be flowerpot
Jul 11 20:10:46 * yogeshwar salutes abhiram’s english
Jul 11 20:10:51 <CuriousLearner> lol sayan
Jul 11 20:11:04 * abhiram grinning.
Jul 11 20:11:17 <Poornima> 😀
Jul 11 20:11:18 * sj13 (~sj13@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:11:19 * amit001 i guessed it… no no
Jul 11 20:11:19 <sayan> blog also makes your work discoverable
Jul 11 20:12:10 <sayan> you get to know people via your blog.
Jul 11 20:12:28 <sayan> suppose you face a problem and blog it maybe people can help you
Jul 11 20:12:33 * sj13_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
Jul 11 20:12:45 <sayan> or if you solved it, then people might take reference from your blog
Jul 11 20:13:28 <sayan> any questions?
Jul 11 20:13:31 <yogeshwar> !
Jul 11 20:13:40 <sayan> next
Jul 11 20:13:40 <ekan0ra> yogeshwar please ask your question.
Jul 11 20:13:45 <yogeshwar> are we going to learn how to self host!
Jul 11 20:13:54 <yogeshwar> like ghost!
Jul 11 20:14:07 <acetakwas> yogeshwar, +1
Jul 11 20:14:13 <lixxz> that rhymes
Jul 11 20:14:17 <yogeshwar> I mean use my own system as server
Jul 11 20:14:25 <mnw94> ghost is a lovely platform
Jul 11 20:14:37 <sayan> yogeshwar, no, we will be not teaching that
Jul 11 20:14:39 <acetakwas> lixxz, :9
Jul 11 20:14:44 <sayan> but w are open to help
Jul 11 20:14:48 <sayan> s/w/we
Jul 11 20:14:57 * RohanRoy (~RohanRoy@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:15:03 <sayan> ghost has a good documentation though
Jul 11 20:15:07 * CuriousLearner has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
Jul 11 20:15:26 <yogeshwar> sayan,yeah! but I struck in between!
Jul 11 20:15:32 <chandankumar> i have a task for you all.
Jul 11 20:15:34 * CuriousLearner (3bb2d065@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:15:42 <lixxz> !
Jul 11 20:15:45 <sayan> so everybody create a blog of your own
Jul 11 20:15:47 * mnw94 is excited
Jul 11 20:16:10 <sayan> in wordpress or blogspot (because it’s simple)
Jul 11 20:16:13 <abhiram> !
Jul 11 20:16:15 <acetakwas> “Bring it on!”
Jul 11 20:16:28 <sayan> if you already have then not an issue
Jul 11 20:16:39 <abhiram> Answered.
Jul 11 20:16:41 <chandankumar> write a blog post about your experience on dgplug summer training
Jul 11 20:16:51 <sayan> post things you learned in the summer training in the blog post
Jul 11 20:16:53 <sayan> chandankumar, 🙂
Jul 11 20:17:10 * anish_ (~anish@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:17:13 <titli> nice homework. 🙂
Jul 11 20:17:15 <acetakwas> OP acetakwas ..
Jul 11 20:17:17 <sayan> chandankumar, can you share a link where they can share ?
Jul 11 20:17:20 <sayan> next
Jul 11 20:17:21 <ekan0ra> lixxz please ask your question.. abhiram you are next. Get ready with your question.
Jul 11 20:17:24 <lixxz> is it necessary to learn javascript for building a good webpage?
Jul 11 20:17:28 <chandankumar> This is your home task for weekend, do and enjoy the weekend.
Jul 11 20:17:38 <yogeshwar> sayan, chandankumar,what about creating a piratepad where everyone will post their blog’s address,so that other’s can follow and learn ..
Jul 11 20:17:41 * AKT has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
Jul 11 20:17:56 <eeshangarg> chandankumar: no training sessions this weekend, then?
Jul 11 20:18:48 <acetakwas> eeshangarg, Weekends are for breaks.
Jul 11 20:18:53 <acetakwas> ^.^
Jul 11 20:19:11 <acetakwas> lixxz, depends on what kinda website
Jul 11 20:19:11 <CuriousLearner> acetakwas: +1 and for retaining info that we learnt 🙂
Jul 11 20:19:17 <chandankumar> Everybody please post your blog link here with irc nick http://piratepad.net/HKVLwvc64q
Jul 11 20:19:19 * anjg has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Jul 11 20:19:27 <sayan> lixxz, no
Jul 11 20:19:28 <sayan> next
Jul 11 20:19:29 <ekan0ra> abhiram please ask your question.
Jul 11 20:19:30 <sayan> next
Jul 11 20:19:31 <ekan0ra> No one is in queue.
Jul 11 20:19:32 * ruprela has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 20:19:36 <chandankumar> bookmark this link if you forgot.
Jul 11 20:19:44 <yogeshwar> chandankumar,+1
Jul 11 20:19:57 <sayan> there is so much to revise for the weekend 🙂
Jul 11 20:20:03 <acetakwas> is it already did
Jul 11 20:20:11 <acetakwas> from last assignment
Jul 11 20:20:29 <acetakwas> By the way, no feedbacks from out last home task?
Jul 11 20:20:57 <acetakwas> sayan, yes
Jul 11 20:20:59 <chandankumar> one more task
Jul 11 20:21:13 * anjg (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:21:23 <chandankumar> since ninja website domain is expired.
Jul 11 20:21:29 <sayan> acetakwas, no as there was a problem that rst.ninja domain expired 🙂
Jul 11 20:21:45 <sayan> chandankumar, they can submit it later after they learn git
Jul 11 20:21:46 <acetakwas> oh why don’t we resubmit?
Jul 11 20:21:57 <acetakwas> we should have our mistakes corrected
Jul 11 20:22:01 <chandankumar> so, i request you all create a beautiful About me page for yourself and keep it in your desktop using rst
Jul 11 20:22:07 <titli> acetakwas, +1.
Jul 11 20:22:21 <chandankumar> and we will upload it on github after learning git.
Jul 11 20:22:23 * leero9 (~androirc@ has left #dgplug (“Quit”)
Jul 11 20:22:36 <yogeshwar> cool
Jul 11 20:22:37 * leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
Jul 11 20:22:40 <acetakwas> chandankumar, okay, cool
Jul 11 20:22:45 <chandankumar> use as many rst tricks from google to make more attractive
Jul 11 20:23:01 <CuriousLearner> chandankumar: +1
Jul 11 20:23:10 <acetakwas> (Hint: Use the cheatsheet)
Jul 11 20:23:24 <chandankumar> and try to use all vim tricks while creating rst.
Jul 11 20:23:37 <sayan> chandankumar, +1
Jul 11 20:23:43 <sayan> so ending the session. enjoy the weekends 🙂
Jul 11 20:23:45 <amit001> sayan, your resume is created using rst?
Jul 11 20:23:51 * stguin has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ – A hand crafted IRC client)
Jul 11 20:23:51 <chandankumar> rollcall
Jul 11 20:23:55 <CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
Jul 11 20:23:57 <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
Jul 11 20:23:58 <Poornima> Poornima
Jul 11 20:23:58 <sayan> amit001, don’t remember
Jul 11 20:23:59 <lixxz> Yasharth
Jul 11 20:24:01 <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
Jul 11 20:24:01 <ace139> Soumyo
Jul 11 20:24:03 <ashishkj> Ashish K Johnson
Jul 11 20:24:06 <titli> Titli Das.
Jul 11 20:24:06 <amit001> Amit Tripathi
Jul 11 20:24:10 <papiya> Papiya SEn
Jul 11 20:24:11 <abhiram> Abhiram Ravikumar
Jul 11 20:24:12 <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar
Jul 11 20:24:13 <novice-coder12> Niharika.
Jul 11 20:24:23 <Umeshs> Umesh Sharnagat
Jul 11 20:24:25 <humpty> ashwani
Jul 11 20:24:29 <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
Jul 11 20:24:38 <m4_15> Mahendra Yadav
Jul 11 20:24:45 <anjg> Anuj Gupta
Jul 11 20:24:47 <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
Jul 11 20:24:51 <sagarkrkv> vidya sagar
Jul 11 20:25:04 <heena> Heena Kaushar
Jul 11 20:25:15 * ace139 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Jul 11 20:25:36 <abhi_poo> Abhishek Poojary
Jul 11 20:25:50 <sayan> <—— Session Ends ——–>

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Saving IRC Logs in Xchat

Following are the simple steps to save the logs of an IRC channel in which you are logged in onto your hard drive, in case of Xchat IRC client.

1.Open Xchat.

2.Connect to server you want to like ….frenode.

3.In Xchat’s main window ,go to Settings.

4.Go to Preferences.

5.In Categories,go to Chatting.

6.Chatting ->Logging.

7.In Logging ,just check  Enable logging of conversation to disk.

And you are done. So,from now if it is not possible for you to be attend some IRC session but you want to know what happened,just log into channel  after enabling this option and you will get the logs saved in xchatlogs in .xchat2……..or you can simply see them by clicking on OPEN DATA FOLDER in logging window where you enabled logging of conversation onto disk.

