[18:38:21] [## Class Started at Wed Jul  9 18:38:21 2014 ##]
[18:38:21] <sayan> startclass
[18:40:04] <chandankumar> <---- SESSION START----->
[18:40:12] <chandankumar> please give your rollcall.
[18:40:14] <EatSleepCode> Hemanth S
[18:40:15] <bnprk> Binay Pareek
[18:40:17] <ramsan> ramsandesh
[18:40:18] <donniezazen> Sudhir Khanger
[18:40:18] <Poornima> Poornima Kshirsagar
[18:40:19] <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
[18:40:19] <madangel> aparna
[18:40:19] <Mactoc> Sreedevi
[18:40:20] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[18:40:20] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[18:40:21] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[18:40:22] <fossterer> Shashank Sabniveesu
[18:40:22] <iamviknesh> Vikneshwar
[18:40:23] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[18:40:24] <Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
[18:40:25] <kanika04> kanika narang
[18:40:26] <titli> Titli Das
[18:40:26] <annesha> Annesha Chowdhury
[18:40:28] <DhritiShikhar_> Dhriti Shikhar
[18:40:29] <lixxz> Yasharth
[18:40:30] <surabhi> Surabhi
[18:40:30] <shilpi> shilpi shukla
[18:40:32] <Amalesh> Aswin Kumar
[18:40:33] <nithinr> Nithin
[18:40:34] <harsha> Harsha
[18:40:36] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[18:40:37] <silentSae> Amir
[18:40:39] <thejaman> Thejazeto
[18:40:41] <ace139> Soumyo Dey
[18:40:42] <Deccan> Rupitha
[18:40:45] <abhishekp> Abhishek Potnis
[18:40:45] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[18:40:50] <m4_15> Mahendra Yadav
[18:40:58] <kundan_> kundan chourasiya
[18:40:58] <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
[18:40:59] <yogeshwar> Yogeshwar Dan Charan
[18:41:02] <amittima> Amit kumar
[18:41:10] <stguin> satam guin
[18:41:47] <chandankumar> any one left for rollcall?
[18:41:57] <chandankumar> *anyone
[18:41:57] <vivek-> Vivek jhaver
[18:42:52] <chandankumar> First we are going to take questions from previous class.
[18:43:00] <raghib> raghib
[18:43:09] <chandankumar> Please shoot your questions if you have.
[18:43:52] <chandankumar> Remember to type ! for asking question.
[18:43:52] <donniezazen> !
[18:44:01] <chandankumar> next
[18:44:02] <batul> abhiram please ask your question.. donniezazen you are next. Get ready with your question.
[18:44:17] <chandankumar> Donot listen to batul.
[18:44:18] <donniezazen> I am sorry. I am still catching up on recent logs. I didn't see one for July 7th.
[18:44:20] <sayan> everybody list to ekan0ra and not batul
[18:44:24] <donniezazen> <eof>
[18:44:27] humpty_ is now known as humpty
[18:44:32] <chandankumar> donniezazen, ok
[18:44:36] <chandankumar> next
[18:44:36] <batul> donniezazen please ask your question.
[18:44:45] <sayan> clearqueue
[18:44:54] <yogeshwar> !
[18:44:57] <donniezazen> I am sorry. I am still catching up on recent logs. I didn't see one for July 7th.
[18:45:01] <chandankumar> next
[18:45:01] <batul> yogeshwar please ask your question.
[18:45:09] <yogeshwar> do I use python 3 or 2 for now?
[18:45:21] <Azharh> !
[18:45:27] <Armageddon> masters
[18:45:27] <batul> My current masters are: kushal,sayan,mbuf,rtnpro,chandankumar,praveenkumar,chandan_kumar,Armageddon
[18:45:29] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, We are going to use python 3.
[18:45:32] <sivteck> Armageddon: kick batul ?
[18:45:38] <thejaman> *ekan0ra, andd batul competing* lol
[18:45:41] <chandankumar> next
[18:45:42] <batul> Azharh please ask your question.
[18:45:51] <Armageddon> chandankumar: batul or ekan0ra ?
[18:45:58] <chandankumar> ekan0ra,
[18:46:01] <sayan> donniezazen, giving you in few minutes.
[18:46:03] <Armageddon> but I have no access to it :(
[18:46:21] <Armageddon> masters
[18:46:24] <yogeshwar> chandankumar,I mean does ,python sphinx depend on the version I am using or it's not related to that?
[18:46:27] <Armageddon> problem solved
[18:46:42] <sayan> Armageddon, thanks :)
[18:47:11] <donniezazen> !
[18:47:12] <chandankumar> python-sphinx module is available for python 2.x and 3.
[18:47:19] <sayan> donniezazen, https://gist.github.com/chkumar246/d5d4b0814cf4153a9fd0
[18:47:19] <stguin> !
[18:47:31] <yogeshwar> donniezazen,here are the logs:https://compsciworld.wordpress.com/
[18:47:33] <chandankumar> so you are free to use anyone of them.
[18:47:53] <chandankumar> But we are going to teach python on python 3.
[18:48:14] <chandankumar> next
[18:48:15] <yogeshwar> chandankumar, okay ,thanks <eof>
[18:48:22] <donniezazen> As a programmer are we suppose to keep some sort of notebook to take notes or copy codes, etc. Google seems to be much more powerful than my notebook. <eof>
[18:48:54] <chandankumar> donniezazen, it is a good habit to take notes in your notebook with pen.
