Getting Started with IoT : Basics

In this post, I’m gonna explain in brief how to get started with IoT . It won’t be much detailed as I wanna keep it simple in the beginning .

Getting Started with IoT : Basics

Simple Definition : 

Let’s say, you click a picture and upload it on Facebook i.e. you(a human) are the source of information and your friends comment , like etc on that picture i.e. they(again humans) are the consumer of the information . So , when data is generated as well as consumed by Humans over a network, we can call it Internet of Humans. Now , replace humans with things in previous analogy and i.e. Internet of Things(IoT).In more general scenario we’re rapidly moving towards Internet of Everything in which people , things are connected though , using different set of protocols for different purposes .

Why do we need IoT ?

For the same reason, we use machines in all other context i.e. to do things which machines are good at doing and humans are not .Human beings have limited concentration ,accuracy and time .

Let’s understand it with a simple example : Let’s say you wanna measure your Blood Pressure at interval of every 2 seconds and note it down, obviously you won’t be sitting all day doing this repetitive task ,so , here comes IoT . You take a simple cloud connected device having a sensor which you wear on your hand like pedometer and that device will measure your blood pressure and send data to cloud,from where you or your doctor can see and analyse it easily .

Requirements for a IoT solution :

In most simple case which is connecting and controlling a hardware device from a software endpoint which may be mobile ,desktop or web app , you’ll need :

  1. A device board capable of connecting via Wifi , Bluetooth ,GSM etc . Some common examples are Raspberry Pi , Arduino , ESP8266 etc .
  2. A server in cloud which will act as medium between hardware device and software endpoint .
  3. Software application which will send command and receive messages from device via server .

That’s it for now , in next post we’ll see how to connect over MQTT to a broker and communicate with a device .



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