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[18:39:17] [## Class Started at Thu Jul 10 18:39:17 2014 ##]
[18:39:17] <sayan> startclass
[18:40:10] <sayan>  <--------Session starts--------->
[18:40:16] <sayan> Roll Call
[18:40:20] <zhean1874> hean zhu
[18:40:22] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[18:40:23] <CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
[18:40:25] <Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
[18:40:27] <kanika04> kanika narang
[18:40:27] <bnprk> Binay Pareek
[18:40:27] <silentSae> Amir
[18:40:29] <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
[18:40:33] <lixxz> Yasharth
[18:40:34] <Sparking> Bhargav Patel
[18:40:34] <sagarkrkv> Vidya Sagar
[18:40:35] <sj13> Shubheksha
[18:40:36] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[18:40:38] <Umeshs> Umesh Sharnagat
[18:40:39] <senju> vikash patil
[18:40:40] <DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
[18:40:41] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[18:40:44] <amitt001> Amit Tripathi
[18:40:46] <harsha> Harsha
[18:41:05] <shilpi> shilpi shukla
[18:41:05] <RakRock_> Rakesh
[18:41:07] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[18:41:15] <stguin> Satam Guin
[18:41:22] <thejaman> Thejazeto
[18:41:28] <deepu_tp> Deepu Philip
[18:42:05] <leero9> Aditya Nalluri
[18:42:11] <leero9> !
[18:42:34] <amittima> Amit kumar
[18:42:38] <sayan> before the session we will take question from yesterday's class. any questions?
[18:42:44] <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
[18:42:48] <surabhi> Surabhi
[18:42:50] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[18:42:54] <humpty> ashwani
[18:42:58] <madangel> aparna
[18:43:03] <donniezazen> Sudhir Khanger
[18:43:06] <ashishkj> Ashish K Johnson
[18:43:17] <ace139> Soumyo Dey
[18:43:23] <leero9> One, silly question, why do we really need a roll call ? :P
[18:43:26] <sayan> next
[18:43:29] <donniezazen> !
[18:43:40] <vk> vishwamitra kala
[18:43:59] <leero9> <eof>
[18:44:17] <sayan> leero9, please don't ask question before you are told to ask
[18:44:32] <leero9> you asked any question, so asked.
[18:44:58] <sayan> leero9, roll class is necessary to keep a record of the student who regularly attend the classes
[18:45:07] <abhi_poo> Abhishek Poojary
[18:45:11] <sayan> next
[18:45:14] <donniezazen> Why do we need to learn advanced bash when we have Python that could do much more? Seems like Python would be better use to time. <eof>
[18:45:47] <Sparking> !
[18:45:51] <sayan> donniezazen, did not get your question properly
[18:46:18] <stguin> !
[18:46:41] <lixxz> sayan, he means what are the advantages of learning advance bash scripting over python?
[18:47:49] <donniezazen> kushal: suggested a 900s pages book on advanced bash. I was wondering if time would be better spent learning Python than advanced bash. Why learn bash instead of Python?
[18:48:00] <donniezazen> sayan: <eof>
[18:48:13] <acetakwas> !
[18:48:32] <ace139> !
[18:48:37] <chandankumar> donniezazen, we use shell command to get direct access to system using terminal
[18:48:44] <sayan> being a linux user one should be able to properly use bash and can do bash scripting. the book kushal suggested is for your reference
[18:49:26] <chandankumar> sayan, go ahead
[18:49:26] <sayan> it's not that we will be not learning Python :)
[18:49:28] <sayan> next
[18:49:32] <sayan> next
[18:49:34] <Sparking> I have not attended any of previous sessions, but gone through logs. also submitted yesterday's hoework. can i start now? <eof>
[18:49:44] <chandankumar> Sparking, yes
[18:49:45] <sayan> Sparking, yes :)
[18:49:46] <chandankumar> next
[18:49:52] <acetakwas> http://piratepad.net/G0lsJ7uNCJ does not yet exist
[18:50:12] <stguin> I cannot understand the code section which link only provided
[18:50:18] <stguin> <eof>
[18:50:22] <chandankumar> acetakwas, http://piratepad.net/G0lsJ7uNCJ
[18:50:46] <chandankumar> it is opening in my browser. Try to refresh the page.
[18:50:46] <mnw94> acetakwas, the link you posted works just fine
[18:50:55] <chandankumar> next
[18:50:59] <sayan> acetakwas, people have submitted their code that particular link
[18:51:24] <acetakwas> I'm testing it again now
[18:51:53] <chandankumar> only 19 students have submitted the home task.
[18:52:11] <Umeshs> !
[18:52:17] <chandankumar> Is there anybody who is facing issue while creating it?
[18:52:35] <humpty> chandankumar, i will submit it today.
[18:52:41] <chandankumar> humpty, ok
[18:52:47] <acetakwas> issue with submitting
[18:52:55] <stguin> !
[18:53:04] <chandankumar> next
[18:53:06] <acetakwas> the link keeps saying it's not been created
[18:53:13] <sayan> stguin, the code section creates formatting based on the language
[18:53:14] <leero9> chandankumar, will submit today :)
[18:53:20] <Umeshs> I was asking can i submit it today?? got the answer ..Thankyou
[18:53:27] <chandankumar> next
[18:53:32] <acetakwas> okay now I'm getting "Pad is full"
[18:53:32] <CuriousLearner> chandankumar, just read half logs for yesterdays class, I will finish them and submit homework today.
[18:53:33] <Umeshs> :) <eof>
[18:53:40] <stguin> what have we do with classifier
[18:53:45] <stguin> <eof>
[18:53:46] <acetakwas> seems many people are trying to submit at once
[18:53:59] <sayan> Umeshs, what's the use of an extra "?" and an extra "." ?
[18:54:55] <stguin> sayan i mean I could not implement the code written in the link
[18:55:09] <chandankumar> Anyone who wants to answer stguin question?
[18:55:12] <Umeshs> i was not present yesterday. so not yet finished the log. can't answer now. But i will surely answer this question in next class.
[18:55:31] <amitt001> !
[18:55:43] <silentSae> stguin, it doesn't implement and execute the code
[18:56:05] <silentSae> it is to show a piece of code
[18:56:14] <silentSae> chandankumar, am i right?
[18:56:48] <ace139> !
[18:56:56] <stguin> thank you silentSae that's why it's not working
[18:57:20] <sayan> Umeshs, i was talking of using the proper IRC etiquette
[18:57:34] <sayan> next
[18:57:36] <sayan> next
[18:57:40] <amitt001> how to create hyper links in rst?
[18:57:52] <Umeshs> Sorry.
[18:57:54] <ace139> Can you explain Definition list ?
[18:58:05] <sayan> amitt001, did you try to google the answer to your question?
[18:58:56] <amitt001> sayan, ok i will google it
[18:59:49] <chandankumar> ace139, It is the definition of the term.
[18:59:55] <donniezazen> ace139: It's just a list of definitions. Check out reStructuredText's primer online for examples.
[19:00:11] <chandankumar> ace139, check the rst slide link
[19:00:22] <ace139> <eof>
[19:00:37] <chandankumar> next
[19:00:47] <chandankumar> any more questions?
[19:00:58] <kanika04> !
[19:01:03] <chandankumar> next
[19:01:10] <kanika04> can u explain option lists ?
[19:01:14] <kanika04> *you
[19:02:00] <sayan> kanika04, have you seen linux commands have help?
[19:02:00] <chandankumar> kanika04, do man ls in your terminal.
[19:02:12] <sayan> like -h help
[19:02:40] <sayan> chandankumar, +1
[19:02:49] <chandankumar> sayan, :)
[19:02:56] <sayan> option list are like linux commands help
[19:03:05] <kanika04> ok got it
[19:03:09] <kanika04> thanks
[19:03:09] <chandankumar> next
[19:03:10] <sayan> everybody just have a look at http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickref.html
[19:03:58] <chandankumar> Cheat sheet for rst : http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/cheatsheet.txt
[19:04:27] <RakRock_> !
[19:04:32] <sayan> next
[19:04:41] <chandankumar> You can try rst2html here also: https://www.tele3.cz/jbar/rest/rest.html
[19:05:07] <RakRock_> A very dumb question, I wanna know where rst's are typically used ? I would like to know the practical applications of RST's. <eom>
[19:05:37] <sayan> what is "wanna"?
[19:05:48] <sayan> seems like a alien word
[19:06:10] <sayan> anybody wants to explain RakRock_ about the applications of rst ?
[19:06:10] <ace139> RakRock_ its <eof> not <eom>
[19:06:17] <amitt001> RakRock_, read yesterdays log
[19:06:34] <mnw94> kushal has a book written in rst
[19:06:44] <sayan> amitt001, +1
[19:07:33] <sayan> so now that you know rst, keep hacking around with it
[19:07:49] <RakRock_> Hi All. I have go through the book, but my bad, I am unable to visualize the applications of RST, and hence my question. Please ignore my question, if it silly. <eof>
[19:07:51] <stguin> can anybody send the link of the book that kushal have written
[19:08:17] <sayan> RakRock_, read yesterday's log, i explained
[19:08:21] <sayan> stguin, pymbook.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
[19:08:29] <stguin> thank you sayan
[19:08:59] <sayan> today session i will share my personal experience on how i started contributing to open source
[19:09:11] <kushal> sagarkrkv, just before you start.
[19:09:18] <kushal> sayan, ^^^
[19:09:25] <kushal> RakRock_, http://docutils.sourceforge.net/FAQ.html
[19:09:30] <acetakwas> hi kushal
[19:09:31] <kushal> sayan, please continue.
[19:09:38] <RakRock_> Thanks Kushal, sayan
[19:09:41] * kushal goes afk again. 
[19:10:04] <sayan> Let me first introduce myself.
[19:10:30] <sayan> I am Sayan Chowdhury,  currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at HackerEarth
[19:10:55] <sayan> I am a co-maintainer of Waartaa ( www.waartaa.com)
[19:11:13] <acetakwas> +1
[19:12:13] <sayan> when  was in first year of my college, kushal came to college to take a workshop on python
[19:12:48] <sayan> around that time i used to buy digit computer magazine and once got live ISO of Fedora
[19:13:16] <sayan> seeing kushal wearing a fedora t-shirt, i was really amazed and reached out to him
[19:13:28] <sayan> he told me about the dgplug and the dgplug summer training
[19:14:26] <sayan> we had some college seniors rtnpro and kishan who the co-coordinators of dgplug
[19:14:58] <sayan> after kushal's worshop, i reached kishan for installation of fedora, though he did not teach me how to install
[19:15:20] <sayan> but he told me verbally how to install. i came back home and installed fedora
[19:15:59] <sayan> but the first attempt was a failure and in the second attempted i successfully installed fedora :)
[19:16:15] <sayan> i did my dgplug summer training in June 2010
[19:16:52] <sayan> we were beginners like you just 4 years back :)
[19:17:34] <sayan> we were taught all these stuffs on how to communicate on IRC, we had classes on bash, GCC, python
[19:18:24] <sayan> after the training at around September 2010, i was given a project and kushal was mentoring me
[19:18:44] <sayan> the project was called Chitra, an application that would remove duplicate image files.
[19:19:47] <leero9> cool.
[19:20:24] <sayan> then after the training i stopped talking to people but then after  2 months, i was motivated to work again
[19:20:44] <sayan> (the motivation was because i got scolded from kushal :D)
[19:21:17] <sayan> then rtnpro around that time was building a great tool for GRE aspirants called wordgroupz
[19:21:33] <leero9> IS that still there ?
[19:21:55] <sayan> leero9, wordgroupz?
[19:22:00] <leero9> yes
[19:22:16] <sayan> so i spend the summer learning pyGTK and a tool called Glade
[19:22:26] <sayan> leero9, yes, github.com/rtnpro/wordgroupz
[19:22:34] <leero9> Thank You.
[19:22:57] <sayan> and then i went over to rtnpro and suggested some ideas and he told me to work on it
[19:23:37] <sayan> the rule i always follow is never i ask until you are tired of searching it on google and different books
[19:24:56] <sayan> i worked on it for next few days i worked on wordgroupz
[19:25:05] <sayan> and submitted my first patch: https://github.com/rtnpro/wordgroupz/commit/10229284323b27ac8c6ea153b3b431b3633bc45c
[19:25:21] <sayan> that was my first open source contribution
[19:26:06] <sayan> a delta of around 200+ line of code additions
[19:26:22] <sayan> later i submitted few more patches to wordgroupz
[19:26:22] <CuriousLearner> !
[19:26:48] <sayan> CuriousLearner, note your question will take them at the last
[19:27:38] <sayan> around that time rtnpro was building another software for the people who localize called wordcollections
[19:28:09] <sayan> there was a huge feature that had to be implemented and it was really tough
[19:29:06] <sayan> so rtnpro handed it over to me, i spent around 20-25 building the feature. i had to read a lot of advanced documentations of pygtk to implement it
[19:30:09] <sayan> after that i contacted rahul sundaram, he was then co-ordinating building AskFedora
[19:30:19] vicky_ is now known as vk_
[19:30:43] <sayan> the Q/A forum for fedora https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/questions/
[19:31:26] <sayan> the project is built on a project called askbot-devel - https://github.com/ASKBOT/askbot-devel
[19:32:10] <sayan> rahul sundaram a.k.a mether gave me some feature that had to be built
[19:33:47] <sayan> i learnt django to contribute to the project
[19:34:24] <sayan> i kept a regular contact with the upstream (evgeny) to know more about the project
[19:34:59] <sayan> i implemented RSS feed for questions and answers and particular questions and answers
[19:35:09] <sayan> i also fixed a few more bugs
[19:35:32] <sayan> and finally the launch was made and my name was there in the email: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2011-November/003012.html
[19:36:43] <sayan> around that time i got interested in localization, so i started localization of the website Transifex
[19:37:09] <sayan> but later got bored and came to know that Transifex was build on django too
[19:37:29] <sayan> as since i knew django, i tried my hands on Transifex
[19:38:03] <sayan> Transifex is one of the renowned django projects
[19:39:02] <sayan> i used to keep a regular eye on Transifex bugzilla, and whenever there was a bug
[19:39:11] <sayan> i tried to replicated it and solve it
[19:39:40] <sayan> a lot of my patches landed on Transifex
[19:40:12] <sayan> https://github.com/transifex/transifex/commits/devel?author=sayanchowdhury
[19:40:22] <sayan> there are some in their branches too
[19:40:55] <sayan> the patches were small but when you need to replicate it and solve it you get to know a lot of good practices
[19:41:15] <sayan> like for python PEP8, how to reuse code
[19:41:59] <sayan> the codebase created a good base for my knowledge
[19:42:38] <sayan> around the same time when i was contributing to Transifex, i started contributing to Dorrie
[19:43:06] <sayan> Dorrie is a project to create Fedora remixes
[19:43:18] <sayan> it is really cool project
[19:43:30] <sayan> https://fedorahosted.org/dorrie/
[19:44:27] <sayan> to contribute to this project, i googled on how yum works and it's really amazing
[19:45:11] <sayan> everybody just go through the documentation. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Yum
[19:45:34] <sayan> i learnt how the packages are queried internally and the packages are installed in the system
[19:46:01] <anjg> good to here that...u hv done so much of thing
[19:46:22] <sayan> i applied for GSoC thorugh in Dorrie for Fedora but did not get through :(
[19:46:32] <CuriousLearner> anjg, use proper English please.
[19:46:39] <sayan> CuriousLearner, +1 :)
[19:47:35] <sayan> due to lack of internet infrastructure i could not contribute to dorrie as it required to download all the fedora repositories on the system
[19:47:51] <leero9> hmm thats saddening.
[19:48:03] <sayan> but i kept contributing to transifex
[19:48:34] <sayan> mpessas an employer of transifex gave me a list of task for the summer :)
[19:49:09] <sayan> i worked on those features and learnt more from the mentors at transifex
[19:49:32] <sayan> sadly after my summer vacation, transifex became closed source :9
[19:49:35] <sayan> :(
[19:49:46] <CuriousLearner> :O
[19:50:21] <sayan> my last patch is yet not merged :( https://github.com/transifex/transifex/pull/115
[19:51:34] <sayan> around that in first half of 2012, chandankumar  had heavily started to contribute to open source
[19:51:43] <sayan> through localization.
[19:52:09] <sayan> we started evangelizing Linux to friends
[19:52:23] <sayan> we conducted weekly meetings
[19:52:56] <sayan> then we both skipped our college placements and came to attend PyCon India 2012
[19:53:24] <sayan> It was a one in a life time experience, we met a lot of knowledge guys
[19:53:39] <sayan> it felt like did not anything and there is so much to learn
[19:53:56] <sayan> we even met the author of Django himself
[19:54:08] <CuriousLearner> +1 :)
[19:54:46] <sayan> coming back to college i started applying to startups and got a 6-month long internship at HackerEarth
[19:55:12] <chandankumar> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=538748579476052&set=t.100000227458171&type=3&theater
[19:55:12] <sayan> and started contributing to Darkserver
[19:55:31] <sayan> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Darkserver
[19:56:12] <sayan> the project gives to debug details regarding the rpm packages using build id
[19:56:42] <sayan> the final semester of my college was like, i never went to attend my college
[19:57:14] abhiram is now known as abhi12ravi
[19:58:00] <sayan> but at hostel i was working on Darkserver, my internship and building a project on social data analysis
[19:58:13] <sayan> night and day only code code and code :)
[19:59:24] <sayan> we conducted a hacknight in February 2013 and built a project on Remote C compiler
[20:00:00] <sayan> Kushal came that time and taught python and the juniors of my college build it in 4 hours
[20:00:13] <sayan> https://github.com/sayanchowdhury/rcc
[20:00:47] <sayan> i applied with darkserver to GSoC under Fedora and luckily got through this time :)
[20:01:25] <sayan> after college i joined HackerEarth and at the same time it was working on Darkserver
[20:02:03] <sayan> As i had done contributions to VLC Media Player and Mozilla via localization
[20:02:31] <sayan> i was called for Mozilla Summit 2013 at Santa Clara US
[20:02:55] <sayan> i met a lot of awesome Mozilla Developers
[20:03:13] <sayan> along with Brendan Eich who is the author of JavaScript :)
[20:03:45] <sayan> after  coming back i started to search i can contribute to Mozilla
[20:04:05] <sayan> and found sites like http://www.joshmatthews.net/bugsahoy/
[20:04:22] <sayan> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webdev/GetInvolved
[20:04:40] <sayan> i found bugs and mentors on those pages
[20:05:08] <sayan> after contacting them via IRC, i worked on Mozilla Remo portal, Mozilla Kuma, Mozilla Devtools
[20:05:48] <sayan> recently for last few months i am working on this project called waartaa
[20:06:00] <sayan> it is a self hosted IRC client
[20:06:07] <sayan> https://www.waartaa.com/
[20:06:50] <sayan> Waartaa got accepted as a project in GSoC under Fedora and i am a mentor this year :)
[20:07:17] <sayan> and i also work on Mozilla projects these days, if i get time :)
[20:07:55] <sayan> I learnt a lot of things in last 4 years and still continue to learn
[20:08:16] <sayan> mbuf once told try to complete a book every week/month.
[20:08:25] <sayan> i liked that idealogy :)
[20:08:58] <sayan> currently reading High Performance Browser Networking :)
[20:09:19] <sayan> hope this helps to get you started to contribute to open source
[20:09:30] <sayan> i wrote a blog: sayanchowdhury.dgplug.org/posts/how-to-get-started-with-open-source.html
[20:09:49] <sayan> i am open for questions now
[20:09:54] <ace139> sayan, (y) motivated :)
[20:10:30] <amit001> sayan, respect :)
[20:11:05] <donniezazen> !
[20:11:17] <RakRock_> Thanks Sayan for this detailed session
[20:11:19] <amit001> !
[20:11:27] <sayan> next month i am going to talk to Prague to talk about Waartaa  as a communication tool for humans :)
[20:11:29] <sayan> next
[20:11:30] <sayan> next
[20:11:30] <kanika04> sayan , great session :D
[20:11:42] <CuriousLearner> sayan, by saying addition of delta of around 200+ lines of code additions... Here delta means, some extra code, or something else?
[20:12:02] <acetakwas> !
[20:12:16] <donniezazen> Congratulations on your achievements. How important is your degree? Can you get a job as a result of your open source contribution without a degree in computer science?
[20:12:19] <sayan> CuriousLearner, means i added around 200+ lines of code. though 50% was the one generated by Glade
[20:12:32] <sayan> Glade is tool to build Gtk UIs
[20:12:49] <CuriousLearner> donniezazen, +1 for your question.
[20:13:11] <sayan> donniezazen, yes, you can. degree is important
[20:13:34] <sayan> but there are some outliers who get good job without degree. they are geniuses
[20:14:17] <sayan> let me tell you that i gave my interview at Cafe Coffee Day talking about Bangalore's weather
[20:14:19] <donniezazen> sayan: The reason I ask is that a lot of engineers I talk to then don't really know anything.
[20:14:46] <sayan> they did not ask me much because they had seen my code
[20:15:33] <sayan> donniezazen, you need to be self learned programmer, most of them just follow the syllabus
[20:15:56] <acetakwas> sayan, +1
[20:16:02] <sayan> and if you are not from a good college like us you even get professors who can teach you well
[20:16:05] <ace139> sayan, +1
[20:16:10] <CuriousLearner> sayan, +1 :)
[20:16:24] <sayan> i meant don't event get professors :)
[20:16:36] <sayan> s/event/event
[20:17:01] * sayan thinks why he is typing so much of event
[20:17:03] <sayan> next
[20:17:06] <sayan> next
[20:17:07] <donniezazen> sayan: I have recently learned Java through an online course (Standord's CS106a). I think I have strong self-learning capacity.
[20:17:13] <amit001> sayan, you said that after completing the training kushal asked you to work on Chitra so, if we will also get a project after the training?
[20:17:15] <acetakwas> sayan, what is 's/event/event'
[20:17:27] <acetakwas> donniezazen, +1
[20:17:32] <acetakwas> I did the same course
[20:17:34] <amit001> acetakwas, vim
[20:17:46] <acetakwas> and built a Space Invaders game
[20:18:00] <sayan> donniezazen, everybody has a strong self-learning capacity, but the problem is people don't concentrate on learning
[20:18:08] <acetakwas> amit001, why does it appear here?
[20:18:24] <sayan> amit001, yes
[20:18:44] <acetakwas> sayan, What do you mean by 'self-hosted'?
[20:18:47] <donniezazen> !
[20:19:02] <Umeshs> replace event by event in buffer in same line :p
[20:19:04] <sayan> donniezazen, you won't see many engineers even  doing the course like you did
[20:19:15] <sayan> Umeshs, +1
[20:19:28] <CuriousLearner> sayan, +1 :)
[20:19:45] <sayan> acetakwas, though i meant to replace event with even
[20:19:47] <sayan> next
[20:19:50] <amit001> !
[20:20:05] <acetakwas> sayan, What do you mean by 'self-hosted'?
[20:20:13] <sayan> acetakwas, self hosted means the source code is open source you need to get your own server and install it
[20:20:26] <RohanRoy> !
[20:20:28] <acetakwas> okay
[20:20:37] <sayan> acetakwas, though there is a try version - https://try.waartaa.com/
[20:20:40] <sayan> next
[20:20:46] <sayan> next
[20:20:49] <acetakwas> sayan, are the creator of Waartar?
[20:20:53] <amit001> localization of transfix means converting to local language, right?
[20:20:56] <acetakwas> *you
[20:21:04] <acetakwas> amit001, yes
[20:21:07] <donniezazen> There are so many languages and frameworks. Different projects use different languages. How do you find the one language that just works for you or how do you get to know enough?
[20:21:11] <RohanRoy> is there any company where people can volunteer for learning?
[20:21:19] <amit001> so localization is done through some software?
[20:21:47] <acetakwas> donniezazen, don't learn a language; learn programming concepts
[20:21:55] <sayan> acetakwas, it's Waartaa, no, the creator is rtnpro. I joined in later with him
[20:21:59] <acetakwas> and then apply with any language
[20:22:01] <chandankumar> acetakwas, +1
[20:22:07] <sayan> acetakwas, +1
[20:22:25] <acetakwas> sayan, okay
[20:22:31] <acetakwas> sayan, chandankumar ;)
[20:22:39] <sayan> donniezazen, i learnt Ruby once, though forgot most of it but it would not take time for me to pick up again
[20:22:39] <CuriousLearner> acetakwas, +1
[20:22:46] <acetakwas> CuriousLearner, ;)
[20:23:02] <RohanRoy> !
[20:23:11] <acetakwas> <eof>
[20:23:13] <acetakwas> !
[20:23:47] <sayan> donniezazen, i liked python so i started with it, but then i also learn JS, Ruby, PHP but came back to Python again :D
[20:23:55] <amit001> !
[20:23:57] <sayan> next
[20:24:00] <chandankumar> Always remember "Practice makes a man perfect"
[20:24:00] <RohanRoy> sayan, is there any company where people can volunteer for learning?
[20:24:17] <CuriousLearner> chandankumar, +1
[20:24:19] <chandankumar> In order to learn more, Read, Read, Read
[20:24:26] <sayan> RohanRoy, volunteer as in?
[20:24:28] <donniezazen> sayan: How hard is it to learn your seconds, third, and subsequent languages?
[20:24:31] <test09> !
[20:24:42] <sayan> donniezazen, it's gets easier
[20:24:58] <sayan> RohanRoy, can you give a senario?
[20:25:08] <sagarkrkv> !
[20:25:19] <acetakwas> sayan, , +1
[20:25:22] <sayan> next
[20:25:27] <acetakwas> Is it necessary for a programmer to really learn graphics design even with low interest in that area?
[20:25:36] <acetakwas> like Photoshop
[20:25:50] <acetakwas> Though I have knowledge in CorelDraw.
[20:26:06] <sayan> acetakwas, why waste time when you don't have interest
[20:26:09] <amit001> acetakwas, I asked the same question to my photoshop teacher :)
[20:26:19] <novice-coder12> +1
[20:26:36] <sayan> acetakwas, rather learn something advanced in something you have interest
[20:26:46] <acetakwas> okay, thanks
[20:26:56] <sayan> next
[20:27:00] <amit001> sayan, you told us about remote c compiler, what is it, an online judge?
[20:27:03] <acetakwas> <eof>
[20:27:05] m4_15 is now known as m415555
[20:27:27] <sayan> amit001, yes, kind of only for C
[20:28:04] <sayan> amit001, in my college not many people know of online judge
[20:28:16] <sayan> amit001, and they use Turbo C for windows
[20:28:17] <amit001> ok, i have heard that it is very difficult to build one, is it?
[20:28:47] <sayan> amit001, rather what the project is that there will be a linux runserver running
[20:29:13] <acetakwas> !
[20:29:17] <sayan> and the people can send their code for compiling and running to that machine via wifi
[20:29:26] <abhi_poo> !
[20:29:32] <sayan> and linux servers compiles the code and returns the output
[20:29:46] <donniezazen> !
[20:29:55] <amit001> actually i was thinking to make one for my college project.  So you guys used only python?
[20:30:14] <sayan> this give a taste on how the output is on a Linux machine, they are sure to get an error with conio.h :)
[20:30:17] <sayan> amit001, yes
[20:30:25] <sayan> next
[20:30:30] <sayan> next
[20:30:32] <sagarkrkv> What if after contributing a lot to an opensource project, it is changed to closed source ?
[20:30:45] <sayan> sagarkrkv, move over to new project
[20:30:53] <amit001> conio.h, :) <eof>
[20:31:10] <sagarkrkv> oh <eof>
[20:31:14] <chandankumar> next
[20:31:44] <sayan> next
[20:31:49] <abhi_poo> I am currently in the final year of my computer engineering course. So i wanted to know if the stuff we are learning in this course can be implemented in our final year projects ?
[20:31:59] <RohanRoy> i got disconnected. Can any one give me log of last 5 minutes?
[20:32:18] <sayan> somebody share the log with RohanRoy in pm
[20:32:34] <sayan> abhi_poo, yes, but this course is for you to get started with open source
[20:32:49] <abhi_poo> I mean what all things should i start learning
[20:33:05] <abhi_poo> simultaneously with this course
[20:33:11] <sayan> abhi_poo, for what ?
[20:33:28] <sayan> abhi_poo, for building open source projects?
[20:33:32] <abhi_poo> yes
[20:33:44] <acetakwas> What does it mean to compile from source?
[20:33:57] <abhi_poo> and also python based software
[20:34:14] <sayan> abhi_poo, the language you want
[20:34:30] <sayan> abhi_poo, Mozilla web projects are python based
[20:34:37] <abhi_poo> okay
[20:34:42] <sayan> abhi_poo, fedora projects are in python
[20:35:10] <sayan> abhi_poo, https://openhatch.org/ <-- search here
[20:35:15] <RohanRoy> sayan, acetakwas, sagarkrkv, thanks :)
[20:35:25] <chandankumar> next
[20:35:29] <donniezazen> How good is start-up scenario in India? Are there a lot of start-ups in India? I suppose they are open for folks who show strong interest in open source and are willing to learn on their own.
[20:35:34] <acetakwas> RohanRoy, ;)
[20:35:36] <acetakwas> What does it mean to compile from source?
[20:35:58] <sayan> acetakwas, isn't it self-explanatory? :)
[20:36:11] <sayan> acetakwas, it's compiling the source :D
[20:36:22] <acetakwas> Please expatiate
[20:36:23] <abhi_poo> Thanks sayan ! :)
[20:36:53] <acetakwas> Somtimes I see this when downloading
[20:37:59] <sayan> donniezazen, the senario is good and there are a lot of start-ups coming up
[20:38:23] <sayan> donniezazen, but most of them are not inclined to open source :(
[20:38:52] <sayan> acetakwas, what do you mean by compile a C code?
[20:38:57] <sayan> next
[20:39:12] <toxboi> acetakwas: in FOSS, you always have option to compile software from source.
[20:39:13] <acetakwas> convert to binary
[20:39:17] <donniezazen> sayan: Even if not inclined towards OSS. That should still be good for up.
[20:39:22] <donniezazen> *us.
[20:39:57] <acetakwas> toxboi, thanks
[20:40:12] <toxboi> acetakwas: there can be several reasons to do that. You may want to enable/disable certain features of the software that to gain performance.
[20:40:18] <acetakwas> okay so obviously it applies only to FLOSS
[20:40:29] <acetakwas> okay
[20:40:37] <toxboi> acetakwas: it applies to any things that ships with code and pre-complied binaries.
[20:40:57] <sayan> acetakwas, yes, if you run directly it comes in compiled ready-to-run versions
[20:41:15] <toxboi> s/things/thing
[20:41:20] <acetakwas> okay, thanks sayan toxboi
[20:41:38] <acetakwas> <eof>
[20:41:44] <chandankumar> next
[20:41:45] <acetakwas> !
[20:41:49] <chandankumar> next
[20:42:16] <acetakwas> I seem to be wanting to learn so much at the same time: SQL (Server && MySQL && PostGRE); PHP; Python; more Java; Javascript. Is this okay to do? Sometimes it appears as if I'm not moving at a fast pace. My foundational knowledge in Java seems to be playing a great part though. (donniezazen, +1 for Stanford CS106A mention). Also I have to combine this school curriculum: (currently learning Comtia A+)
[20:42:44] <acetakwas> *Comptia
[20:42:55] <sayan> acetakwas, hmm, calm down
[20:43:01] <toxboi> sayan++
[20:43:03] <CuriousLearner> me too acetakwas
[20:43:07] <donniezazen> acetakwas: Good question. I feel the same way. It's quite overwhelming.
[20:43:22] <sayan> even i feel the same
[20:43:33] <sayan> Go, Erlang, Clojure
[20:43:35] <RohanRoy> same case here ;)
[20:44:13] <sayan> but you have to calm down and learn a language and build projects
[20:44:45] <sayan> contribute to projects in that language
[20:45:08] <donniezazen> sayan: Thanks. Loved today's session. Thanks for your time.
[20:45:23] <sayan> the problem is because you might have not seen any fruitful results in any of the projects
[20:45:38] <sayan> s/projects/language
[20:45:49] <RohanRoy> !
[20:45:51] <sayan> concetrate and devote some time on a language
[20:46:24] <sayan> wait till you get some results
[20:46:45] <sayan> i worked on python for last 3 years as a primary language
[20:47:06] <sayan> next
[20:47:08] <RohanRoy> sayan, how to find a project where can i put my work?this is very hard to getting a project that I think is good to get started.
[20:47:36] <sayan> decided on a project?
[20:47:38] <RohanRoy> I prefer work in python2.7
[20:47:51] <acetakwas> Thanks. <eof>
[20:48:19] <sayan> RohanRoy, there are a lot of them if you go through my blog post all of them are from python
[20:48:52] <sayan> RohanRoy, do one thing, go through the post and select a project and ping me
[20:48:56] <RohanRoy> sayan, nice to have your blog link here
[20:49:15] <bibhas> people looking for projects can look around on github, explore by language. or use a community tool like https://openhatch.org/
[20:49:22] <RohanRoy> sayan , if possible
[20:49:49] <sayan> and everybody go through this once: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html
[20:50:04] <sayan> http://sayanchowdhury.dgplug.org/posts/how-to-get-started-with-open-source.html
[20:50:22] <sayan> i am ending the session here.
[20:51:08] <amit001> sayan, thank you
[20:51:10] <sayan> <------ Session Ends ------->
[20:51:23] <CuriousLearner> Thanks sayan :)
[20:51:28] <acetakwas> sayan, +1
[20:51:31] <sayan> endclass
[20:51:31] [## Class Ended at Thu Jul 10 20:51:31 2014 ##]