[18:49:19] <sayan> donniezazen, it's always good to keep a notebook beside you to take notes. all the sticky notes and other stuffs actually don't work
[18:49:20] <sayan> :)
[18:49:37] <chandankumar> You can keep the links handy by keeping it as a bookmarks
[18:49:38] <raghib> !
[18:49:50] <sayan> chandankumar++
[18:50:03] <chandankumar> sayan, :)
[18:50:05] <donniezazen> chandankumar: sayan I currently save webpages to either Evernote or Diigo. It makes them easily searcheable.
[18:50:18] <chandankumar> donniezazen, great.
[18:50:36] <sayan> chandankumar, links are good to put on those site, not the things that you learn from those sites
[18:50:39] <raghib> how to make my (xchat  display )large it seems "ctrl + +" not working to zoom
[18:50:43] AndChat|401249 is now known as azharh
[18:50:59] <chandankumar> sayan, agree.
[18:51:20] vj_ is now known as vivek-
[18:51:21] <chandankumar> next
[18:51:24] <stguin> how can i start to contribute in bugzilla? i mean the process of doing that <eof>
[18:51:48] <sayan> stguin, http://www.bugzilla.org/contribute/
[18:52:01] <donniezazen> raghib: There should be formatting options in your chat program.
[18:52:21] <chandankumar> raghib, wait for your turn.
[18:52:31] <chandankumar> next
[18:52:40] <stguin> thanks sayan
[18:52:45] <raghib> i couldn't get formatting tab in xchat
[18:53:12] humpty__ is now known as humpty
[18:53:24] <chandankumar> raghib, http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_tips_&_tricks
[18:53:54] <chandankumar> next
[18:54:31] <chandankumar> Any more questions?
[18:54:32] <sayan> raghib, never tried increasing the font-size but there must be option in Settings -> Preferences
[18:54:56] <sayan> raghib, might be of help to you: http://forum.xchat.org/viewtopic.php?t=983
[18:55:43] <raghib> thanks sayan
[18:55:54] <chandankumar> Now we are going to learn rST today.
[18:56:16] <chandankumar> So everybody have installed the two packages which we have told.
[18:56:22] <m4_15> yes
[18:56:23] <chandankumar> 1> python-docutils
[18:56:35] <chandankumar> 2> python-sphinx
[18:56:40] <silentSae> yes
[18:56:42] <EatSleepCode> done
[18:56:59] abhishekp_ is now known as abhishekp
[18:57:00] <chandankumar> you check whether these packages are installed or not by rpm -q <packagename>
[18:57:05] <chandankumar> in fedora.
[18:57:35] <chandankumar> my first question.
[18:57:36] amir_ is now known as Guest74458
[18:57:38] <ace139> chandankumar, in debian ?
[18:58:14] Guest74458 is now known as silentSae
[18:58:32] <donniezazen> ace139:  I think dpkg --get-selections | grep <package-name>
[18:58:36] <chandankumar> ace139, dpkg-query -l '<packagename>*'
[18:58:44] <chandankumar> https://wiki.debian.org/ListInstalledPackages
[18:59:11] <Mactoc> apt-cache policy <package name> in ubuntu
[18:59:25] <chandankumar> Everyone like to take notes or making documentation after the class?
[18:59:47] <ace139> Yes
[18:59:54] <titli> yes
[18:59:56] <mnw94> yes
[19:00:00] <papiya> yes
[19:00:06] <Deccan> yes
[19:00:08] <yeshi> yes
[19:00:09] <acetakwas> chandankumar, i don't understand
[19:00:22] <acetakwas> your question
[19:00:29] <harsha>   yes
[19:00:31] <dev212> yes
[19:01:00] <chandankumar> acetakwas, my question is you like to do documentation?
[19:01:08] <Mactoc> yes
[19:01:11] <raghib> yes
[19:01:13] <amit001> yes
[19:01:13] <acetakwas> I think I might
[19:01:19] <koushik> yes
[19:01:26] <silentSae> yes
[19:01:37] <chandankumar> Everyone have different style to write documentation whether it is on a notebook or on a paper.
[19:01:37] charany1 is now known as yogeshwar
[19:01:47] <kanika04> yes
[19:02:07] <chandankumar> Documentation is necessary for everything for future use and for sharing your knowledge to others.
[19:02:35] <m4_15> yes
[19:02:48] <chandankumar> So while learning and doing programming, we are going to the same thing
[19:03:35] <chandankumar> generally we write in a .txt file in our computer and later for different purpose we use different file formats
[19:04:11] <acetakwas> okay, cool
[19:04:16] <chandankumar> like for web page .html., for ppt we use .doc, or excel files and many other file extensions
[19:05:08] <chandankumar> Today we are going to learn a new format in which we can write in a single file format and convert it to .html or .doc or or .ppt format
[19:05:17] <chandankumar> it is going to be cool.
[19:05:25] <chandankumar> That is rst.
[19:05:39] <sayan> adding to what chandankumar documentation is an integral part of open source project, because it tell everything about the project from installation to usage
[19:05:43] <iamviknesh> cool :-D
[19:05:46] <donniezazen> !
[19:05:53] <chandankumar> Does anyone tell me what does RST stands for?
