DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING CLASS 1(29/06/2014)-Communication Skills

Continuing the  tradition,this year once again DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING had started.First day saw #dgplug channel having  approximately 120 or so members.The first day class was just about basic introduction to what to expect for the next three months of training and introduction to some  members of community: kushal , mbuf,armegaddon,chandan_kumar,sayan,rtnpro,orriols who will be helping us to make the most of training.

Summary of class:


Just write nick of the person whom you want to address,no need to write @nick_name or #nick_name, since IRC bot only recognises nick and will notify the person you intend to converse with by a red colored message(at least this is so in Xchat).Standard format is

nick_name_of _person_to_talk,this is my message.

2.Asking question to Kushal or guest developers:

Just enter  ‘!’ at text box and hit enter and wait for your turn until batul asks you to put up your question.Please write your question well in advance if you feel your typing speed is slow or event otherwise also to save time of class.


You must not refer to anyone in #dgplug by sir/madam,they are not your typical college teachers. Always use IRC nick of the person you intend to address.

Never use slang-ish or sms type languge in #dgplug or anywhere in FOSS community,always use complete and clear english words.But,keep in mind you are not required to use very OXFORD-IAN english as well. So,if you feel,you are lacking in english, just read more and more articles ,tech magazines and books. No one here is asking you to be fluent in english,but you must be good in writing and reading ,it will help you a lot in your career.

4.Quiting :

If you wish to leave in between the class, just notify kushal about it and leave.


If you can’t attend any class,please send a mail on mailing list.This rule might change in future due to a large number of people in different time zones willing to keep up using logs.


Class had introduction of people to the community and yes this time it has more diverse members from Pakistan,China.USA,Portugal…etc  and definitely from India-people of all sort -teachers,amateur developers,system administrators  sharing a bond -learning attitude.


Yup! DGPLUG  TRAINING gives homework to you.Read these before you come online for tomorrow’s class:



These are logs from Shakti sir’s classes from previous years.Go through these,will surely motivate you.

8.Few links worth Mentioning:

Summer Training Site to get you started.



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3 responses to “DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING CLASS 1(29/06/2014)-Communication Skills

  1. Ace Takwas

    Information sharing! This is good work. Please keep it up.

  2. Great site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find excellent writing like yours these days.

    I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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