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[18:40:12] <chandankumar> please give your rollcall.
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[18:40:18] <donniezazen> Sudhir Khanger
[18:40:18] <Poornima> Poornima Kshirsagar
[18:40:19] <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
[18:40:19] <madangel> aparna
[18:40:19] <Mactoc> Sreedevi
[18:40:20] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[18:40:20] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[18:40:21] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[18:40:22] <fossterer> Shashank Sabniveesu
[18:40:22] <iamviknesh> Vikneshwar
[18:40:23] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[18:40:24] <Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
[18:40:25] <kanika04> kanika narang
[18:40:26] <titli> Titli Das
[18:40:26] <annesha> Annesha Chowdhury
[18:40:28] <DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
[18:40:29] <lixxz> Yasharth
[18:40:30] <surabhi> Surabhi
[18:40:30] <shilpi> shilpi shukla
[18:40:32] <Amalesh> Aswin Kumar
[18:40:33] <nithinr> Nithin
[18:40:34] <harsha> Harsha
[18:40:36] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[18:40:37] <silentSae> Amir
[18:40:39] <thejaman> Thejazeto
[18:40:41] <ace139> Soumyo Dey
[18:40:42] <Deccan> Rupitha
[18:40:45] <abhishekp> Abhishek Potnis
[18:40:45] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[18:40:50] <m4_15> Mahendra Yadav
[18:40:58] <kundan_> kundan chourasiya
[18:40:58] <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
[18:40:59] <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar Dan Charan
[18:41:02] <amittima> Amit kumar
[18:41:10] <stguin> satam guin
[18:41:47] <chandankumar> any one left for rollcall?
[18:41:57] <chandankumar> *anyone
[18:41:57] <vivek-> Vivek jhaver
[18:42:52] <chandankumar> First we are going to take questions from previous class.
[18:43:00] <raghib> raghib
[18:43:09] <chandankumar> Please shoot your questions if you have.
[18:43:52] <chandankumar> Remember to type ! for asking question.
[18:43:52] <donniezazen> !
[18:44:01] <chandankumar> next
[18:44:02] <batul> abhiram please ask your question.. donniezazen you are next. Get ready with your question.
[18:44:17] <chandankumar> Donot listen to batul.
[18:44:18] <donniezazen> I am sorry. I am still catching up on recent logs. I didn't see one for July 7th.
[18:44:20] <sayan> everybody list to ekan0ra and not batul
[18:44:24] <donniezazen> <eof>
[18:44:27] humpty_ is now known as humpty
[18:44:32] <chandankumar> donniezazen, ok
[18:44:36] <chandankumar> next
[18:44:36] <batul> donniezazen please ask your question.
[18:44:45] <sayan> clearqueue
[18:44:54] <yogeshwar> !
[18:44:57] <donniezazen> I am sorry. I am still catching up on recent logs. I didn't see one for July 7th.
[18:45:01] <chandankumar> next
[18:45:01] <batul> yogeshwar please ask your question.
[18:45:09] <yogeshwar> do I use python 3 or 2 for now?
[18:45:21] <Azharh> !
[18:45:27] <Armageddon> masters
[18:45:27] <batul> My current masters are: kushal,sayan,mbuf,rtnpro,chandankumar,praveenkumar,chandan_kumar,Armageddon
[18:45:29] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, We are going to use python 3.
[18:45:32] <sivteck> Armageddon: kick batul ?
[18:45:38] <thejaman> *ekan0ra, andd batul competing* lol
[18:45:41] <chandankumar> next
[18:45:42] <batul> Azharh please ask your question.
[18:45:51] <Armageddon> chandankumar: batul or ekan0ra ?
[18:45:58] <chandankumar> ekan0ra,
[18:46:01] <sayan> donniezazen, giving you in few minutes.
[18:46:03] <Armageddon> but I have no access to it :(
[18:46:21] <Armageddon> masters
[18:46:24] <yogeshwar> chandankumar,I mean does ,python sphinx depend on the version I am using or it's not related to that?
[18:46:27] <Armageddon> problem solved
[18:46:42] <sayan> Armageddon, thanks :)
[18:47:11] <donniezazen> !
[18:47:12] <chandankumar> python-sphinx module is available for python 2.x and 3.
[18:47:19] <sayan> donniezazen, https://gist.github.com/chkumar246/d5d4b0814cf4153a9fd0
[18:47:19] <stguin> !
[18:47:31] <yogeshwar> donniezazen,here are the logs:https://compsciworld.wordpress.com/
[18:47:33] <chandankumar> so you are free to use anyone of them.
[18:47:53] <chandankumar> But we are going to teach python on python 3.
[18:48:14] <chandankumar> next
[18:48:15] <yogeshwar> chandankumar, okay ,thanks <eof>
[18:48:22] <donniezazen> As a programmer are we suppose to keep some sort of notebook to take notes or copy codes, etc. Google seems to be much more powerful than my notebook. <eof>
[18:48:54] <chandankumar> donniezazen, it is a good habit to take notes in your notebook with pen.
[18:49:19] <sayan> donniezazen, it's always good to keep a notebook beside you to take notes. all the sticky notes and other stuffs actually don't work
[18:49:20] <sayan> :)
[18:49:37] <chandankumar> You can keep the links handy by keeping it as a bookmarks
[18:49:38] <raghib> !
[18:49:50] <sayan> chandankumar++
[18:50:03] <chandankumar> sayan, :)
[18:50:05] <donniezazen> chandankumar: sayan I currently save webpages to either Evernote or Diigo. It makes them easily searcheable.
[18:50:18] <chandankumar> donniezazen, great.
[18:50:36] <sayan> chandankumar, links are good to put on those site, not the things that you learn from those sites
[18:50:39] <raghib> how to make my (xchat  display )large it seems "ctrl + +" not working to zoom
[18:50:43] AndChat|401249 is now known as azharh
[18:50:59] <chandankumar> sayan, agree.
[18:51:20] vj_ is now known as vivek-
[18:51:21] <chandankumar> next
[18:51:24] <stguin> how can i start to contribute in bugzilla? i mean the process of doing that <eof>
[18:51:48] <sayan> stguin, http://www.bugzilla.org/contribute/
[18:52:01] <donniezazen> raghib: There should be formatting options in your chat program.
[18:52:21] <chandankumar> raghib, wait for your turn.
[18:52:31] <chandankumar> next
[18:52:40] <stguin> thanks sayan
[18:52:45] <raghib> i couldn't get formatting tab in xchat
[18:53:12] humpty__ is now known as humpty
[18:53:24] <chandankumar> raghib, http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_tips_&_tricks
[18:53:54] <chandankumar> next
[18:54:31] <chandankumar> Any more questions?
[18:54:32] <sayan> raghib, never tried increasing the font-size but there must be option in Settings -> Preferences
[18:54:56] <sayan> raghib, might be of help to you: http://forum.xchat.org/viewtopic.php?t=983
[18:55:43] <raghib> thanks sayan
[18:55:54] <chandankumar> Now we are going to learn rST today.
[18:56:16] <chandankumar> So everybody have installed the two packages which we have told.
[18:56:22] <m4_15> yes
[18:56:23] <chandankumar> 1> python-docutils
[18:56:35] <chandankumar> 2> python-sphinx
[18:56:40] <silentSae> yes
[18:56:42] <EatSleepCode> done
[18:56:59] abhishekp_ is now known as abhishekp
[18:57:00] <chandankumar> you check whether these packages are installed or not by rpm -q <packagename>
[18:57:05] <chandankumar> in fedora.
[18:57:35] <chandankumar> my first question.
[18:57:36] amir_ is now known as Guest74458
[18:57:38] <ace139> chandankumar, in debian ?
[18:58:14] Guest74458 is now known as silentSae
[18:58:32] <donniezazen> ace139:  I think dpkg --get-selections | grep <package-name>
[18:58:36] <chandankumar> ace139, dpkg-query -l '<packagename>*'
[18:58:44] <chandankumar> https://wiki.debian.org/ListInstalledPackages
[18:59:11] <Mactoc> apt-cache policy <package name> in ubuntu
[18:59:25] <chandankumar> Everyone like to take notes or making documentation after the class?
[18:59:47] <ace139> Yes
[18:59:54] <titli> yes
[18:59:56] <mnw94> yes
[19:00:00] <papiya> yes
[19:00:06] <Deccan> yes
[19:00:08] <yeshi> yes
[19:00:09] <acetakwas> chandankumar, i don't understand
[19:00:22] <acetakwas> your question
[19:00:29] <harsha>   yes
[19:00:31] <dev212> yes
[19:01:00] <chandankumar> acetakwas, my question is you like to do documentation?
[19:01:08] <Mactoc> yes
[19:01:11] <raghib> yes
[19:01:13] <amit001> yes
[19:01:13] <acetakwas> I think I might
[19:01:19] <koushik> yes
[19:01:26] <silentSae> yes
[19:01:37] <chandankumar> Everyone have different style to write documentation whether it is on a notebook or on a paper.
[19:01:37] charany1 is now known as yogeshwar
[19:01:47] <kanika04> yes
[19:02:07] <chandankumar> Documentation is necessary for everything for future use and for sharing your knowledge to others.
[19:02:35] <m4_15> yes
[19:02:48] <chandankumar> So while learning and doing programming, we are going to the same thing
[19:03:35] <chandankumar> generally we write in a .txt file in our computer and later for different purpose we use different file formats
[19:04:11] <acetakwas> okay, cool
[19:04:16] <chandankumar> like for web page .html., for ppt we use .doc, or excel files and many other file extensions
[19:05:08] <chandankumar> Today we are going to learn a new format in which we can write in a single file format and convert it to .html or .doc or or .ppt format
[19:05:17] <chandankumar> it is going to be cool.
[19:05:25] <chandankumar> That is rst.
[19:05:39] <sayan> adding to what chandankumar documentation is an integral part of open source project, because it tell everything about the project from installation to usage
[19:05:43] <iamviknesh> cool :-D
[19:05:46] <donniezazen> !
[19:05:53] <chandankumar> Does anyone tell me what does RST stands for?
[19:05:56] <chandankumar> next
[19:06:03] <eeshangarg> reStructuredText
[19:06:05] <silentSae> restructured text?
[19:06:08] <chandankumar> good
[19:06:09] <amit001> restructured text
[19:06:15] <donniezazen> Markdown is highly prevelent on internet. Any specific reason we are using rst?
[19:06:18] <D4rk> chandankumar, mind pm?
[19:06:26] <iamviknesh> restructured text :)
[19:06:28] <D4rk> Personel message*
[19:06:36] <chandankumar> D4rk, yes
[19:06:39] <D4rk> thanks
[19:07:30] <sayan> donniezazen, afaik, rst is extensible
[19:07:57] <sayan> donniezazen, markdown is good for generating websites
[19:08:05] <acetakwas> d4rk, what is markdown? how is it different from markup?
[19:08:24] <sayan> donniezazen, but when you are going for books, documentation rst is better
[19:08:36] <donniezazen> sayan: Thanks.
[19:08:52] <chandankumar> donniezazen, greatest example of rst is python and django docs.
[19:09:20] humpty_ is now known as humpty
[19:09:25] <sayan> donniezazen, as we are talking of documentation, rst is one :)
[19:09:37] <sayan> s/is/is the/
[19:09:55] <chandankumar> rst is a plaintext that uses simple and intuitive constructs to indicate the structure of a document.
[19:10:08] <chandankumar> Everyone please open your terminal
[19:10:17] <chandankumar> and type rst and hit Tab.
[19:10:41] <chandankumar> and tell me what you saw.
[19:11:04] <stguin> rstart
[19:11:11] <iamviknesh> acetakwas: if you follow the markdown syntax in your file , you can convert that to HTML using a tool if you want :)
[19:11:12] <amit001> hitting tab is doing nothing
[19:11:13] <mnw94> rst2html, rstart
[19:11:31] <sayan> amit001, installed the packages?
[19:11:31] <mnw94> rstpep2html
[19:11:32] <lixxz> tab twice
[19:11:33] <m4_15> https://gist.github.com/chkumar246/d5d4b0814cf4153a9fd0
[19:11:34] <ace139> chandankumar, rst2html            rst2pseudoxml       rstartd
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2latex           rst2s5              rst-buildhtml
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2man             rst2xetex           rstpep2html
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2odt             rst2xml
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2odt_prepstyles  rstart
[19:11:36] <sivteck> amit001: then hit again
[19:11:37] <thejaman> amit001, press it twice or thrice
[19:11:38] <amit001> yes
[19:11:43] <mnw94> ace139 , +1
[19:11:43] <chandankumar> ace139, donot paste here
[19:11:47] <amit001> ok
[19:11:49] <chandankumar> ace139, use pastebin
[19:11:59] <amit001> thejaman, thank you, working
[19:12:03] <titli> it is showing some list
[19:12:03] <stguin> rstartd
[19:12:07] <ace139> chandankumar, ok
[19:12:38] <m4_15> sorry everyone
[19:13:19] <chandankumar> for the the paste, you can see from rst you can convert to later, manpages, odt format, xml and many more format.
[19:13:37] <donniezazen> command not found. I do have python-docutils and python-sphinx installed.
[19:13:43] <chandankumar> now open a file : vim test.rst
[19:13:46] <chandankumar> donniezazen, yes
[19:14:30] <chandankumar> tell me when you are done?
[19:14:35] <Mactoc> Done
[19:14:37] <sivteck> done
[19:14:37] <amit001> done
[19:14:41] <Deccan> done
[19:14:41] <m4_15> done
[19:14:42] <surabhi> done
[19:14:45] <ace139> done
[19:14:46] <bnprk> done
[19:14:48] <stguin> done
[19:14:50] <abhi_poo> ddone
[19:14:54] <Amalesh_> done
[19:14:55] <Prash_5421> done
[19:14:56] <kanika04> done
[19:14:57] <donniezazen> done
[19:15:02] <yeshi> done
[19:15:03] <mnw94> done
[19:15:08] <iamviknesh> done
[19:15:10] <dev212> done
[19:15:13] <raghib> done
[19:15:14] <lixxz> repeat last step please?
[19:15:14] <chandankumar> when you start writing a document, you first see its title.
[19:15:15] <vivek-> done
[19:15:17] <titli> done
[19:15:19] <harsha> done
[19:15:22] <chandankumar> ok
[19:15:32] <DhritiShikhar_> done
[19:15:47] <Mactoc> lixxz, open a file : vim test.rst
[19:15:54] <shilpi_> can anyone please tell me what to do,i got a network problem:(
[19:16:06] <lixxz> Mactoc, thanks
[19:16:17] <mnw94> shilpi_, type vim test.rst
[19:16:17] <chandankumar> We are now going display the title of a document.
[19:16:41] <acetakwas> done
[19:16:44] <sj13_> done
[19:17:11] <titli> chandankumar, how?
[19:17:21] <chandankumar> ==============
[19:17:22] <chandankumar> Document Title
[19:17:22] <chandankumar> ==============
[19:17:35] <chandankumar> type this in your test.rst file
[19:17:39] <chandankumar> and save it
[19:17:53] <chandankumar> How to save a file in vim?
[19:18:00] <amit001> :w
[19:18:00] <acetakwas> :w
[19:18:04] <shilpi_> thanks, mnw94
[19:18:05] <mnw94> :w
[19:18:19] <surabhi> :w
[19:18:23] <chandankumar> ok
[19:18:25] <chandankumar> done?
[19:18:31] <D4rk> WOW This is what i was talking about
[19:18:40] <Mactoc> Done
[19:18:41] <acetakwas> done
[19:18:54] <stguin> done
[19:18:55] <chandankumar> Now we are going to check the output of this file
[19:18:57] <chandankumar> do
[19:19:12] <chandankumar> rst2html test.rst test.html
[19:19:23] <chandankumar> and hit enter
[19:19:40] <acetakwas> in another terminal?
[19:20:00] <iamviknesh> why everyone leaving =-O
[19:20:07] <chandankumar> acetakwas, save the test.rst file and quit it
[19:20:25] <chandankumar> and then do rst2html test.rst test.html
[19:20:43] <stguin> it says rst2html command not found
[19:20:48] <Mactoc> chandankumar: Nothing is shown
[19:21:06] <chandankumar> stguin, have you installed packages that i have told?
[19:21:17] <chandankumar> Mactoc, wait for the magic.
[19:21:20] <thejaman> Got it. It outputs an html file.
[19:21:27] <stguin> no
[19:21:35] <lixxz> stguin, make sure you spelled it right
[19:21:53] <Mactoc> Ok :)
[19:21:54] <chandankumar> now open the file test.html in a browser
[19:22:00] <iamviknesh> i can see big style rules and some HTML in the file :)
[19:22:01] <chandankumar> check the output
[19:22:16] <chandankumar> it's cool?
[19:22:33] <sivteck> yes
[19:22:34] <chandankumar> Anyone facing any issues?
[19:22:42] <thejaman> It's magic.
[19:22:47] <mnw94> great :D
[19:22:50] <Amalesh_> Its good :)
[19:22:58] <Mactoc> cool :)
[19:23:07] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: just Document Title
[19:23:09] <raghib> it's really cool
[19:23:16] <titli> cool :)
[19:23:21] <m4_15> done
[19:23:24] <chandankumar> we are going to do more.
[19:23:29] <kanika04> yeah cool
[19:23:31] <kanika04> :D
[19:23:36] <dev212> done
[19:23:46] <yogeshwar> chandankumar,it's not showing anything
[19:23:53] <Deccan> good..
[19:23:58] <iamviknesh> i thought styles would have been applied :P
[19:24:02] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, where?
[19:24:06] <donniezazen> It printed html in the output strem. Although I could see nice html if I do rst2html test.rst > test.html
[19:24:17] <yogeshwar> Nothing in terminal
[19:24:35] <Mactoc> yogeshwar, open the file test.html in a browser
[19:24:54] <iamviknesh> yogeshwar: opened test.html ?? what do you see
[19:24:55] <Deccan> yogeshwar not in terminal browser
[19:25:03] <chandankumar> in rst, spaces are recommended for indentation
[19:25:18] <acetakwas> type: "firefox test.html" without the quotes
[19:25:22] <acetakwas> it works!
[19:25:27] <chandankumar> Blank line is used to seperate paragraphs
[19:25:35] <chandankumar> now again open the file.
[19:26:01] <iamviknesh> done
[19:26:01] <donniezazen> chandankumar: Does the number of "=" has any effect here?
[19:26:09] <chandankumar> donniezazen, yes
[19:26:19] <yogeshwar> Mactoc,iamviknesh,Deccan---done,thanks
[19:26:23] <chandankumar> donniezazen, you can check while converting it to html
[19:26:29] <titli> chandankumar, does it mean the title?
[19:26:55] <sivteck> don't forget to use !
[19:27:22] <titli> sivtec, where ?
[19:27:34] <sivteck> before asking questions?
[19:27:41] <chandankumar> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116647/91421414
[19:28:09] <chandankumar> now add following lines in your test.rst file from the above link
[19:28:15] <chandankumar> and check the output
[19:28:17] <titli> sivteck, yeah. :)
[19:29:30] <chandankumar> tell me when you are done?
[19:29:32] <thejaman> No change. Just the title is visible.
[19:29:33] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: should we again do rst2html
[19:29:38] <chandankumar> yes
[19:29:39] <nmzaheer> !
[19:29:45] <chandankumar> next
[19:29:56] <Mactoc> Done
[19:30:00] <nmzaheer> Is that a single space or two spaces for the next paragraph?
[19:30:16] <Mactoc> !
[19:30:24] <chandankumar> for next paragraph -- a single blank
[19:30:47] <chandankumar> in rst, multiple blank lines is equivalent to single blank line.
[19:31:19] <chandankumar> nmzaheer, not space but a blank line
[19:31:30] <kanika04> !
[19:31:32] <chandankumar> next
[19:31:39] <Mactoc> I used '-' instead of '=', but not much difference
[19:31:44] <nmzaheer> ok <eof>
[19:31:55] <chandankumar> Mactoc, yes
[19:32:08] <chandankumar> Mactoc, we are coming to that part.
[19:32:13] <Mactoc> So, both are for same use
[19:32:14] <Mactoc> OK
[19:32:21] <Mactoc> sorry, Ok