[19:05:56] <chandankumar> next
[19:06:03] <eeshangarg> reStructuredText
[19:06:05] <silentSae> restructured text?
[19:06:08] <chandankumar> good
[19:06:09] <amit001> restructured text
[19:06:15] <donniezazen> Markdown is highly prevelent on internet. Any specific reason we are using rst?
[19:06:18] <D4rk> chandankumar, mind pm?
[19:06:26] <iamviknesh> restructured text :)
[19:06:28] <D4rk> Personel message*
[19:06:36] <chandankumar> D4rk, yes
[19:06:39] <D4rk> thanks
[19:07:30] <sayan> donniezazen, afaik, rst is extensible
[19:07:57] <sayan> donniezazen, markdown is good for generating websites
[19:08:05] <acetakwas> d4rk, what is markdown? how is it different from markup?
[19:08:24] <sayan> donniezazen, but when you are going for books, documentation rst is better
[19:08:36] <donniezazen> sayan: Thanks.
[19:08:52] <chandankumar> donniezazen, greatest example of rst is python and django docs.
[19:09:20] humpty_ is now known as humpty
[19:09:25] <sayan> donniezazen, as we are talking of documentation, rst is one :)
[19:09:37] <sayan> s/is/is the/
[19:09:55] <chandankumar> rst is a plaintext that uses simple and intuitive constructs to indicate the structure of a document.
[19:10:08] <chandankumar> Everyone please open your terminal
[19:10:17] <chandankumar> and type rst and hit Tab.
[19:10:41] <chandankumar> and tell me what you saw.
[19:11:04] <stguin> rstart
[19:11:11] <iamviknesh> acetakwas: if you follow the markdown syntax in your file , you can convert that to HTML using a tool if you want :)
[19:11:12] <amit001> hitting tab is doing nothing
[19:11:13] <mnw94> rst2html, rstart
[19:11:31] <sayan> amit001, installed the packages?
[19:11:31] <mnw94> rstpep2html
[19:11:32] <lixxz> tab twice
[19:11:33] <m4_15> https://gist.github.com/chkumar246/d5d4b0814cf4153a9fd0
[19:11:34] <ace139> chandankumar, rst2html            rst2pseudoxml       rstartd
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2latex           rst2s5              rst-buildhtml
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2man             rst2xetex           rstpep2html
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2odt             rst2xml
[19:11:34] <ace139> rst2odt_prepstyles  rstart
[19:11:36] <sivteck> amit001: then hit again
[19:11:37] <thejaman> amit001, press it twice or thrice
[19:11:38] <amit001> yes
[19:11:43] <mnw94> ace139 , +1
[19:11:43] <chandankumar> ace139, donot paste here
[19:11:47] <amit001> ok
[19:11:49] <chandankumar> ace139, use pastebin
[19:11:59] <amit001> thejaman, thank you, working
[19:12:03] <titli> it is showing some list
[19:12:03] <stguin> rstartd
[19:12:07] <ace139> chandankumar, ok
[19:12:38] <m4_15> sorry everyone
[19:13:19] <chandankumar> for the the paste, you can see from rst you can convert to later, manpages, odt format, xml and many more format.
[19:13:37] <donniezazen> command not found. I do have python-docutils and python-sphinx installed.
[19:13:43] <chandankumar> now open a file : vim test.rst
[19:13:46] <chandankumar> donniezazen, yes
[19:14:30] <chandankumar> tell me when you are done?
[19:14:35] <Mactoc> Done
[19:14:37] <sivteck> done
[19:14:37] <amit001> done
[19:14:41] <Deccan> done
[19:14:41] <m4_15> done
[19:14:42] <surabhi> done
[19:14:45] <ace139> done
[19:14:46] <bnprk> done
[19:14:48] <stguin> done
[19:14:50] <abhi_poo> ddone
[19:14:54] <Amalesh_> done
[19:14:55] <Prash_5421> done
[19:14:56] <kanika04> done
[19:14:57] <donniezazen> done
[19:15:02] <yeshi> done
[19:15:03] <mnw94> done
[19:15:08] <iamviknesh> done
[19:15:10] <dev212> done
[19:15:13] <raghib> done
[19:15:14] <lixxz> repeat last step please?
[19:15:14] <chandankumar> when you start writing a document, you first see its title.
[19:15:15] <vivek-> done
[19:15:17] <titli> done
[19:15:19] <harsha> done
[19:15:22] <chandankumar> ok
[19:15:32] <DhritiShikhar_> done
[19:15:47] <Mactoc> lixxz, open a file : vim test.rst
[19:15:54] <shilpi_> can anyone please tell me what to do,i got a network problem:(
[19:16:06] <lixxz> Mactoc, thanks
[19:16:17] <mnw94> shilpi_, type vim test.rst
[19:16:17] <chandankumar> We are now going display the title of a document.
[19:16:41] <acetakwas> done
[19:16:44] <sj13_> done
[19:17:11] <titli> chandankumar, how?
[19:17:21] <chandankumar> ==============
[19:17:22] <chandankumar> Document Title
[19:17:22] <chandankumar> ==============
[19:17:35] <chandankumar> type this in your test.rst file
[19:17:39] <chandankumar> and save it
[19:17:53] <chandankumar> How to save a file in vim?
