DGPLUG SUMMER TRAINING CLASS 2 (30/06/2014)-Discussion and Doubt Clearance

It was second day of class and it started with discussion and ended with discussion. And after all,these discussions are what we are here for because knowledge is already available over internet,but these discussions will give us an urge to go and explore it.Most vibrant topic was whether or not to use sudo privileges i.e powers associated with root account user. So, I’ll cover this  in a moment but before that let’s have a look at summary of today’s class,it contains mostly Q/A since today entire time was devoted to discussion.

Summary of class:

1.What is most important?

Ans: To ask questions about whatever you don’t understand. You might think that your question is silly but remember “Not Asking Questions” is silly.Might be what you ask may be doubt of 10 other persons,so when you ask questions you are truly giving back to the community.But,keep in mind,have the zeal to go and find out answer to your question.Mostly,what you are asking now was doubt of someone else,so lesson is ASK QUESTIONS but try to make GOOGLE,Stack overflowAskUbuntu  etc your best friend because this training may not answer all your questions but your attitude to learn can.

2.What is mailing list and why we are use it ?

Ans:Simply you must have got mail from users@lists.dgplug.org,this is how a mailing list looks like.Simply it is list of addresses of people who are interested in some common topic just like we all are interested in receiving updates about currently going on summer training.

So,why we are using it:

Firstly,because they are nice means to convey information to many people without mailing to each one individually.For e.g-if Kushal sir has to convey any information to us he can simply send a mail to the list.

Secondly,they are better than forums because when we reply properly in inline manner, anyone who reads the thread can clearly understand the flow of conversation and of course you don’t need to visit any forum since you will get information in  your inbox itself.

Thirdly,threads of mailing list used for FLOSS projects contain a lot of information about stages software development life cycle and these threads are archived and can be used later for understanding various aspects related to the project.For e.g- threads of mailing list we are using are also being archived and will be useful for next year batch.

3.How to check if my nickname is registered or not?

Ans:Follow this link.

4.Do I have to register daily?

Ans:No, you register only once. If you got an e-mail from freenode to verify your nick and you verified it then you are registered to use that nick.After you have registered ,you just have to identify by using following command:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY account_password

Remember to enter this in freenode window and note #dgplug window.

Note:Those who haven’t registered nick on freenode,they won’t be able to talk in #dgplug after some days,so please register a nick ASAP.

5.Why or Why not use  sudo/su ?

Well the simplest answer to this is “With Great Powers,Comes Greater Responsibilities”……just joking.So,be ready ,go and explore answer to this question in as much depth as you can and please post it’s answer in simplest possible language in mailing list because

“If you can’t explain it simply,you don’t understand it well enough”  -Albert Einstein


Some links to help you: Askubuntu ,Techrepublic,Linux.com

6.Some Other Points:

1.This year ,we’ll be learning Python 3.x.

2.We will learning how to make a bot like batul.


Read and implement each and every command given in this book.These are commands we use in our terminals to get things done quickly and efficiently.So, a strong grasp over these will help a lot.Come prepared with questions and doubts.


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