[19:32:24] <chandankumar> next
[19:32:29] <kanika04> only the heading visible even after adding those lines
[19:32:43] <donniezazen> !
[19:32:46] <amit001> kanika04, repeat rst2html step
[19:32:53] <chandankumar> next
[19:32:58] <ace139> kanika04, you need to do rst2html command again
[19:33:08] <kanika04> ok thanks :D
[19:33:10] <donniezazen> Found out about the length of number of =. It should be as long as the test.
[19:33:16] <chandankumar> ok
[19:33:25] <donniezazen> text <eof>
[19:33:29] <chandankumar> now we are going to learn how to comments  in rst.
[19:33:45] <chandankumar> we use double dots to write comment.
[19:34:20] <chandankumar> .. this is a comment.
[19:34:25] <chandankumar> Try this
[19:35:01] <chandankumar> when you check the output in html, nothing is visible.
[19:35:25] <chandankumar> done?
[19:35:29] <donniezazen> done.
[19:35:34] <chandankumar> good
[19:35:40] <lixxz> not working
[19:35:45] <acetakwas> how many dots?
[19:35:52] <chandankumar> only two dots
[19:35:55] <sayan> Mactoc, the difference between "-" and "=" is that one is used for title and the other for subtitle
[19:36:05] <ace139> !
[19:36:08] <bnprk> 19:14 ka jitna logs hai sab bhejo
[19:36:18] <amit001> lixxz, ..<space> text
[19:36:44] <Mactoc> sayan: Thanks
[19:36:45] <Mactoc> !
[19:36:54] <chandankumar> next
[19:37:07] <ace139> do I need to ask space after the double dots ?
[19:37:14] <chandankumar> yes
[19:37:17] <ace139> *add
[19:37:22] <ace139> <eof>
[19:37:26] <chandankumar> next
[19:37:26] <lixxz> !
[19:37:39] <Mactoc> I got an error,"test.rst:6: (WARNING/2) Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent."
[19:37:52] <yogeshwar> ace139,it won't matter
[19:38:03] <chandankumar> Mactoc, you have given an extra space
[19:38:06] <raghib> could anyone send the log from 19: 23 till 19:35 my connection was reset
[19:38:19] <ramsan> sayan, i tried ' - ' it works as a subtitle. Thanks
[19:38:21] <acetakwas> yogeshwar, it does
[19:38:24] <ace139> yogeshwar, it matters, if you dont adda space then it will not become a comment
[19:38:34] <sayan> raghib, will be shared at the end
[19:38:38] <yogeshwar> yes,my mistake
[19:38:42] <Amalesh_> !
[19:38:46] <ace139> yogeshwar, it will be displayed as a text in the html file.
[19:38:52] <chandankumar> ..
[19:38:52] <chandankumar>    _so: is this!
[19:38:55] <chandankumar> try this
[19:39:03] <chandankumar> ..
[19:39:03] <chandankumar>    this:: too!
[19:39:09] <Mactoc> Thanks, Got it, I didn't leave blank line for paragraph
[19:39:30] <kanika04> !
[19:39:32] <chandankumar> So you learned how to write comments in rst.
[19:39:34] <chandankumar> next
[19:39:41] <donniezazen> !
[19:39:49] <lixxz> it's still showing as text
[19:39:56] <Amalesh_> Sayan, how to get a comment on a new line?
[19:40:17] <chandankumar> lixxz, what thing?
[19:40:46] <lixxz> comments
[19:40:53] <lixxz> i wrote it on last line
[19:40:57] <lixxz> .. <text>
[19:41:01] <chandankumar> lixxz, check the rst file, you have done something wrong.
[19:41:12] <chandankumar> Have you give a blank line above it?
[19:41:15] <ace139> chandankumar,  _so: is this! and this:: too ! ???
[19:41:21] <lixxz> no
[19:41:24] <chandankumar> then
[19:41:34] <chandankumar> after every statement give a blank line
[19:41:38] <lixxz> done
[19:41:41] <lixxz> my mistake
[19:41:43] <chandankumar> ace139, yes
[19:41:49] <Mactoc> chandankumar: Sorry, I will have to leave , Can I?
[19:41:53] <chandankumar> ace139, these are comments also.
[19:41:53] <ace139> chandankumar, what is that ?
[19:42:00] <chandankumar> Mactoc, yes
[19:42:01] <sayan> Mactoc, yes, check the logs later :)
[19:42:13] <Mactoc> sayan, chandankumar : Thanks :)
[19:42:21] chiral_ is now known as sivteck
[19:42:33] <chandankumar> Now we are going to learn display section titles in rst.
[19:42:35] <sayan> Amalesh_, .. hello
[19:42:37] <ace139> chandankumar, they are not shown as comments. they are shown as texts.
[19:42:54] <chandankumar> give blank line after each comment
[19:42:58] <Amalesh_> Sayan , how to get comment on a new line?
[19:43:39] <donniezazen> !
[19:43:42] <sayan> Amalesh_, yes, in a new line write (two dots)(space)(text)
[19:43:52] <sayan> Amalesh_, for example .. hello
[19:44:00] <sayan> next
[19:44:05] <sayan> next
[19:44:31] <kanika04> i am getting the comment in the same line.
[19:44:37] <kanika04> and not in the next line
[19:44:42] <kanika04> why so ?
[19:45:14] <ace139> !
[19:45:19] <chandankumar> kanika04, http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116659/15274140
[19:45:24] <chandankumar> kanika04, check this
[19:45:32] <chandankumar> kanika04, How have i added the comments
[19:46:01] <kanika04> okay.
[19:46:04] <chandankumar> next
[19:46:11] <chandankumar> next
[19:46:14] <kanika04> so we have to leave these many lines after the paragraph ?
[19:46:18] <donniezazen> Are these comments only visible when viewing the rst file and not the output?
[19:46:31] <ace139> the comment command is visible in the html
[19:46:49] <chandankumar> The comments are visible in the rst file only.
[19:46:59] <chandankumar> not in html output file.
[19:47:06] <lixxz> kanika04, minimum one line
[19:47:22] <ace139> chandankumar, but it is showning, what was wrong ?
[19:47:23] <chandankumar> We write comments to tell someone in a file that what is going there.
[19:47:27] <lixxz> and max depends on you
[19:47:32] <titli> !
[19:47:40] <acetakwas> ace139, debug!
[19:47:45] <chandankumar> ace139, share your rst file with friends
[19:47:55] <ace139> chandankumar, ok
[19:48:05] <chandankumar> nect
[19:48:08] <chandankumar> *next
[19:48:09] <acetakwas> ace139, or share a screenshot
[19:48:11] <sayan> next
[19:48:17] <chandankumar> next
[19:48:40] <titli> test.rst:18: (ERROR/3) Unexpected indentation.
[19:48:40] <titli> test.rst:19: (WARNING/2) Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
[19:48:49] <titli> I am getting this error.
[19:48:53] <lixxz> !
[19:48:57] <chandankumar> titli, use pastebin
[19:49:05] <chandankumar> titli, check line no: 18
[19:49:17] <chandankumar> there indentation is not needed.
[19:49:29] <sayan> titli, indentation error in line 18, check that you have correct spaces
[19:49:39] <titli> ok
[19:49:40] <chandankumar> next
[19:49:42] <lixxz> after adding one comment we can add consecutive comments without giving one line space,right?
[19:49:55] <chandankumar> lixxz, try
[19:50:02] <lixxz> tried :P
[19:50:09] <chandankumar> lixxz, :)
[19:50:19] <chandankumar> next
[19:50:24] <chandankumar> moving ahead
[19:50:46] <chandankumar> Now we are going to add section titles in rst
[19:51:14] <chandankumar> Section Title
[19:51:14] <chandankumar> =============
[19:51:27] <chandankumar> Try this in your file and check the output
[19:51:47] <chandankumar> you can also use - ` : . ' " ~ ^ _ * + #
[19:51:54] <chandankumar> for creating sections
[19:52:09] <chandankumar> That sayan was telling earlier.
[19:52:15] <chandankumar> when done tell me?
[19:52:24] <acetakwas> done
[19:52:48] <titli> done
[19:52:49] <Prash_5421> Done
[19:52:52] <chandankumar> good
[19:53:01] <lixxz> !
[19:53:04] <chandankumar> next
[19:53:15] <lixxz> i can't give even one blank space in section title?
[19:53:22] <donniezazen> done
[19:53:37] <lixxz> it's showing error
[19:53:40] <donniezazen> Size vary with - ` : . ' " ~ ^ _ * + #
[19:53:41] <chandankumar> try to give a blank space after each statement.
[19:53:45] <chandankumar> yes
[19:53:58] <chandankumar> it depends on the subsections.
[19:54:04] <lixxz> i mean while writing "Section Title"
[19:54:16] <lixxz> i gave one blank space
[19:54:21] <sayan> lixxz, yes you can give
[19:54:22] <lixxz> and it showed error
[19:54:32] <chandankumar> lixxz, error please
[19:54:41] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: need to leave ,  can i ?? i will go through the logs :)
[19:54:43] <lixxz> Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected uninden
[19:54:43] <sayan> lixxz, but don't give space while using the "-"
[19:55:06] <chandankumar> iamviknesh, ok
[19:55:08] <lixxz> System Message: WARNING/2 (test.rst, line 14)
[19:55:09] <lixxz> Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
[19:55:11] <lixxz> System Message: ERROR/3 (test.rst, line 14)
[19:55:12] <lixxz> Document may not end with a transition.
[19:55:18] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: Thanks :)
[19:55:32] <titli> !
[19:55:41] <chandankumar> lixxz, check line no:14
[19:56:05] <lixxz> chandankumar, now i removed that blank space before "Section Title" it stopped showing error
[19:56:42] <chandankumar> lixxz, http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116664/04915989
[19:57:10] <chandankumar> lixxz, ok
[19:57:13] <sayan> lixxz, you cannot give space before the title
[19:57:23] <lixxz> okay that is what i was asking :D
[19:57:32] <chandankumar> next
[19:57:35] <titli> we could have done these, using html only . So we are using rST as its easier or there's something else?
[19:57:54] <chandankumar> titli, there are many other things
[19:57:59] <sayan> titli, you guessed the correct reason :)
[19:58:20] <lixxz> titli, check the source code :P
[19:58:25] <titli> chandankumar, sayan, ok :), hope we will get to them soon.
[19:58:28] <sayan> titli, it's easier but you can plug more things to it, those are advanced stuffs
[19:58:40] <chandankumar> next
[19:58:47] <titli> lixxz, that's why i told 'easier'.
[19:58:56] <chandankumar> Now we are moving to display list in rst.
[19:59:05] <lixxz> titli, yea i was just saying
[19:59:19] <chandankumar> there are two types of list
[19:59:20] <titli> :), let chandankumar finish.
[19:59:38] <chandankumar> one is ordered and another is bullet list
[19:59:46] <chandankumar> Let first bullet list
[20:00:27] <chandankumar> A text block which begins with a "*", "+", "-", "•", "‣", or "⁃", followed by whitespace, is a bullet list
[20:00:30] <chandankumar> like
[20:00:36] <chandankumar> * Cat
[20:00:40] <chandankumar> * Dog
[20:00:43] <chandankumar> *Rat
[20:00:50] <acetakwas> lixxz, +1 for source code hint
[20:00:52] <chandankumar> * * Rat
[20:01:13] <chandankumar> add these items in your rst file and check the output
[20:01:26] <lixxz> acetakwas, :)
[20:01:39] <chandankumar> you will find a bullet list
[20:02:04] <chandankumar> you are free to create your won list
[20:02:09] <chandankumar> *own
[20:02:13] <chandankumar> anyone tried?
[20:02:19] <ace139> yes
[20:02:22] <lixxz> done
[20:02:26] <donniezazen> done
[20:02:30] <chandankumar> now make it ordered
[20:02:32] <humpty> chandankumar, can i get the links of those packages that need to be downloaded?
[20:02:38] <yeshi> yes
[20:02:48] <chandankumar> 1. cat
[20:02:54] <chandankumar> 2. Dog
[20:02:59] <chandankumar> 3. Rat
[20:03:01] <ace139> chandankumar, giving warning : Bullet link ends witout a blank line
[20:03:20] <chandankumar> ace139, fix it.
[20:03:35] <titli> done.
[20:03:39] <chandankumar> ace139, try to correct your spelling mistakes also.
[20:03:40] <donniezazen> humpty: python-docutils python-sphinx
[20:03:57] <chandankumar> We can also create a ordered list this way
[20:04:00] <chandankumar> 1. Cat
[20:04:05] <lixxz> chandankumar, but here we have to impicity write 1. , 2. so on
[20:04:05] <chandankumar> #. Dog
[20:04:12] <titli> * * gives a bullet!
[20:04:16] <chandankumar> #. Rat
[20:04:52] <chandankumar> To get auto-enumeration, one can use #.
[20:05:07] <chandankumar> Please follow rules to ask question
[20:05:17] <sayan> *everybody, read your errors and try to solve them. that's one thing programmer should be good at*
[20:05:21] <lixxz> chandankumar, sorry
[20:05:45] <humpty> donniezazen, is there any link for it or typing on google will do?
[20:05:53] <titli> chandankumar, sorry.
[20:06:08] <chandankumar> is it working?
[20:06:13] <lixxz> chandankumar, yes
[20:06:17] <titli> yes.
[20:06:37] <chandankumar> Now we can move to definition list
[20:07:07] <donniezazen> humpty: If you are on Fedora write the command in terminal     sudo yum install python-docutils python-sphinx
[20:07:07] <sayan> humpty, chandankumar sent a mail to mailing list yesterday
[20:07:19] <chandankumar> Definition list == term + optional classifiers + definition
[20:07:49] <chandankumar> We are now to learn how to write definition of a term.
[20:08:08] <chandankumar> can we move ahead?
[20:08:15] <yogeshwar> yes
[20:08:20] <yeshi> done
[20:08:20] <donniezazen> Please
[20:08:24] <chandankumar> ok
[20:08:39] <chandankumar> term is a simple word or a phrase
[20:09:05] <chandankumar> Optional classifiers may follow the term on the same line, each after an inline " : " (space, colon, space).
[20:09:20] <chandankumar>  A definition is a block indented relative to the term
[20:09:59] <chandankumar> for example
[20:10:12] <chandankumar> term 1
[20:10:13] <chandankumar>     Definition 1.
[20:10:29] <chandankumar> try this in your rst file
[20:10:57] <chandankumar> python : programming language
[20:11:23] <chandankumar>     It is very easy to learn
[20:11:29] <chandankumar> try this and check the output
[20:11:32] <chandankumar> so here
[20:11:38] <chandankumar> python is a 'term'
[20:12:05] <chandankumar> here what is classifier?
[20:12:13] <chandankumar> can someone answer^^
[20:12:17] <acetakwas> :
[20:12:21] <donniezazen> :
[20:12:24] <ace139> :
[20:12:25] <titli> :
[20:12:26] <chandankumar> nope
[20:12:32] <titli> -- !
[20:12:39] <chandankumar> classifier starts after :.
[20:13:00] <chandankumar> programming language is a classifier.
[20:13:12] <chandankumar> got that?
[20:13:35] <lixxz> !
[20:13:38] <titli> !
[20:13:39] <chandankumar> next
[20:13:44] <lixxz> classifier will always appear in italic?
[20:13:49] <chandankumar> yes
[20:13:54] <lixxz> okay
[20:13:56] <titli> so where is the definition?
[20:14:00] <chandankumar> next
[20:14:15] <titli> then which is the definition?
[20:14:21] <chandankumar> titli, it is very easy to learn is definition
[20:14:41] <chandankumar> i have just taken an example
[20:14:47] <chandankumar> you can make your own
[20:15:02] <chandankumar> after the class we are going to give some task on rst.
[20:15:11] <chandankumar> titli, ok?
[20:15:16] <mnw94> !
[20:15:21] <acetakwas> does not work
[20:15:26] <titli> chandankumar, ok.
[20:15:32] <chandankumar> next
[20:15:36] <mnw94> http://pastebin.com/cyA14thJ
[20:15:43] <mnw94> is this what i am supposed to get ?
[20:15:57] <chandankumar> yes
[20:16:12] <mnw94> Thans, just wanted to confirm
[20:16:16] <chandankumar> in the second line, give four spaces, then type the definition
[20:16:19] <humpty> sayan, thanks got them, but i think i am far behind today and won't be able to catch up. so upload the logs after the session ends.
[20:16:36] <chandankumar> acetakwas, there is a way to ask question
[20:16:44] <chandankumar> please follow it.
[20:17:03] <acetakwas> I'm sorry
[20:17:21] <chandankumar> Do we you know we can add a code in rst using ::
[20:17:29] <chandankumar> let me give you a sample
[20:20:14] <chandankumar> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116681/04917373
[20:20:16] <chandankumar> try this
[20:20:59] <lixxz> done
[20:21:27] <DhritiShikhar_> !
[20:21:39] <chandankumar> next
[20:21:55] <mnw94> it works :D
[20:21:56] <DhritiShikhar_> can i leave? I will follow the log.
[20:22:01] <chandankumar> ok
[20:22:03] <chandankumar> next
[20:22:09] <m4_15> can i leave?
[20:22:14] <chandankumar> does everyone done?
[20:22:21] <Amalesh_> done
[20:22:25] <chandankumar> Now we are going give the home task.
[20:22:34] <titli> done.
[20:23:04] <chandankumar> Home Task:
[20:23:20] <chandankumar> Write about yourself using rst
[20:23:44] <chandankumar> using this pad
[20:23:51] <chandankumar> http://rst.ninjs.org/
[20:24:02] <chandankumar> and after doing this
[20:24:07] <chandankumar> and save the link
[20:24:22] <chandankumar> and mail to the link to me so that i can check.
[20:24:41] <chandankumar> and try rest of the rst format from this doc
[20:24:48] <chandankumar> http://dgplug.org/irclogs/2012/rst-primer/
[20:24:50] <titli> ok.
[20:24:50] <chandankumar> got that?
[20:25:12] <mnw94> Ok,
[20:25:12] <ace139> chandankumar, yes
[20:25:22] <m4_15> ok
[20:25:56] <Poornima> yes
[20:25:59] <donniezazen> Yep.
[20:26:08] <sivteck> yess
[20:26:09] <acetakwas> okay
[20:26:13] <chandankumar> any questions?
[20:26:46] <donniezazen> Email it to you and not the dgplug list. Is that correct?
[20:26:56] <chandankumar> donniezazen, donot mail tehre
[20:27:00] <chandankumar> *there
[20:27:07] <chandankumar> put your link here
[20:27:09] <chandankumar> http://piratepad.net/G0lsJ7uNCJ
[20:27:14] <chandankumar> in this pad
[20:27:18] <chandankumar> against your name
[20:27:19] <sayan> chandankumar, +1
[20:27:56] <chandankumar> please put your link there when you are done.
[20:28:13] <chandankumar> use all the things that you have learnt in rst.
[20:28:27] <chandankumar> i would like to see : your name
[20:28:31] <chandankumar> what you do.
[20:28:37] <chandankumar> What have you learnt.
[20:28:52] <chandankumar> Something about yourself.
[20:28:57] <titli> chandankumar, ok. :)
[20:29:10] <chandankumar> i think we can end the class now
[20:29:14] <chandankumar> rollcall please
[20:29:20] <titli> Titli Das
[20:29:21] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[20:29:22] <donniezazen> Sudhir Khanger
[20:29:26] <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
[20:29:27] <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
[20:29:28] <ace139> Soumyo Dey
[20:29:28] <Poornima> Poornima
[20:29:29] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[20:29:29] <Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
[20:29:29] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[20:29:30] <lixxz> Yashart
[20:29:30] <harsha> Harsha
[20:29:33] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[20:29:34] <m4_15> Mahendra Yadav
[20:29:35] <kanika04> kanika narang
[20:29:36] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[20:29:41] <Amalesh_> Aswin Kumar
[20:29:45] <azharh> Azhar Hussain
[20:29:58] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[20:30:40] <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
[20:31:18] <chandankumar> everybody please read this link: http://dgplug.org/irclogs/2012/rst-primer/
[20:31:19] <sayan> can everybody give your feedback about the class we took
[20:31:35] <chandankumar> <--- CLASS Ended---->
[20:31:44] <sayan> endclass
[20:31:44] [## Class Ended at Wed Jul  9 20:31:44 2014 ##]