[19:18:00] <amit001> :w
[19:18:00] <acetakwas> :w
[19:18:04] <shilpi_> thanks, mnw94
[19:18:05] <mnw94> :w
[19:18:19] <surabhi> :w
[19:18:23] <chandankumar> ok
[19:18:25] <chandankumar> done?
[19:18:31] <D4rk> WOW This is what i was talking about
[19:18:40] <Mactoc> Done
[19:18:41] <acetakwas> done
[19:18:54] <stguin> done
[19:18:55] <chandankumar> Now we are going to check the output of this file
[19:18:57] <chandankumar> do
[19:19:12] <chandankumar> rst2html test.rst test.html
[19:19:23] <chandankumar> and hit enter
[19:19:40] <acetakwas> in another terminal?
[19:20:00] <iamviknesh> why everyone leaving =-O
[19:20:07] <chandankumar> acetakwas, save the test.rst file and quit it
[19:20:25] <chandankumar> and then do rst2html test.rst test.html
[19:20:43] <stguin> it says rst2html command not found
[19:20:48] <Mactoc> chandankumar: Nothing is shown
[19:21:06] <chandankumar> stguin, have you installed packages that i have told?
[19:21:17] <chandankumar> Mactoc, wait for the magic.
[19:21:20] <thejaman> Got it. It outputs an html file.
[19:21:27] <stguin> no
[19:21:35] <lixxz> stguin, make sure you spelled it right
[19:21:53] <Mactoc> Ok :)
[19:21:54] <chandankumar> now open the file test.html in a browser
[19:22:00] <iamviknesh> i can see big style rules and some HTML in the file :)
[19:22:01] <chandankumar> check the output
[19:22:16] <chandankumar> it's cool?
[19:22:33] <sivteck> yes
[19:22:34] <chandankumar> Anyone facing any issues?
[19:22:42] <thejaman> It's magic.
[19:22:47] <mnw94> great :D
[19:22:50] <Amalesh_> Its good :)
[19:22:58] <Mactoc> cool :)
[19:23:07] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: just Document Title
[19:23:09] <raghib> it's really cool
[19:23:16] <titli> cool :)
[19:23:21] <m4_15> done
[19:23:24] <chandankumar> we are going to do more.
[19:23:29] <kanika04> yeah cool
[19:23:31] <kanika04> :D
[19:23:36] <dev212> done
[19:23:46] <yogeshwar> chandankumar,it's not showing anything
[19:23:53] <Deccan> good..
[19:23:58] <iamviknesh> i thought styles would have been applied :P
[19:24:02] <chandankumar> yogeshwar, where?
[19:24:06] <donniezazen> It printed html in the output strem. Although I could see nice html if I do rst2html test.rst > test.html
[19:24:17] <yogeshwar> Nothing in terminal
[19:24:35] <Mactoc> yogeshwar, open the file test.html in a browser
[19:24:54] <iamviknesh> yogeshwar: opened test.html ?? what do you see
[19:24:55] <Deccan> yogeshwar not in terminal browser
[19:25:03] <chandankumar> in rst, spaces are recommended for indentation
[19:25:18] <acetakwas> type: "firefox test.html" without the quotes
[19:25:22] <acetakwas> it works!
[19:25:27] <chandankumar> Blank line is used to seperate paragraphs
[19:25:35] <chandankumar> now again open the file.
[19:26:01] <iamviknesh> done
[19:26:01] <donniezazen> chandankumar: Does the number of "=" has any effect here?
[19:26:09] <chandankumar> donniezazen, yes
[19:26:19] <yogeshwar> Mactoc,iamviknesh,Deccan---done,thanks
[19:26:23] <chandankumar> donniezazen, you can check while converting it to html
[19:26:29] <titli> chandankumar, does it mean the title?
[19:26:55] <sivteck> don't forget to use !
[19:27:22] <titli> sivtec, where ?
[19:27:34] <sivteck> before asking questions?
[19:27:41] <chandankumar> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116647/91421414
[19:28:09] <chandankumar> now add following lines in your test.rst file from the above link
[19:28:15] <chandankumar> and check the output
[19:28:17] <titli> sivteck, yeah. :)
[19:29:30] <chandankumar> tell me when you are done?
[19:29:32] <thejaman> No change. Just the title is visible.
[19:29:33] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: should we again do rst2html
[19:29:38] <chandankumar> yes
[19:29:39] <nmzaheer> !
[19:29:45] <chandankumar> next
[19:29:56] <Mactoc> Done
[19:30:00] <nmzaheer> Is that a single space or two spaces for the next paragraph?
[19:30:16] <Mactoc> !
[19:30:24] <chandankumar> for next paragraph -- a single blank
[19:30:47] <chandankumar> in rst, multiple blank lines is equivalent to single blank line.
[19:31:19] <chandankumar> nmzaheer, not space but a blank line
[19:31:30] <kanika04> !
[19:31:32] <chandankumar> next
[19:31:39] <Mactoc> I used '-' instead of '=', but not much difference
[19:31:44] <nmzaheer> ok <eof>
[19:31:55] <chandankumar> Mactoc, yes
[19:32:08] <chandankumar> Mactoc, we are coming to that part.
[19:32:13] <Mactoc> So, both are for same use
[19:32:14] <Mactoc> OK
[19:32:21] <Mactoc> sorry, Ok
[19:32:24] <chandankumar> next
[19:32:29] <kanika04> only the heading visible even after adding those lines
[19:32:43] <donniezazen> !
