Saving IRC Logs in Xchat

Following are the simple steps to save the logs of an IRC channel in which you are logged in onto your hard drive, in case of Xchat IRC client.

1.Open Xchat.

2.Connect to server you want to like ….frenode.

3.In Xchat’s main window ,go to Settings.

4.Go to Preferences.

5.In Categories,go to Chatting.

6.Chatting ->Logging.

7.In Logging ,just check  Enable logging of conversation to disk.

And you are done. So,from now if it is not possible for you to be attend some IRC session but you want to know what happened,just log into channel  after enabling this option and you will get the logs saved in xchatlogs in .xchat2……..or you can simply see them by clicking on OPEN DATA FOLDER in logging window where you enabled logging of conversation onto disk.


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