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Well,the reason why I am saying this is because  Canonical Group Limited(Canonical) is not just spying on Ubuntu user’s data ,rather selling it also to big corporate companies like facebook,amazon and many other third parties.

How it do so?

You must have used Ubuntu’s DASH Search feature,so whenever you type something it sends this information to third parties.


Simply go to dash and see legal terms,it is very clearly stated in the third paragraph.

See it for yourself here only:

Screenshot from 2014-07-09 02:21:27

Canonical’s Excuse:

We are doing so to provide better services and convenience to the user.

Well, this is what Richard Stallman has to say:

So,what should we do as a community?

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July 8, 2014 · 9:13 pm

How to delete all lines of file in Vim

Code Yarns 👨‍💻


To delete all the lines of a file that is open in Vim.


  1. Type gg to move the cursor to the first line of the file, if it is not already there.
  2. Type dG to delete all the lines.

Deleting all the lines of a file is not a frequently used operation. So, I need a command that is easy to recall, even though it is not used much. I find dG easy to remember since I frequently use dd to delete a line, and also gg and G, which move the cursor to the first and last line of the file respectively.

Tried with: Vim 7.3

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Filed under FLOSS-Awareness


[18:35:47] [## Class Started at Tue Jul  8 18:35:47 2014 ##]
[18:35:47] <sayan> startclass
[18:37:17] <chandankumar> sayan, hello
[18:37:18] <EatSleepCode> has the session started?
[18:37:26] <acetakwas> chandankumar, it's time
[18:37:38] <sayan> chandankumar, hello, starting the session?
[18:37:43] <chandankumar> sayan, yes
[18:37:54] <chandankumar> <-----CLASS START----->
[18:38:04] <chandankumar> Respond the roll call please
[18:38:06] <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
[18:38:07] <binay> Binay Pareek
[18:38:08] <Poornima> Poornima Kshirsagar
[18:38:09] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[18:38:10] <deepu_tp> Deepu
[18:38:12] <EatSleepCode> Hemanth S
[18:38:12] <jaba> Athira S
[18:38:14] <unkown21> Yasharth
[18:38:15] <zhean1874> hean zhu
[18:38:17] <dev212> Dhanya N
[18:38:20] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[18:38:21] <DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
[18:38:21] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[18:38:21] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[18:38:24] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[18:38:26] <iamviknesh> Vikneshwar
[18:38:28] azharh_ is now known as azharh
[18:38:30] <annesha_> Annesha Chowdhury
[18:38:31] <stguin> Satam Guin
[18:38:33] <vk> vishwamitra kala
[18:38:36] <sj13> Shubheksha
[18:38:42] <nithinr> nithin
[18:38:47] <surabhi> Surabhi
[18:38:50] <Prash_542__> Prashant Surya
[18:38:53] <harsha> Harsha
[18:38:56] Orcus is now known as Guest81752
[18:38:59] <bnprk> Binay Pareek
[18:39:04] <azharh> Azhar Hussain
[18:39:07] <senju> vikash patil
[18:39:10] <silentSae> Amir
[18:39:18] <shilpi> shilpi shukla
[18:39:31] <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
[18:39:51] <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar Dan Charan
[18:40:44] <chandankumar> anyone left for rollcall?
[18:40:55] <amittima> Amit kumar
[18:40:55] Anupkumar is now known as ghostreaper
[18:40:58] <kanika04> kanika narang
[18:41:00] <CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
[18:41:12] <Jupiter_> Amrutha
[18:41:12] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[18:41:22] <ghostreaper> Anup
[18:42:06] <chandankumar> Today we are going to take questions after the session.
[18:42:20] <acetakwas> okay
[18:42:52] <chandankumar> In today's class i am going to tell about How have i started to open Source and reached Red Hat.
[18:43:03] <chandankumar> Let me introduce myself first.
[18:43:44] <chandankumar> I am chandan kumar, currently working as a Associate Software Engineer in Red Hat, Pune (India).
[18:43:55] <thejamen> Thejazeto
[18:44:12] <chandankumar> I currently work on cloud images and Cinder component of OpenStack.
[18:44:51] <chandankumar> My journey to Open Source had started from January 2012.
[18:44:55] <chandankumar> *2010
[18:45:16] vivek- is now known as Guest31907
[18:45:32] <chandankumar> I was in 2nd year with sayan in Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering college, Durgapur.
[18:46:24] <chandankumar> i had met Kushal Das in the python workshop which was organized in my college tech fest.
[18:47:00] <chandankumar> I first installed fedora 13 those days.
[18:47:26] <chandankumar> using fedora that time, from my side seems to be difficult for me.
[18:47:35] <chandankumar> Many things break while using it.
[18:47:54] <chandankumar> Some of you people may face these issues right now.
[18:48:14] <chandankumar> But while fixing breaked things , help me to learn new things
[18:48:40] <chandankumar> When the same problem comes to my friend's box , then goes to fix it.
[18:48:43] <siddharth185> Siddharth Kulshrestha
[18:49:11] <chandankumar> My Inspiration word to start contributing in Open Source is that
[18:49:29] <chandankumar> When you a single line of code in any open source project,
[18:49:59] <chandankumar> you will get your name listed in the contributor list of the Open Source project.
[18:50:27] <chandankumar> i have also gone through dgplug training in 2011, learned lots of things.
[18:50:48] <chandankumar> But those days , my understanding to programming was very low.
[18:51:23] <chandankumar> I went to Mukti an open source conference held in Nit Durgapur ,every year.
[18:51:48] <chandankumar> There i met lots of open source people working on different things.
[18:52:25] <chandankumar> There i came to know lots of people are working in open source, they are too much enthusiast.
[18:52:38] <chandankumar> They are always taking about new people.
[18:53:04] <chandankumar> In the conf, i met rtnpro, Rahul sundram, Shrink and many other people.
[18:53:47] <chandankumar> Kushal told me we can start contributing to Open Source not from programming but from other ways.
[18:54:04] <chandankumar> Like
[18:54:09] <acetakwas> interesting
[18:54:41] <chandankumar> you can write documentation for the project, make it available in other languages so that it can reach to different corners of the world
[18:54:50] <chandankumar> designing,
[18:54:55] <chandankumar> marketing
[18:55:02] <chandankumar> using the software,
[18:55:13] <chandankumar> testing the software on every new release,
[18:55:15] <acetakwas> 'beta testing'?
[18:55:20] <chandankumar> acetakwas, yes
[18:55:36] <chandankumar> Filing bugs when something goes wrong
[18:56:03] <chandankumar> staying on irc and watching the conversation and suddenly a question come up, and the answer you know
[18:56:09] <chandankumar> and you replied to that
[18:56:24] <chandankumar> that is also a part of contribution
[18:56:33] <chandankumar> That time my mother tongue was strong
[18:56:47] <chandankumar> so i have started with localization of Transifex.
[18:57:04] <chandankumar> under the guidance of rtnpro and Rajesh ranjan
[18:57:55] <chandankumar> there after by doing localization, i got to know that how system works and how strings are extracted from the source code,
[18:58:11] <chandankumar> how internalization is used in software development.
[18:58:23] <amit001> !
[18:58:37] <Poornima> !
[18:58:48] <chandankumar> amit001, note down the question some where
[18:58:57] <chandankumar> we will take question after the session
[18:59:38] <chandankumar> In the january 2012, i think, my name got listed in the Videolan media player
[19:00:05] <chandankumar> you can see my name in VLC media player version 2.0 (two flower),
[19:00:24] <chandankumar> go to help-> about-
[19:00:30] <chandankumar> -> authors.
[19:00:42] <chandankumar> you can see my name there
[19:00:47] <chandankumar> chandan kumar - hindi
[19:01:10] <chandankumar> That my first public achievement in Open Source.
[19:01:37] <chandankumar> http://www.videolan.org/developers/i18n/
[19:01:56] <chandankumar> People gets to know by my achievement.
[19:02:10] <chandankumar> This name by doing just localization of vlc media player
[19:02:14] <chandankumar> That's cool na?
[19:02:29] <yogeshwar> yes
[19:02:35] <binay> yes
[19:02:35] <chandankumar> Right now i am coordinating 20 different projects
[19:02:37] <silentSae> very cool!
[19:03:05] <chandankumar> Like Fedora, Gnome, Skype, videolan, openstack, Mate, joomla, Phpbb
[19:03:13] <chandankumar> Mozilla and many more.
[19:03:36] <chandankumar> While localization, i have slowly started contributing to code in Gnome project
[19:03:45] <chandankumar> and started learning new things
[19:04:06] <chandankumar> When i used to translation my friends used to tell me that
[19:04:14] <chandankumar> you are wasting your time
[19:04:36] <chandankumar> But i remember one favorite quote of Opon Source
[19:05:13] <chandankumar> First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you.Then you win.
[19:05:24] <chandankumar> This inspires me a lot.
[19:05:36] <CuriousLearner> awesome chandankumar
[19:05:54] <chandankumar> i and sayan in my college days we used to conduct dgplug weekly meeting
[19:06:09] <chandankumar> We taught them what we used to learn
[19:06:39] <chandankumar> Through open source we met lots of people in durgapur region, Like samikshan tirtha many more
[19:06:55] <chandankumar> they are doing cool and awesome stuffs in kde,
[19:07:10] <chandankumar> I went to pycon india 2013 in september
[19:07:21] <chandankumar> where i met  lots of people
[19:07:32] <chandankumar> whom i usually talks to them on irc
[19:07:57] <chandankumar> it feels great when you met a person whom just you used to talk on irc,
[19:08:26] <chandankumar> In the march 2013, i have applied to Gsoc project under kde and
[19:08:52] <chandankumar> got selected due to my previous contribution in i18n
[19:09:05] <chandankumar> I have also added a language to the desktop
[19:09:10] <chandankumar> that is magahi
[19:09:29] <chandankumar> when you install a Operating system
[19:09:47] <chandankumar> the first thing installer ask from you to choose language
[19:09:56] <chandankumar> which is added by glibc
[19:10:13] <chandankumar> there magahi appears
[19:10:29] <chandankumar> One more thing i want to say
[19:10:47] <chandankumar> my friend when they introduce me to other people they tell hime
[19:10:50] <chandankumar> *him
[19:11:04] <chandankumar> do you know his name appears in different projects.
[19:11:22] <chandankumar> It's make me proud that time
[19:11:55] <chandankumar> in june, i have got an intern in Redhat and after 6 month, i am an employee of Red Hat.
[19:12:15] <chandankumar> while my intern , i was working on cloud images,
[19:12:40] <chandankumar> the iso which are installed in Amazon cloud services to run the servers or your apps
[19:13:00] <chandankumar> That time, i got introduced myself to Open Source
[19:13:14] <chandankumar> cloud computing project "OpenStack"
[19:13:38] <chandankumar> I have got a problem that time in openstack
[19:14:16] <chandankumar> a virtual machine running in cloud does not get the public ip and hence it is unable to access from outside world.
[19:14:41] <chandankumar> I has started installing havana release of OpenStack.
[19:14:48] <chandankumar> But things are not working
[19:15:03] <chandankumar> i used to stay in various irc channels of openstack
[19:15:36] <chandankumar> but during the process of installation of openstack several times things are same
[19:15:48] <chandankumar> And Icehouse release of Openstack is coming
[19:16:11] <chandankumar> I have got the developer documentation of Openstack installation guide
[19:16:28] <chandankumar> and i started following the steps given there
[19:17:21] <chandankumar> In the docs, i found a step wrong there
[19:17:33] <chandankumar> i talked to the upstream developer,
[19:17:47] <chandankumar> can you fix it
[19:17:51] <chandankumar> i told yes
[19:18:07] <chandankumar> they told me the steps how to contribute to OpenStack
[19:18:15] <chandankumar> From there i learnt gerrit
[19:18:31] <chandankumar> and filed a bug against the wrong step
[19:18:38] <chandankumar> and send a patch for the review
[19:19:39] <chandankumar> "First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you.Then you win.
[19:19:47] <chandankumar> sorry
[19:19:48] <chandankumar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/54692/
[19:19:54] <chandankumar> This was my first patch
[19:19:58] <chandankumar> to openstack
[19:20:10] <chandankumar> after that i have sent several patches to openstack
[19:20:21] <chandankumar> and i am one of the contributor of openstack
[19:20:44] <chandankumar> people just pinged me and told me that you have contributed to openstack
[19:20:55] <chandankumar> i saw your name in ice house release.
[19:21:03] <chandankumar> That is more cool.
[19:21:56] <chandankumar> After that by seeing my contribution in Openstack, as a job part and open source contribution, i feels proud and interesting to work in openStack
[19:22:09] <chandankumar> From here when i look back,
[19:22:16] <chandankumar> i found one thing.
[19:22:38] <chandankumar> if you have committed something to do , just do it.
[19:22:43] <chandankumar> it will pay sometimes
[19:23:00] <chandankumar> My open Source contribution helps me to reach here
[19:23:21] <chandankumar> My advice to all of them How can i get started with open Source.
[19:23:43] <chandankumar> Pick a project which you generally use
[19:23:46] <chandankumar> like say python
[19:23:59] <chandankumar> or any other application like Firefox
[19:24:22] <chandankumar> or say fedora
[19:24:41] <chandankumar> before starting contributing
[19:24:45] <chandankumar> step 1.
[19:24:50] <chandankumar> Learn to use it.
[19:25:10] <chandankumar> Step2. Install it and From the user guide learn to use it.
[19:25:19] <chandankumar> Incase of  a project
[19:25:32] <chandankumar> each project a wiki developer documentation
[19:25:34] <chandankumar> go there
[19:25:42] <chandankumar> search for the code of project
[19:25:53] <chandankumar> fork it or download it
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> install it and start reading the developer doc
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> and learn touse it.
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> If you find something work, feel free to report it.
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> Now came to contribution:
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> Each projects has a site named Bug.something.com or bugzilla.something.com or it has github issues
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> There are lots of bugs
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> and each bug has a tag for new comers
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> like easyfix in fedora, lwo hanging fruits in openstack
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> junior jobs in kde
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> gnome-love in gnome
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> Pick a bug
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> read the bug description carefully
[19:29:08] <chandankumar> When you are in college/school.
[19:29:16] <chandankumar> the answers of many questions lies in the questions itself.
[19:29:34] <chandankumar> so bug description tells how this problem occurs
[19:29:38] <chandankumar> try to reproduce it
[19:29:47] <chandankumar> and after reproducing
[19:30:13] <chandankumar> there are some keywords like "some button name " where error has occured
[19:30:18] <chandankumar> try to grep it
[19:30:35] <chandankumar> use print statement there
[19:31:01] <chandankumar> check the value of class/method/variable/any attirbutes causing error
[19:31:08] <chandankumar> or use debugger
[19:31:16] <chandankumar> like pdb or gdb
[19:31:25] <chandankumar> change the value
[19:31:42] <chandankumar> and you will get what is going wrong tere
[19:31:45] <chandankumar> *there
[19:32:01] <chandankumar> make changes and fix it and test it and send a patch to the project
[19:32:10] <chandankumar> and hence after review it gets merged
[19:32:24] <chandankumar> and you are the contributor of that project.
[19:32:44] <chandankumar> Now I hope this will help to start contributing in open Source
[19:33:00] <chandankumar> Now Please i am ready to take your questions.
[19:33:00] <acetakwas> Yes. Massively as well!
[19:33:03] <chandankumar> shoot now.
[19:33:17] <acetakwas> "First they ignore you.Then they laugh at you.Then they fight you.Then you win." I like that
[19:33:17] <RakRock__> !
[19:33:18] <Poornima> chandankumar, how to write a patch
[19:33:19] <acetakwas> !
[19:33:26] <annesha_> Awesome!
[19:33:27] <chandankumar> next
[19:33:27] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:33:30] <CuriousLearner> !
[19:33:34] <zhean1874> !
[19:33:37] <Jupiter_> That was a great session
[19:33:43] <chandankumar> Poornima, wait for the turn.
[19:33:52] <Poornima> !
[19:33:55] <acetakwas> rememember the rules guys; your exclamation marks please
[19:33:56] <Poornima> :-)
[19:34:06] <binay> !
[19:34:15] <chandankumar> siddharth185, please ask your question.
[19:34:26] <titli> chandankumar, thanks it was awesome. :)
[19:34:34] <chandankumar> next
[19:34:34] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:34:40] <chandankumar> next
[19:34:40] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:34:46] <chandankumar> next
[19:34:46] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:35:08] <chandankumar> i think batul is sick.
[19:35:16] <umeshs> lol.whats Happening??
[19:35:32] <amit001> yeah, it needs a patch :)
[19:35:34] <chandankumar> RakRock__, please ask your question
[19:35:35] <EatSleepCode> Looks like batul needs a patch :P
[19:35:40] <sayan_> next
[19:35:42] <chandankumar> amit001, EatSleepCode :)
[19:35:46] <RakRock__> That was a superb session. Thanks for sharing it with us. My question : How do you choose an opensource project to contribute to ? What factors accorting to you decide on which project to use ?
[19:36:04] <chandankumar> RakRock__, good question
[19:36:07] <Poornima> yup i was wondering i added "!" in between the session and seems that was not catch by batul :)
[19:36:12] <acetakwas> amit001, +1
[19:36:21] <chandankumar> first thing choose which project you like most.
[19:36:21] <acetakwas> batul's got bug(s)
[19:36:34] <stguin> that was awesome
[19:36:40] <chandankumar> for example you are photographer ,
[19:36:47] <chandankumar> you are using shotwell.
[19:36:54] <chandankumar> so choose that one.
[19:37:03] <amit001> in which language do you code in ?
[19:37:06] <amit001> sorry
[19:37:12] <chandankumar> it will help to explore more and add new features .
[19:37:16] <chandankumar> next is that
[19:37:26] <shrees> !