[19:32:46] <amit001> kanika04, repeat rst2html step
[19:32:53] <chandankumar> next
[19:32:58] <ace139> kanika04, you need to do rst2html command again
[19:33:08] <kanika04> ok thanks :D
[19:33:10] <donniezazen> Found out about the length of number of =. It should be as long as the test.
[19:33:16] <chandankumar> ok
[19:33:25] <donniezazen> text <eof>
[19:33:29] <chandankumar> now we are going to learn how to comments  in rst.
[19:33:45] <chandankumar> we use double dots to write comment.
[19:34:20] <chandankumar> .. this is a comment.
[19:34:25] <chandankumar> Try this
[19:35:01] <chandankumar> when you check the output in html, nothing is visible.
[19:35:25] <chandankumar> done?
[19:35:29] <donniezazen> done.
[19:35:34] <chandankumar> good
[19:35:40] <lixxz> not working
[19:35:45] <acetakwas> how many dots?
[19:35:52] <chandankumar> only two dots
[19:35:55] <sayan> Mactoc, the difference between "-" and "=" is that one is used for title and the other for subtitle
[19:36:05] <ace139> !
[19:36:08] <bnprk> 19:14 ka jitna logs hai sab bhejo
[19:36:18] <amit001> lixxz, ..<space> text
[19:36:44] <Mactoc> sayan: Thanks
[19:36:45] <Mactoc> !
[19:36:54] <chandankumar> next
[19:37:07] <ace139> do I need to ask space after the double dots ?
[19:37:14] <chandankumar> yes
[19:37:17] <ace139> *add
[19:37:22] <ace139> <eof>
[19:37:26] <chandankumar> next
[19:37:26] <lixxz> !
[19:37:39] <Mactoc> I got an error,"test.rst:6: (WARNING/2) Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent."
[19:37:52] <yogeshwar> ace139,it won't matter
[19:38:03] <chandankumar> Mactoc, you have given an extra space
[19:38:06] <raghib> could anyone send the log from 19: 23 till 19:35 my connection was reset
[19:38:19] <ramsan> sayan, i tried ' - ' it works as a subtitle. Thanks
[19:38:21] <acetakwas> yogeshwar, it does
[19:38:24] <ace139> yogeshwar, it matters, if you dont adda space then it will not become a comment
[19:38:34] <sayan> raghib, will be shared at the end
[19:38:38] <yogeshwar> yes,my mistake
[19:38:42] <Amalesh_> !
[19:38:46] <ace139> yogeshwar, it will be displayed as a text in the html file.
[19:38:52] <chandankumar> ..
[19:38:52] <chandankumar>    _so: is this!
[19:38:55] <chandankumar> try this
[19:39:03] <chandankumar> ..
[19:39:03] <chandankumar>    this:: too!
[19:39:09] <Mactoc> Thanks, Got it, I didn't leave blank line for paragraph
[19:39:30] <kanika04> !
[19:39:32] <chandankumar> So you learned how to write comments in rst.
[19:39:34] <chandankumar> next
[19:39:41] <donniezazen> !
[19:39:49] <lixxz> it's still showing as text
[19:39:56] <Amalesh_> Sayan, how to get a comment on a new line?
[19:40:17] <chandankumar> lixxz, what thing?
[19:40:46] <lixxz> comments
[19:40:53] <lixxz> i wrote it on last line
[19:40:57] <lixxz> .. <text>
[19:41:01] <chandankumar> lixxz, check the rst file, you have done something wrong.
[19:41:12] <chandankumar> Have you give a blank line above it?
[19:41:15] <ace139> chandankumar,  _so: is this! and this:: too ! ???
[19:41:21] <lixxz> no
[19:41:24] <chandankumar> then
[19:41:34] <chandankumar> after every statement give a blank line
[19:41:38] <lixxz> done
[19:41:41] <lixxz> my mistake
[19:41:43] <chandankumar> ace139, yes
[19:41:49] <Mactoc> chandankumar: Sorry, I will have to leave , Can I?
[19:41:53] <chandankumar> ace139, these are comments also.
[19:41:53] <ace139> chandankumar, what is that ?
[19:42:00] <chandankumar> Mactoc, yes
[19:42:01] <sayan> Mactoc, yes, check the logs later :)
[19:42:13] <Mactoc> sayan, chandankumar : Thanks :)
[19:42:21] chiral_ is now known as sivteck
[19:42:33] <chandankumar> Now we are going to learn display section titles in rst.
[19:42:35] <sayan> Amalesh_, .. hello
[19:42:37] <ace139> chandankumar, they are not shown as comments. they are shown as texts.
[19:42:54] <chandankumar> give blank line after each comment
[19:42:58] <Amalesh_> Sayan , how to get comment on a new line?
[19:43:39] <donniezazen> !
[19:43:42] <sayan> Amalesh_, yes, in a new line write (two dots)(space)(text)
[19:43:52] <sayan> Amalesh_, for example .. hello
[19:44:00] <sayan> next
[19:44:05] <sayan> next
[19:44:31] <kanika04> i am getting the comment in the same line.
[19:44:37] <kanika04> and not in the next line
[19:44:42] <kanika04> why so ?
[19:45:14] <ace139> !
