[Book-review] Deep Work by Cal Newport

If you’re a knowledge worker , this book is must read . Cal Newport presents a strong case for why Deep Work is not only essential but also it is crucial for your happiness and success in life in 21st Century where majority of us have already accepted without giving any deliberate thought on impact that the various seemingly harmless communication technologies like e-mail , social media etc have on our ability to focus and work deeply to produce something really significant .

Book is divided in two parts , first part presents the why deep work is valuable , meaningful and rare whereas second part presents the strategies to adopt to make deep work an integral part of your life .

Reading this book ,one realises how “ability to concentrate” is a resource which drain pretty fast due to shallow works(works that’re of lower prodcution value) and without an effective strategy in place to manage this resource , we’d be see time passing fastly , seating late in office with little accomplishment to feel satisfied about .

We’re constantly surrounded by distractions more than any other earlier generation ,that e-mail inbox which keeps buzzing with notifications , that facebook tab open alongside stackoverflow , that instant messenger tool which comes pre-installed with your office provided laptop ,that friend who just came by to say “hello” while you were focused and de-railed your state of flow , these are the realities of today’s offices for most knowledge workers where we’re expected to produce something really meaningful which has great impact .

Managing the attention and focus is a skill which we’re rarely taught in schools and most of assume that it’s a natural trait , however author clearly states why that brain of ours which craves novelity either in form of ever-scrolling facebook feed or urge to check that notification has turned our brains into mental wreck which is not really capable of concentrating for longer stretch on a task which is essential for deep work .

Social media , e-mails etc are tools of information age with great underlying technologies however we’re using them as amateurs , just like a craftsman selects and uses his tools with utmost scrutiny , we must also adopt the same approch .


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