[19:37:36] <chandankumar> if you have no any favorite project
[19:38:04] <chandankumar> select project based on your language choice.
[19:38:11] <chandankumar> like i know python
[19:38:24] <ruprela> can we get projects on c,c++ ?
[19:38:25] <EatSleepCode> !
[19:38:31] <chandankumar> In fedora community, there are lots of projects which uses python
[19:38:55] <chandankumar> like fedmsg and fedora -infra have lots of python projects
[19:39:04] <chandankumar> if you donot programming
[19:39:12] <chandankumar> *know programming
[19:39:16] <chandankumar> no problem
[19:39:26] <sayan> next
[19:39:26] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:39:29] <humpty> ruprela, yes ofcourse many kde projects are in c++ only
[19:39:34] <chandankumar> may be your mother tongue is strong.
[19:39:40] <stguin> so we have to learn python then we can go to the projects
[19:39:52] <chandankumar> give a try to localization, but not stick to it
[19:40:03] <stguin> c,c++ will not help here
[19:40:15] <chandankumar> In Kde or gnome, there are ample number of projects written in c and C++
[19:40:33] <chandankumar> you use firefox for andriod , it is written in java
[19:40:37] <p0ker> Hi
[19:40:39] <RakRock__> Thanks for that piece of advice Chandankumar.
[19:40:42] <stguin> thanks chandankumar
[19:40:46] <sj13_> Check this out: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Introduction
[19:40:48] <chandankumar> a project is written by using n number of langauge
[19:40:52] <titli> !
[19:40:55] <chandankumar> next
[19:40:55] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:41:15] <chandankumar> sayan, please wake up ekan0ra^
[19:41:22] <sayan> next
[19:41:22] <batul> siddharth185 please ask your question.. siddharth185 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:41:32] <EatSleepCode> chandankumar: you should try clearing queue on batul, maybe He'll get better
[19:41:41] <chandankumar> clearqueue
[19:41:43] <Poornima> I would like to get details on patch how should i start ? googling alot for getting a track
[19:41:48] <chandankumar> cleanqueue
[19:42:11] <chandankumar> Poornima, for patch.
[19:42:18] <titli> chandankumar, , isn't it clearqueue?
[19:42:30] <CuriousLearner> !
[19:42:36] <binay> !
[19:42:38] <amit001> !
[19:42:42] <chandankumar> Poornima, you need to choose a issue for which you want to send the patch
[19:42:48] <sayan> Poornima, have a look at http://sayanchowdhury.dgplug.org/posts/how-to-get-started-with-open-source.html
[19:42:49] <acetakwas> !
[19:42:54] <chandankumar> patch is sent by using version control system
[19:43:04] <chandankumar> like say git mercurial and svn
[19:43:17] <chandankumar> for that you need to learn these things first
[19:43:35] <chandankumar> anyway we are going to cover these things in coming classes
[19:43:38] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[19:43:44] <sayan> next
[19:43:44] <batul> CuriousLearner please ask your question.. binay you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:43:52] <Poornima> chandankumar, sayan thanks for the tips
[19:44:00] <Poornima> :-)
[19:44:12] <acetakwas> yes; looking forward to that
[19:44:18] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[19:44:23] <sayan> next
[19:44:24] <batul> binay please ask your question.. amit001 you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:44:30] <binay> chandankumar, what does it mean "reproducing a bug from description" ?? <eof>
[19:44:36] <Mactoc> !
[19:45:06] <CuriousLearner> I'm unable to understand various terms, like "there after by doing localization, i got to know that how system works and how strings are extracted from the source code," and "how internalization is used in software development." what is internalization here, what are strings, unable to understand.
[19:45:10] <titli> !
[19:45:15] <sayan> every listen to ekan0ra^, batul seems to be ill :)
[19:45:20] <sayan> next
[19:45:20] <batul> amit001 please ask your question.. acetakwas you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:45:28] <chandankumar> binay, wait
[19:45:32] <amit001> what is the importance of college projects, when you contribute to FOSS?
[19:45:38] <chandankumar> masters
[19:45:38] <batul> My current masters are: kushal,sayan,mbuf,rtnpro,chandankumar,praveenkumar,chandan_kumar,Armageddon
[19:46:30] <chandankumar> CuriousLearner, Localization means
[19:46:46] <chandankumar> making the software available in your local language
[19:47:04] <Amalesh> I recently found a link from a mailer in chennailinuxusergroup regarding contribution to mozilla.http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.org.user-groups.linux.ilugc/84868
[19:47:37] <chandankumar> while doing localization, we have to go through the translation files which is save as .po files
[19:47:40] <iamviknesh> binay: this is the bug i am currently working on , see the description there https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1034046
[19:47:44] umeshs is now known as hehe
[19:47:50] <Amalesh> Hope this helps for people who are looking forward to contribut to mozilla
[19:48:02] hehe is now known as Umeshs
[19:48:10] <chandankumar> contains the whole gui terms and user guide documentation of that project
[19:48:21] * EatSleepCode is away: gone for dinner.
[19:48:25] <chandankumar> each sting has a context
[19:48:38] <chandankumar> which tell what a button or an item do.
[19:48:55] <chandankumar> this help me how a n application is actually going to work,
[19:49:21] <chandankumar> Now i came to second part of your question
[19:50:21] <eeshangarg> !
[19:50:26] <CuriousLearner> n application means? chandankumar <eof>
[19:50:42] <chandankumar> In the source code of every project, the items which are added in the string are surrounded by i18n and or some tags.
[19:50:51] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: i have fixed around 14 bugs in mozilla , GSOC is only for students ?, but i am a 2014 passout , is there anyway i could get into GSOC for 2015
[19:51:04] <lixxz> CuriousLearner, by that he meant many applications
[19:51:18] <CuriousLearner> ok
[19:51:37] <chandankumar> those tags are get extracted by gettext module and stored in a file for translation
[19:51:56] <sayan> iamviknesh, can you use ! to ask the question?
[19:52:17] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[19:52:26] <sayan> next
[19:52:26] <batul> acetakwas please ask your question.. Mactoc you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:52:31] <sayan> next
[19:52:32] <batul> Mactoc please ask your question.. titli you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:52:39] <iamviknesh> sayan: k sorry , will do from next time
[19:52:46] <chandankumar> https://l10n.gnome.org/module/po/gdm/po/master/en_AU.po
[19:53:03] <sayan> iamviknesh, the correct spelling is "ok"
[19:53:07] <sayan> next
[19:53:08] <batul> titli please ask your question.. eeshangarg you are next. Get ready with your question.
[19:53:18] <iamviknesh> sayan: ok :(
[19:54:04] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[19:54:13] <binay> chandankumar, what does it mean "reproducing a bug from description" ??
[19:54:44] <titli> How a newbie can select the suitable project?
[19:54:45] <sayan> it's replicating the bug scenario in your system and fixing the bug
[19:54:52] <chandankumar> binay, let us have a look at this bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1034046
[19:55:24] <chandankumar> binay, in the description box, you will find lots of information
[19:55:35] <shrees> !
[19:55:54] <chandankumar> that will tell how this bug is came out from which system and under which circumstances
[19:56:19] <chandankumar> now following the steps in the description and try to reproduce it.
[19:56:30] <chandankumar> That is what i want to say
[19:57:08] <chandankumar> titli, A newbie can start based on the interest first.
[19:57:11] <binay> Thanks a lot chandankumar and sayan.
[19:57:33] <titli> chandankumar, you mean?
[19:57:34] <binay> Thanks iamviknesh.
[19:57:45] <sayan> titli, you select the project based on the language you want to work on
[19:58:03] <sayan> titli, in the starting it is advised to start with minor projects
[19:58:11] <iamviknesh> !
[19:58:18] <yogeshwar> !
[19:58:22] <titli> sayan, hoe to find such ones?
[19:58:26] <sayan> titli, later once you are experienced you can start solving bugs in open source projects
[19:58:27] <titli> *how
[19:59:00] <sayan> titli, think of ideas, day to day need like expense manager, or a chatting software
[19:59:26] <titli> sayan. ok.
[19:59:29] <sayan> titli, after my first dgplug training, i made a software to remove duplicated images for your PC
[19:59:48] <sayan> a script actually :)
[19:59:50] <titli> sayan,:).
[20:00:03] <titli> eager to learn such things from  here.
[20:00:14] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[20:00:16] <Amalesh> http://www.whatcanidoformozilla.org/   , this link is awesome :)
[20:00:17] <sayan> titli, suppose you are interested in Python, you can contribute to Fedora, Mozilla Webdev
[20:00:20] <titli> sayan, a scrip on?
[20:00:20] <amit001> sayan, that script is hosted on github?
[20:00:40] <titli> *script
[20:00:54] <sayan> titli, the script to remove the duplicate images
[20:00:56] <sayan> amit001, https://github.com/sayanchowdhury/chitra
[20:01:00] <humpty> sayan, what do you mean by removing duplicated images from the pc
[20:01:34] <eeshangarg> Was there any homework for today? i was away for some time during the session. <eof>
[20:01:41] <amit001> sayan, duplicate images means, the one with the same name?
[20:02:10] <sayan> humpty, amit001, not same name, i match EXIF details of the image
[20:02:26] <sayan> humpty, image means  the photos clicked by digital camera
[20:02:27] <titli> sayan, u did it with python!
[20:02:42] <sayan> titli, the spelling is "you"
[20:02:48] <sayan> yes i did it in python
[20:02:53] <titli> sayan, I am sorry.
[20:03:06] <sayan> titli, the code is here: https://github.com/sayanchowdhury/chitra
[20:03:07] <sayan> next
[20:03:08] <batul> eeshangarg please ask your question.. shrees you are next. Get ready with your question.
[20:03:12] <sayan> next
[20:03:13] <batul> shrees please ask your question.. iamviknesh you are next. Get ready with your question.
[20:03:24] <shrees> i got my answer
[20:03:28] <humpty> sayan, and we are going to learn doing all this in the next three months =D
[20:03:47] <titli> humpty, its exciting. :)
[20:03:48] shalini1_ is now known as shiminsh
[20:04:16] <humpty> titli, yes it is! :)
[20:04:18] <sayan> next
[20:04:18] <batul> iamviknesh please ask your question.. yogeshwar you are next. Get ready with your question.
[20:04:27] <sayan> next
[20:04:27] <batul> yogeshwar please ask your question.
[20:05:05] <yogeshwar> what should be my minimum level to be able to contribute to some python based project?
[20:05:07] <iamviknesh> handankumar: i have fixed around 14 bugs in mozilla , GSOC is only for students ?, but i am a 2014 passout , is there anyway i could get into GSOC for 2015
[20:05:12] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: ^^
[20:05:20] <sayan> iamviknesh, GSoC are for students
[20:05:30] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, your turn
[20:05:34] <sayan> iamviknesh, you need to be in college while applying
[20:05:35] <yogeshwar> what should be my minimum level to be able to contribute to some python based project?
[20:05:46] <iamviknesh> sayan: oh missed it :(
[20:05:54] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, you just need to know basics of python
[20:06:05] <yogeshwar> i mean sayan's chitra is just 100-120 lines of code
[20:06:16] <chandankumar> and how the system works.
[20:06:18] <yogeshwar> but it's pretty good
[20:06:19] <sayan> iamviknesh, but GSoC should not be the ultimate aim :)
[20:06:34] <sayan> iamviknesh, keep contributing :)
[20:06:35] <yogeshwar> basics means?
[20:06:35] <titli> yogeshwar, +1.
[20:06:54] <yogeshwar> upto what part of official documentation?
[20:07:07] <sayan> yogeshwar, basic knowlege of the language
[20:07:14] <chandankumar> sayan, yes
[20:07:15] <iamviknesh> sayan: yeah sure i will do :)
[20:07:16] <sayan> s/knowlege/knowledge
[20:07:37] <sayan> yogeshwar, i learnt till files before making that project
[20:07:42] <yogeshwar> I meant to say documentation of python 3.0
[20:07:48] <eeshangarg> was there any homework for today? :)
[20:07:57] <sayan> eeshangarg, no
[20:08:04] <chandankumar> i would suggest everybody to understand how your Operating system works.
[20:08:11] <eeshangarg> sayan: thanks
[20:08:26] <amit001> chandankumar, please suggest some links
[20:08:30] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: is there any way i can get internship at redhat , i still haven't got any job :'(
[20:08:36] <chandankumar> because during compilation of program , lots of issues arises from your the Operating system.
[20:08:47] <yogeshwar> sayan,I will try to understand chitra's code
[20:08:53] <yogeshwar> sayan,thanks
[20:09:17] <sayan> yogeshwar, the method i still follow is learn as you code, learn the topics you need
[20:09:23] <chandankumar> and by reading other's people code also helps in learning programming.
[20:09:38] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[20:09:45] <sayan> yogeshwar, i still read python docs almost everyday
[20:09:51] <sayan> next
[20:09:51] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:10:12] <yogeshwar> sayan,okay
[20:10:33] <sayan> next
[20:10:33] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:10:37] <amit001> what is the importance of college projects, when you contribute to FOSS? (for getting a good job)
[20:11:21] <yogeshwar> sayan,I will follow that
[20:11:24] <CuriousLearner> !
[20:11:35] <sayan> amit001, contribution to FOSS plays a vital role in getting placed in a good company
[20:12:20] <sayan> amit001, if you have good contribution you always stand out of the crowd
[20:12:39] <sayan> something meaningful to show to the companies
[20:12:52] <Amalesh> amit001, check out this link in youtube :   www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvwkaHBrDyI    . Richard Stallman explains how to learn programming:)
[20:13:14] <sayan> next
[20:13:14] <batul> CuriousLearner please ask your question.
[20:13:28] <amit001> sayan, thank you
[20:13:44] <CuriousLearner> Does contributing to any FOSS project be considered as a college project?
[20:13:55] <chandankumar> CuriousLearner, yes
[20:14:12] <amit001> Amalesh, thank you but i already know c/c++ and basics of python
[20:14:57] <chandankumar> CuriousLearner, Adding a feature in any open source project can be shown as a college project.
[20:15:04] <Umeshs> quit
[20:15:11] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[20:15:27] <CuriousLearner> ok, thank you chandankumar
[20:15:48] <sayan> CuriousLearner, well that feature need to be a something meaningful and you should have significant amount of code
[20:15:51] <sayan> next
[20:15:52] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:15:57] <sayan> next
[20:15:57] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:16:00] <Mactoc> You mentioned about debugger, pdb or gdb, what is that?
[20:16:21] <chandankumar> Mactoc, these are used to debug the source code of a project
[20:16:52] <sayan> next
[20:16:53] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:17:01] <Mactoc> Ok
[20:17:06] <Mactoc> !
[20:17:17] <sayan> next
[20:17:17] <batul> Mactoc please ask your question.
[20:17:23] <sayan> next
[20:17:23] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:17:44] <sayan> next
[20:17:45] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:17:46] <chandankumar> like using pdb in a python code, you can check the output of each steps in a code and change something there when it wents wrong
[20:17:52] <yogeshwar> no questions,thanks
[20:18:00] <chandankumar> sayan, next
[20:18:01] <sayan> next
[20:18:01] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:18:07] <sayan> next
[20:18:07] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:18:14] <Amalesh> @Amit001  , as you had asked about college projects , I just thought to share a link from youtube  to share the views of President of  Free Software Foundation
[20:18:32] <amit001> Amalesh, ok :)
[20:18:48] <Mactoc> Got it
[20:18:52] <sayan> next
[20:18:52] <batul> No one is in queue.
[20:19:03] <chandankumar> Please give your rollcall.
[20:19:09] <sayan> Seems there is no more questions :)
[20:19:14] <yogeshwar> chandankumar,https://github.com/chandankumar1 : is this your's github handle?
[20:19:15] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[20:19:16] <sayan> s/is/are
[20:19:20] <chandankumar> yes
[20:19:31] <yogeshwar> okay
[20:19:35] <Mactoc> Sreedevi
[20:19:38] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, i have some others also , chkumar246
[20:19:50] <chandankumar> Rollcall please
[20:19:55] <titli> Titli Das
[20:19:58] <sj13_> Shubheksha
[20:20:00] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[20:20:05] <yogeshwar> yes,will see them to learn!
[20:20:07] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[20:20:13] <bidisha> Bidisha Mukherjee
[20:20:19] <annesha_> Annesha Chowdhury
[20:20:23] <surabhi> Surabhi
[20:20:26] <Amalesh> Aswin Kumar
[20:20:28] <amittima> Amit kumar
[20:20:31] <azharh> Azhar Hussain
[20:20:38] <shilpi> shilpi shukla
[20:20:59] <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
[20:21:01] <codaholic> Anjali
[20:21:06] <Poornima> Poornima
[20:21:06] <Umeshs> Umesh Sharnagat
[20:21:28] <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar Dan Charan
[20:21:50] <EatSleepCode> \AWAY
[20:22:18] <chandankumar> <--- Session Ends---->
[20:22:20] <Mactoc> I was late for the session , I missed the first half, Can anyone please provide the logs?
[20:22:21] <acetakwas> Does this mean we have to make IRC a habit even after this training?
[20:22:32] <chandankumar> Thank you all for joining the session
[20:22:35] <vk_> vishwamitra kala
[20:22:41] <acetakwas> chandankumar, ;)
[20:22:41] <sayan> acetakwas, yes
[20:22:48] <CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
[20:22:54] <CuriousLearner> I missed it just sorry.
[20:22:56] <EatSleepCode> Hemanth Shivasubramaniam
[20:22:57] <acetakwas> sayan, thanks
[20:22:58] <chandankumar> i will be sending task for today's class through mailing list.
[20:23:01] <sayan> Mactoc, uploading it in few minutes
[20:23:19] <acetakwas> chandankumar, okay that would be cool
[20:23:24] <Poornima> chandankumar, sayan thanks alot todays session was very innovative much appreciated
[20:23:42] <raghib> raghib
[20:23:51] <sayan> acetakwas, i did my dgplug training in 2010 and since then i sit everyday :)
[20:23:59] <EatSleepCode> chandankumar, Awesome session.Really enjoyed it :)
[20:24:10] <Umeshs> Thanks Chandankumar.. a great class.. doubled the interest in opensource :)
[20:24:11] <Mactoc> chandankumar, sayan, Though I attended the second half, it was nice session :)
[20:24:23] <sayan> endclass
[20:24:23] [## Class Ended at Tue Jul  8 20:24:23 2014 ##]