[19:45:19] <chandankumar> kanika04, http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116659/15274140
[19:45:24] <chandankumar> kanika04, check this
[19:45:32] <chandankumar> kanika04, How have i added the comments
[19:46:01] <kanika04> okay.
[19:46:04] <chandankumar> next
[19:46:11] <chandankumar> next
[19:46:14] <kanika04> so we have to leave these many lines after the paragraph ?
[19:46:18] <donniezazen> Are these comments only visible when viewing the rst file and not the output?
[19:46:31] <ace139> the comment command is visible in the html
[19:46:49] <chandankumar> The comments are visible in the rst file only.
[19:46:59] <chandankumar> not in html output file.
[19:47:06] <lixxz> kanika04, minimum one line
[19:47:22] <ace139> chandankumar, but it is showning, what was wrong ?
[19:47:23] <chandankumar> We write comments to tell someone in a file that what is going there.
[19:47:27] <lixxz> and max depends on you
[19:47:32] <titli> !
[19:47:40] <acetakwas> ace139, debug!
[19:47:45] <chandankumar> ace139, share your rst file with friends
[19:47:55] <ace139> chandankumar, ok
[19:48:05] <chandankumar> nect
[19:48:08] <chandankumar> *next
[19:48:09] <acetakwas> ace139, or share a screenshot
[19:48:11] <sayan> next
[19:48:17] <chandankumar> next
[19:48:40] <titli> test.rst:18: (ERROR/3) Unexpected indentation.
[19:48:40] <titli> test.rst:19: (WARNING/2) Block quote ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
[19:48:49] <titli> I am getting this error.
[19:48:53] <lixxz> !
[19:48:57] <chandankumar> titli, use pastebin
[19:49:05] <chandankumar> titli, check line no: 18
[19:49:17] <chandankumar> there indentation is not needed.
[19:49:29] <sayan> titli, indentation error in line 18, check that you have correct spaces
[19:49:39] <titli> ok
[19:49:40] <chandankumar> next
[19:49:42] <lixxz> after adding one comment we can add consecutive comments without giving one line space,right?
[19:49:55] <chandankumar> lixxz, try
[19:50:02] <lixxz> tried :P
[19:50:09] <chandankumar> lixxz, :)
[19:50:19] <chandankumar> next
[19:50:24] <chandankumar> moving ahead
[19:50:46] <chandankumar> Now we are going to add section titles in rst
[19:51:14] <chandankumar> Section Title
[19:51:14] <chandankumar> =============
[19:51:27] <chandankumar> Try this in your file and check the output
[19:51:47] <chandankumar> you can also use - ` : . ' " ~ ^ _ * + #
[19:51:54] <chandankumar> for creating sections
[19:52:09] <chandankumar> That sayan was telling earlier.
[19:52:15] <chandankumar> when done tell me?
[19:52:24] <acetakwas> done
[19:52:48] <titli> done
[19:52:49] <Prash_5421> Done
[19:52:52] <chandankumar> good
[19:53:01] <lixxz> !
[19:53:04] <chandankumar> next
[19:53:15] <lixxz> i can't give even one blank space in section title?
[19:53:22] <donniezazen> done
[19:53:37] <lixxz> it's showing error
[19:53:40] <donniezazen> Size vary with - ` : . ' " ~ ^ _ * + #
[19:53:41] <chandankumar> try to give a blank space after each statement.
[19:53:45] <chandankumar> yes
[19:53:58] <chandankumar> it depends on the subsections.
[19:54:04] <lixxz> i mean while writing "Section Title"
[19:54:16] <lixxz> i gave one blank space
[19:54:21] <sayan> lixxz, yes you can give
[19:54:22] <lixxz> and it showed error
[19:54:32] <chandankumar> lixxz, error please
[19:54:41] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: need to leave ,  can i ?? i will go through the logs :)
[19:54:43] <lixxz> Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected uninden
[19:54:43] <sayan> lixxz, but don't give space while using the "-"
[19:55:06] <chandankumar> iamviknesh, ok
[19:55:08] <lixxz> System Message: WARNING/2 (test.rst, line 14)
[19:55:09] <lixxz> Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.
[19:55:11] <lixxz> System Message: ERROR/3 (test.rst, line 14)
[19:55:12] <lixxz> Document may not end with a transition.
[19:55:18] <iamviknesh> chandankumar: Thanks :)
[19:55:32] <titli> !
[19:55:41] <chandankumar> lixxz, check line no:14
[19:56:05] <lixxz> chandankumar, now i removed that blank space before "Section Title" it stopped showing error
[19:56:42] <chandankumar> lixxz, http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116664/04915989
[19:57:10] <chandankumar> lixxz, ok
[19:57:13] <sayan> lixxz, you cannot give space before the title
[19:57:23] <lixxz> okay that is what i was asking :D
[19:57:32] <chandankumar> next
[19:57:35] <titli> we could have done these, using html only . So we are using rST as its easier or there's something else?
[19:57:54] <chandankumar> titli, there are many other things
[19:57:59] <sayan> titli, you guessed the correct reason :)
[19:58:20] <lixxz> titli, check the source code :P
[19:58:25] <titli> chandankumar, sayan, ok :), hope we will get to them soon.
[19:58:28] <sayan> titli, it's easier but you can plug more things to it, those are advanced stuffs
[19:58:40] <chandankumar> next
[19:58:47] <titli> lixxz, that's why i told 'easier'.