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<chandan_kumar> Everyone please give your rollcall.
<sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
<bnprk> Binay Pareek
<Poornima> Poornima Kshirsagar
<papiya> Papiya Sen
<Mactoc> Sreedevi
<EatSleepCode> Hemanth S
<codaholic> Anjali
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<jaba> Athira S
<sj13> Shubheksha
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<iamviknesh> Vikneshwar
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<Jupiter_> amrutha
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<amittima> Amit kumar
<DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
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<silentSae> Amir
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<chandankumar> anyone left for the roll call?
<dev212_> Dhanya N
<prajesh> prajesh rawat
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<chandankumar> Does anyone have any questions from the previous Vim Class?
<humpty> ashwani
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<raghib> raghib
<chandankumar> if you have any question, please type ! and wait for your turn.
<humpty> !
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<RakRock> !
<chandankumar> next
<batul> humpty please ask your question.. RakRock you are next. Get ready with your question.
<humpty> :e is to go to the last saved version, but whenever i do this, it says no write since last change <eof>
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<yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
<siddharth185> Siddharth Kulshrestha
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<amit001> Amit Tripathi
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<qfarjad> zQazi Farjad
<qfarjad> Qazi Farjad
<chandankumar> anyone likes to answer humpty question?
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<kanika04> humpty, you have to do :e!
<CuriousLearner> yes chandankumar
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<chandankumar> CuriousLearner, go ahead.
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<CuriousLearner> That’s because you didn’t write anything on your file, so there wasn’t really anything in the buffer that could be saved to your file.
<humpty> kanika04, thanks.
<chandankumar> next
<batul> RakRock please ask your question.
<RakRock_> Say I have two files opened [i.e two different bufferes] Can I use yank to copy 50 lines from one file to another ? <eom>
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<humpty> CuriousLearner, i think you misunderstood my question. I was asking for how to go the last saved version, but now it’s clear.
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<CuriousLearner> oh, my bad. humpty
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<praveenkumar> RakRock_: by default vim don’t support clipboard copy/paste (sys buffer), but there is extra package for it and you can have look to http://maxolasersquad.blogspot.in/2012/01/copy-and-paste-from-system-clipboard.html
<praveenkumar> next
<batul> No one is in queue.
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<RakRock_> Thanks praveenkumar
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<praveenkumar> RakRock_: or http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11489428/how-to-make-vim-paste-from-and-copy-to-systems-clipboard, whatever you understand correctly.
<praveenkumar> next
<batul> No one is in queue.
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<chandankumar> So now have no questions from the previous class.
<chandankumar> I think i can move ahead.
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<chandankumar> Has anyone heard about vimtutor?
<amit001> yes
<mnw94> yes
<CuriousLearner> yes
<sj13> Yes.
<bnprk> yes
<harsha> yes
<iamviknesh> yeah
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<chandankumar> you can check in the terminal whether it is available in your system or not.
<chandankumar> in terminal just type vimtutor
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<RakRock_> command not found
<titli> yes
<acetakwas> Did I miss the roll call?
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<acetakwas> In any case:
<acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
<chandankumar> RakRock_, install it using sudo yum install vimtutor.
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<chandankumar> if you are on fedora.
* leero9 (~androirc@ has joined #dgplug
<shilpi> yes
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<praveenkumar> RakRock_: if you are in fedora then install “vim-enhancement” package which will take care of it.
<praveenkumar> next
<batul> No one is in queue.
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<RakRock_> Sure, I will do that
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<sj13> 123
<chandankumar> you can try all the lessons which you have learned in the previous class.
<chandankumar> vimtutor — http://www2.geog.ucl.ac.uk/~plewis/teaching/unix/vimtutor
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<humpty> CuriousLearner, in last class kushal gave a link and asked to download and save it as vimrc. How to download it?
<chandankumar> you can try learning vim online also.
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<chandankumar> http://www.openvim.com/tutorial.html
<CuriousLearner> humpty, I just saved the file with .vimrc extension
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<chandankumar> Everyone please go through this presentation http://walking-without-crutches.heroku.com/#1
<chandankumar> this will help How Vim is more popular and productive
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<chandankumar> *help to understand
<chandankumar> Does anyone knows about cheat-sheet?
<titli> nop.
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<humpty> CuriousLearner, thanks.
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<amit001> yup
<chandankumar> What is it?
<acetakwas> logout
<kanika04> no
<iamviknesh1> cheat-sheet is used for quick reference by programmers
<chandankumar> iamviknesh1, yes.
<titli> CuriousLearner, how to make my own?
<sj13> It is a concise list used for reference.
<acetakwas> my bad
<chandankumar> acetakwas, no problem.
<CuriousLearner> titli, make what? Didn’t get you.
<chandankumar> we have to remember lots of shortcuts in vim.
<lixxz> http://walking-without-crutches.heroku.com/#11
<chandankumar> for that we can create a small reference for keys.
<chandankumar> like these cheat sheets
<chandankumar> http://walking-without-crutches.heroku.com/image/images/vi-vim-cheat-sheet.png
<chandankumar> and http://www.fprintf.net/vimCheatSheet.html
<chandankumar> You can also create your own cheat-sheet and share with us.
* vj_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<nmzaheer> i’m back. Sorry got a bit late.
<chandankumar> There are some cheat-sheets available for shell commands.
<chandankumar> http://cli.learncodethehardway.org/bash_cheat_sheet.pdf
<chandankumar> In last class Kushal have passed you a vimrc file.
<leero9> good stuff,thanks chandan
<chandankumar> Does anyone knows what this vimrc file do?
<titli> chandankumar, yes.
* dharmit has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<iamviknesh1> configuration file for vim
<nmzaheer> You can customize your vim using that file
<titli> chandankumar, ^^.
<chandankumar> nmzaheer, yes
<chandankumar> nmzaheer, like that you can also create of your own.
<chandankumar> These are known as vim scripts.
<titli> chandankumar, wanted to know how. CuriousLearner ^^.
<chandankumar> Different persons have different vimrc files
<chandankumar> Read it how to create your vimrc file, http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Example_vimrc
<chandankumar> http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Open_vimrc_file
<chandankumar> These two links will help you to create your vimrc file.
* acetakwas_ (~acetakwas@ has joined #dgplug
<chandankumar> While creating try to keep it as simple as possible
* mohona (~debjani@ has joined #dgplug
* novice-coder12 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<chandankumar> Here you can find lots of vim scripts created by different people http://www.vim.org/scripts/
* acetakwas has quit (Disconnected by services)
* acetakwas_ is now known as acetakwas
<RakRock_> !
<chandankumar> next
<batul> RakRock_ please ask your question.
<RakRock_> Whats the difference between vimrc and vim scripts ?
<praveenkumar> RakRock_: vimrc is vim configuration file but think vim-scripts as addon/plugin which provide some other cool stuff.
<praveenkumar> RakRock_: vimrc file may have configuration details of vim-scripts/plugin but both are different thing.
<praveenkumar> next
<batul> No one is in queue.
<iamviknesh1> http://amix.dk/vim/vimrc.html
<iamviknesh1> http://spf13.com/post/perfect-vimrc-vim-config-file
<iamviknesh1> some of the useful vimrc
<chandankumar> Any more questions from today’s class?
<chandankumar> So everybody go through all the links provided in the class.
<RakRock_> !
<chandankumar> next
<batul> RakRock_ please ask your question.
* vj_ (~vjhaver@ has joined #dgplug
<RakRock_> What is the differencebetween map, nmap and vmap commands used in vimrc Meom>
* vj_ is now known as Guest66232
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* silent_sae (~amir@ has joined #dgplug
* fewcha_ (~sbairagya@ has joined #dgplug
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<chandankumar> RakRock_, http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Mapping_keys_in_Vim_-_Tutorial_%28Part_1%29
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* fewcha_ is now known as fewcha
<RakRock_> Thanks chandankumar
<chandankumar> next
<batul> No one is in queue.
* mohona has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
<chandankumar> Tomorrow we will be starting class at the same time i.e. on 06:30 p.m. (IST)
* harsha (~harsha@ has joined #dgplug
<madangel> so session over?
<acetakwas> chandankumar, have we come to the end of this session already?
* nmzaheer has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
<chandankumar> in tomorrow’s class I will be sharing my success stories: how have i started contributing to Open Source like in openStack project and reached to Red Hat?
* sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan) has joined #dgplug
<chandankumar> acetakwas, yes
<RakRock_> Cool, That will be interesting to hear chandankumar
<silentSae> that sounds cool!
<mnw94> That would be great
<sivteck> chandankumar: thank you for the session.
* shilpi has quit (Quit: Leaving)
* Akinza has quit (Quit: Akinza)
<chandankumar> So everybody be present in the class.
<mnw94> chandankumar, Thank You 🙂
<acetakwas> chandankumar, We haven’t really learnt anything today
<leero9> Thank You.
<chandankumar> <— Session End —->
* jaba (uid27174@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-jivtchwznlxbpwvc) has left #dgplug
<acetakwas> someone kindly upload the class log
* Amalesh has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<chandankumar> acetakwas, today we had planned to take questions related to vim if anybody have.
<humpty> acetakwas, why you are so surprised on the session being over? It will take more than a day to cover all the links provided.
* amittima has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<acetakwas> humpty, okay
<acetakwas> I guess I missed the posted links
<iamviknesh1> http://files.swaroopch.com/vim/byte_of_vim_v051.pdf
<acetakwas> chandankumar, you must have missed the “end of class Roll Call”
<chandankumar> acetakwas,
<chandankumar> Roll call please
<CuriousLearner> Sanyam Khurana
<chandankumar> acetakwas, Thanks for reminding me.
<mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
<EatSleepCode> Hemanth S
<eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
<acetakwas> iamviknesh1, is that for me?
<prajesh> prajesh rawat
<acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
<sagarkrkv> Vidya Sagar K
<Mactoc> Sreedevi
<amit001> Amit Tripathi
<sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
<silentSae> Amir
<annesha> Annesha Chowdhury
<shrees> Shikha Shree
<harsha> Harsha
<RakRock_> Rakesh
<iamviknesh1> Vikneshwar
<DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
<surabhi> Surabhi
<humpty> ashwani
<satarupa> Satarupa Sinha
<heena> Heena Kaushar
<iamviknesh1> acetakwas: for anyone just got that when i browsed
<bnprk> Binay Pareek
* Guest66232 has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
<titli> Titli Das.
<acetakwas> iamviknesh1, okay, thanks 😉
<koushik> Koushik Bag
<zhean1874> hean zhu
* sj13 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
<yogeshwar> Yogeshwar Dan Charan
* koushik (~koushik@ has left #dgplug (“Leaving”)
* prajesh has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<papiya> Papiya Sen
<codaholic> Anjali
<lixxz> Yasharth
* Amalesh (~aswin@ has joined #dgplug
<acetakwas> chandankumar, okay 😉
<CuriousLearner> Thanks chandankumar 🙂
* eeshangarg has quit (Quit: Leaving)
* nmzaheer (~zaheer@ has joined #dgplug
<rahulmishra> Rahul Mishra
<kanika04> kanika narang
<chandankumar> Free feel to stay in the channel and ask your queries here.
* kanika04 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<amit001> chandankumar, do you write have a blog?
<amit001> sorry typo
<chandankumar> amit001, yes
* surabhi has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<chandankumar> amit001, In this week, we have a session on Blogging.
<CuriousLearner> Great 🙂 I also blog
<amit001> ok
<amit001> this one http://ciypro.wordpress.com/?
<chandankumar> yes
* satarupa has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
<titli> nice. 🙂
<acetakwas> chandankumar, cool
* heena_ (~heena@ has joined #dgplug
* shashank_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
* heena_ has quit (Client Quit)
<acetakwas> You see, I have a blog right here http://meechgeek.wordpress.com or should I say two: here: http://peeceeblog.wordpress.com
* sj13 (~sj13@ has joined #dgplug
* shookees (~shookees@unaffiliated/doublestring) has joined #dgplug
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<acetakwas> But despite the fact that I like to write articles I haven’t really been able to post beyond a post on each of those blogs
* zhean1874 has quit (Quit: 离开)
<chandankumar> acetakwas, that’s cool 🙂
<acetakwas> HOwever, as a I intend to
<acetakwas> sorry, typo
<silentSae> i write though I don’t blog now
* shalini1 (~shalini1@ has joined #dgplug
<silentSae> will create a new blog sometime, not sure
<acetakwas> However, as an attempt to defy all odds I intend to post about this training: #dgplug
* shalini1 is now known as shiminsh
<silentSae> http://amiroptimistic.wordpress.com/
<acetakwas> I encourage everyone to do the same, it will be a good starting point
<silentSae> this is my blog
* vk (b6421803@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #dgplug
* sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan) has left #dgplug (“Leaving”)
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* Guest66232 (~vjhaver@ has joined #dgplug
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<chandankumar> Writing blog is a good habit
<chandankumar> And it also helps others to know what you are learning / doing cool stuffs.
<silentSae> I’ll try to start blogging again
* sj13 has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
<silentSae> though I browse quora a lot and write some answers sometimes
* tonythomas (uid25971@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-qhwzcphsmfqkuyac) has joined #dgplug
<chandankumar> silentSae, writing is a good way to express your feelings.
<silentSae> chandankumar, I agree. I write poems
<silentSae> my blog has some of them
* siddharth185 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
* silentSae has quit (Quit: Leaving)
* acetakwas has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<raghib> raghib
* chalizard has quit (Quit: Page closed)
<rahulmishra> chandankumar, i don’t write very often but i have a blog http://rahulxarvis.blogspot.in/
* chandankumar clicks.
* CuriousLearner has quit (Quit: Net not working properly.)
* dev212_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
* silent_sae has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
* humpty_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #dgplug
<chandankumar> rahulmishra, good one 🙂
<rahulmishra> chandankumar, thanks 🙂
* ksinny (~quassel@kde/developer/sinnykumari) has joined #dgplug
<chandankumar> rahulmishra, have you heard of planet?
<chandankumar> planet.fedoraproject.org
* yeshi has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
* humpty has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
* Disconnected ().