[19:58:56] <chandankumar> Now we are moving to display list in rst.
[19:59:05] <lixxz> titli, yea i was just saying
[19:59:19] <chandankumar> there are two types of list
[19:59:20] <titli> :), let chandankumar finish.
[19:59:38] <chandankumar> one is ordered and another is bullet list
[19:59:46] <chandankumar> Let first bullet list
[20:00:27] <chandankumar> A text block which begins with a "*", "+", "-", "•", "‣", or "⁃", followed by whitespace, is a bullet list
[20:00:30] <chandankumar> like
[20:00:36] <chandankumar> * Cat
[20:00:40] <chandankumar> * Dog
[20:00:43] <chandankumar> *Rat
[20:00:50] <acetakwas> lixxz, +1 for source code hint
[20:00:52] <chandankumar> * * Rat
[20:01:13] <chandankumar> add these items in your rst file and check the output
[20:01:26] <lixxz> acetakwas, :)
[20:01:39] <chandankumar> you will find a bullet list
[20:02:04] <chandankumar> you are free to create your won list
[20:02:09] <chandankumar> *own
[20:02:13] <chandankumar> anyone tried?
[20:02:19] <ace139> yes
[20:02:22] <lixxz> done
[20:02:26] <donniezazen> done
[20:02:30] <chandankumar> now make it ordered
[20:02:32] <humpty> chandankumar, can i get the links of those packages that need to be downloaded?
[20:02:38] <yeshi> yes
[20:02:48] <chandankumar> 1. cat
[20:02:54] <chandankumar> 2. Dog
[20:02:59] <chandankumar> 3. Rat
[20:03:01] <ace139> chandankumar, giving warning : Bullet link ends witout a blank line
[20:03:20] <chandankumar> ace139, fix it.
[20:03:35] <titli> done.
[20:03:39] <chandankumar> ace139, try to correct your spelling mistakes also.
[20:03:40] <donniezazen> humpty: python-docutils python-sphinx
[20:03:57] <chandankumar> We can also create a ordered list this way
[20:04:00] <chandankumar> 1. Cat
[20:04:05] <lixxz> chandankumar, but here we have to impicity write 1. , 2. so on
[20:04:05] <chandankumar> #. Dog
[20:04:12] <titli> * * gives a bullet!
[20:04:16] <chandankumar> #. Rat
[20:04:52] <chandankumar> To get auto-enumeration, one can use #.
[20:05:07] <chandankumar> Please follow rules to ask question
[20:05:17] <sayan> *everybody, read your errors and try to solve them. that's one thing programmer should be good at*
[20:05:21] <lixxz> chandankumar, sorry
[20:05:45] <humpty> donniezazen, is there any link for it or typing on google will do?
[20:05:53] <titli> chandankumar, sorry.
[20:06:08] <chandankumar> is it working?
[20:06:13] <lixxz> chandankumar, yes
[20:06:17] <titli> yes.
[20:06:37] <chandankumar> Now we can move to definition list
[20:07:07] <donniezazen> humpty: If you are on Fedora write the command in terminal     sudo yum install python-docutils python-sphinx
[20:07:07] <sayan> humpty, chandankumar sent a mail to mailing list yesterday
[20:07:19] <chandankumar> Definition list == term + optional classifiers + definition
[20:07:49] <chandankumar> We are now to learn how to write definition of a term.
[20:08:08] <chandankumar> can we move ahead?
[20:08:15] <yogeshwar> yes
[20:08:20] <yeshi> done
[20:08:20] <donniezazen> Please
[20:08:24] <chandankumar> ok
[20:08:39] <chandankumar> term is a simple word or a phrase
[20:09:05] <chandankumar> Optional classifiers may follow the term on the same line, each after an inline " : " (space, colon, space).
[20:09:20] <chandankumar>  A definition is a block indented relative to the term
[20:09:59] <chandankumar> for example
[20:10:12] <chandankumar> term 1
[20:10:13] <chandankumar>     Definition 1.
[20:10:29] <chandankumar> try this in your rst file
[20:10:57] <chandankumar> python : programming language
[20:11:23] <chandankumar>     It is very easy to learn
[20:11:29] <chandankumar> try this and check the output
[20:11:32] <chandankumar> so here
[20:11:38] <chandankumar> python is a 'term'
[20:12:05] <chandankumar> here what is classifier?
[20:12:13] <chandankumar> can someone answer^^
[20:12:17] <acetakwas> :
[20:12:21] <donniezazen> :
[20:12:24] <ace139> :
[20:12:25] <titli> :
[20:12:26] <chandankumar> nope
[20:12:32] <titli> -- !
[20:12:39] <chandankumar> classifier starts after :.
[20:13:00] <chandankumar> programming language is a classifier.
[20:13:12] <chandankumar> got that?
[20:13:35] <lixxz> !
[20:13:38] <titli> !
[20:13:39] <chandankumar> next
[20:13:44] <lixxz> classifier will always appear in italic?
[20:13:49] <chandankumar> yes
[20:13:54] <lixxz> okay
[20:13:56] <titli> so where is the definition?
[20:14:00] <chandankumar> next
[20:14:15] <titli> then which is the definition?
[20:14:21] <chandankumar> titli, it is very easy to learn is definition
[20:14:41] <chandankumar> i have just taken an example
[20:14:47] <chandankumar> you can make your own
[20:15:02] <chandankumar> after the class we are going to give some task on rst.
[20:15:11] <chandankumar> titli, ok?
[20:15:16] <mnw94> !
[20:15:21] <acetakwas> does not work
[20:15:26] <titli> chandankumar, ok.
[20:15:32] <chandankumar> next
[20:15:36] <mnw94> http://pastebin.com/cyA14thJ
[20:15:43] <mnw94> is this what i am supposed to get ?
[20:15:57] <chandankumar> yes
[20:16:12] <mnw94> Thans, just wanted to confirm
[20:16:16] <chandankumar> in the second line, give four spaces, then type the definition
[20:16:19] <humpty> sayan, thanks got them, but i think i am far behind today and won't be able to catch up. so upload the logs after the session ends.
[20:16:36] <chandankumar> acetakwas, there is a way to ask question
[20:16:44] <chandankumar> please follow it.
[20:17:03] <acetakwas> I'm sorry
[20:17:21] <chandankumar> Do we you know we can add a code in rst using ::
[20:17:29] <chandankumar> let me give you a sample
[20:20:14] <chandankumar> http://paste.fedoraproject.org/116681/04917373
[20:20:16] <chandankumar> try this
[20:20:59] <lixxz> done
[20:21:27] <DhritiShikhar_> !
[20:21:39] <chandankumar> next
[20:21:55] <mnw94> it works :D
[20:21:56] <DhritiShikhar_> can i leave? I will follow the log.
[20:22:01] <chandankumar> ok
[20:22:03] <chandankumar> next
[20:22:09] <m4_15> can i leave?
[20:22:14] <chandankumar> does everyone done?
[20:22:21] <Amalesh_> done
[20:22:25] <chandankumar> Now we are going give the home task.
[20:22:34] <titli> done.
[20:23:04] <chandankumar> Home Task:
[20:23:20] <chandankumar> Write about yourself using rst
[20:23:44] <chandankumar> using this pad
[20:23:51] <chandankumar> http://rst.ninjs.org/
[20:24:02] <chandankumar> and after doing this
[20:24:07] <chandankumar> and save the link
[20:24:22] <chandankumar> and mail to the link to me so that i can check.
[20:24:41] <chandankumar> and try rest of the rst format from this doc
[20:24:48] <chandankumar> http://dgplug.org/irclogs/2012/rst-primer/
[20:24:50] <titli> ok.
[20:24:50] <chandankumar> got that?
[20:25:12] <mnw94> Ok,
[20:25:12] <ace139> chandankumar, yes
[20:25:22] <m4_15> ok
[20:25:56] <Poornima> yes
[20:25:59] <donniezazen> Yep.
[20:26:08] <sivteck> yess
[20:26:09] <acetakwas> okay
[20:26:13] <chandankumar> any questions?
[20:26:46] <donniezazen> Email it to you and not the dgplug list. Is that correct?
[20:26:56] <chandankumar> donniezazen, donot mail tehre
[20:27:00] <chandankumar> *there
[20:27:07] <chandankumar> put your link here
[20:27:09] <chandankumar> http://piratepad.net/G0lsJ7uNCJ
[20:27:14] <chandankumar> in this pad
[20:27:18] <chandankumar> against your name
[20:27:19] <sayan> chandankumar, +1
[20:27:56] <chandankumar> please put your link there when you are done.
[20:28:13] <chandankumar> use all the things that you have learnt in rst.
[20:28:27] <chandankumar> i would like to see : your name
[20:28:31] <chandankumar> what you do.
[20:28:37] <chandankumar> What have you learnt.
[20:28:52] <chandankumar> Something about yourself.
[20:28:57] <titli> chandankumar, ok. :)
[20:29:10] <chandankumar> i think we can end the class now
[20:29:14] <chandankumar> rollcall please
[20:29:20] <titli> Titli Das
[20:29:21] <sivteck> Sivaram Balakrishnan
[20:29:22] <donniezazen> Sudhir Khanger
[20:29:26] <mnw94> Mayuresh Waykole
[20:29:27] <yeshi> Yeshita Dutta
[20:29:28] <ace139> Soumyo Dey
[20:29:28] <Poornima> Poornima
[20:29:29] <papiya> Papiya Sen
[20:29:29] <Prash_5421> Prashant Surya
[20:29:29] <amit001> Amit Tripathi
[20:29:30] <lixxz> Yashart
[20:29:30] <harsha> Harsha
[20:29:33] <koushik> Koushik Bag
[20:29:34] <m4_15> Mahendra Yadav
[20:29:35] <kanika04> kanika narang
[20:29:36] <heena> Heena Kaushar
[20:29:41] <Amalesh_> Aswin Kumar
[20:29:45] <azharh> Azhar Hussain
[20:29:58] <eeshangarg> Eeshan Garg
[20:30:40] <acetakwas> Tosin Animashaun
[20:31:18] <chandankumar> everybody please read this link: http://dgplug.org/irclogs/2012/rst-primer/
[20:31:19] <sayan> can everybody give your feedback about the class we took
[20:31:35] <chandankumar> <--- CLASS Ended---->
[20:31:44] <sayan> endclass
[20:31:44] [## Class Ended at Wed Jul  9 20:31:44 2014 ##]

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