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DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING CLASS 2 (30/06/2014)-Discussion and Doubt Clearance

It was second day of class and it started with discussion and ended with discussion. And after all,these discussions are what we are here for because knowledge is already available over internet,but these discussions will give us an urge to go and explore it.Most vibrant topic was whether or not to use sudo privileges i.e powers associated with root account user. So, I’ll cover this  in a moment but before that let’s have a look at summary of today’s class,it contains mostly Q/A since today entire time was devoted to discussion.

Summary of class:

1.What is most important?

Ans: To ask questions about whatever you don’t understand. You might think that your question is silly but remember “Not Asking Questions” is silly.Might be what you ask may be doubt of 10 other persons,so when you ask questions you are truly giving back to the community.But,keep in mind,have the zeal to go and find out answer to your question.Mostly,what you are asking now was doubt of someone else,so lesson is ASK QUESTIONS but try to make GOOGLE,Stack overflowAskUbuntu  etc your best friend because this training may not answer all your questions but your attitude to learn can.

2.What is mailing list and why we are use it ?

Ans:Simply you must have got mail from users@lists.dgplug.org,this is how a mailing list looks like.Simply it is list of addresses of people who are interested in some common topic just like we all are interested in receiving updates about currently going on summer training.

So,why we are using it:

Firstly,because they are nice means to convey information to many people without mailing to each one individually.For e.g-if Kushal sir has to convey any information to us he can simply send a mail to the list.

Secondly,they are better than forums because when we reply properly in inline manner, anyone who reads the thread can clearly understand the flow of conversation and of course you don’t need to visit any forum since you will get information in  your inbox itself.

Thirdly,threads of mailing list used for FLOSS projects contain a lot of information about stages software development life cycle and these threads are archived and can be used later for understanding various aspects related to the project.For e.g- threads of mailing list we are using are also being archived and will be useful for next year batch.

3.How to check if my nickname is registered or not?

Ans:Follow this link.

4.Do I have to register daily?

Ans:No, you register only once. If you got an e-mail from freenode to verify your nick and you verified it then you are registered to use that nick.After you have registered ,you just have to identify by using following command:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY account_password

Remember to enter this in freenode window and note #dgplug window.

Note:Those who haven’t registered nick on freenode,they won’t be able to talk in #dgplug after some days,so please register a nick ASAP.

5.Why or Why not use  sudo/su ?

Well the simplest answer to this is “With Great Powers,Comes Greater Responsibilities”……just joking.So,be ready ,go and explore answer to this question in as much depth as you can and please post it’s answer in simplest possible language in mailing list because

“If you can’t explain it simply,you don’t understand it well enough”  -Albert Einstein


Some links to help you: Askubuntu ,Techrepublic,Linux.com

6.Some Other Points:

1.This year ,we’ll be learning Python 3.x.

2.We will learning how to make a bot like batul.


Read and implement each and every command given in this book.These are commands we use in our terminals to get things done quickly and efficiently.So, a strong grasp over these will help a lot.Come prepared with questions and doubts.

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DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING CLASS 1(29/06/2014)-Communication Skills

Continuing the  tradition,this year once again DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING had started.First day saw #dgplug channel having  approximately 120 or so members.The first day class was just about basic introduction to what to expect for the next three months of training and introduction to some  members of community: kushal , mbuf,armegaddon,chandan_kumar,sayan,rtnpro,orriols who will be helping us to make the most of training.

Summary of class:


Just write nick of the person whom you want to address,no need to write @nick_name or #nick_name, since IRC bot only recognises nick and will notify the person you intend to converse with by a red colored message(at least this is so in Xchat).Standard format is

nick_name_of _person_to_talk,this is my message.

2.Asking question to Kushal or guest developers:

Just enter  ‘!’ at text box and hit enter and wait for your turn until batul asks you to put up your question.Please write your question well in advance if you feel your typing speed is slow or event otherwise also to save time of class.


You must not refer to anyone in #dgplug by sir/madam,they are not your typical college teachers. Always use IRC nick of the person you intend to address.

Never use slang-ish or sms type languge in #dgplug or anywhere in FOSS community,always use complete and clear english words.But,keep in mind you are not required to use very OXFORD-IAN english as well. So,if you feel,you are lacking in english, just read more and more articles ,tech magazines and books. No one here is asking you to be fluent in english,but you must be good in writing and reading ,it will help you a lot in your career.

4.Quiting :

If you wish to leave in between the class, just notify kushal about it and leave.


If you can’t attend any class,please send a mail on mailing list.This rule might change in future due to a large number of people in different time zones willing to keep up using logs.


Class had introduction of people to the community and yes this time it has more diverse members from Pakistan,China.USA,Portugal…etc  and definitely from India-people of all sort -teachers,amateur developers,system administrators  sharing a bond -learning attitude.


Yup! DGPLUG  TRAINING gives homework to you.Read these before you come online for tomorrow’s class:



These are logs from Shakti sir’s classes from previous years.Go through these,will surely motivate you.

8.Few links worth Mentioning:

Summer Training Site to get you started.


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